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  1. Math

    A rectangular ?eld is to be fenced in on four sides with a fifth piece of fencing placed Parallel to one of the shorter sides, so that the ?eld is split in two parts. If 1600 m of fencing is available, ?nd the largest possible area for this enclosure. What dimensions give ...
  2. Math

    Justin is riding in a hot air balloon, directly over Ben, who is standing on the ground. Justin spots Patti on the ground at an angle of depression of 27 degrees. The balloon rises 35m. Now the angle of depression to Patti is 36 degrees. How far is Patti from Ben?
  3. Algebra 1

    It takes Maria 1 1/2 hours to deliver newspapers every morning. Hal can deliver the papers alone in 1 hour. How fast can they deliver the papers if they work together? How do I set up this problem? Thank you
  4. Algebra 1

    A grocer wants to mix nuts costing $5 per kg with nuts costing $8 per kg to make a 10 kg mixture selling for $6 per kg. How much of each type should be mixed? How do I set up this problem? Thank you.
  5. vectors

    A steel wire 40 m long is suspended between two fixed points 20 m apart. A force of 375 N pulls the wire down at a point 15 m from one end of the wire. State the tension in each part of the wire. Texbook answer: 375N, 0N
  6. vectors

    A man weighing 70 kg lies in a hammock whose ropes make angles of 20º and 25º with the horizontal. What is the tension in each rope? how do you get the following angles for the diagram? 70 corresponds with |T1| (Tension 1) 65 corresponds with |T2| (Tension 2) 45 ...
  7. Geometry

    Area=432 width is 6 feet less than length. what's the length. I haven't done this since the beginning of the year so I could really use the help remembering how.
  8. calculus

    If 'a' and 'b' are unit vectors that make an angle of 60 degrees with each other, calculate l 3a - 5b l and l 8a + 3b l *the 'a' and 'b' have a carat of top of them* How do i answer this without using components?
  9. vectors

    ABCDEF is a regular hexagon with sides of unit length. Find the magnitude and the direction of AB+AC+AD+AE+AF. The textbook answer: 6, 60 degrees to AB A full solution with steps will be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)
  10. calculus

    If 'a' and 'b' are unit vectors that make an angle of 60 degrees with each other, calculate l 3a - 5b l and l 8a + 3b l *the 'a' and 'b' have a carat of top of them* How do i answer this without using components?
  11. Math

    Sulfuric acid is diluted in water to make new mixtures. In one container, 72 ml of a 14% acid solution and, in another container, 64 ml of a 31$ acid solution. The contents of the containers are mixed together? What's the percentage strength of the acid in the mixture?
  12. Canadian History

    I need to do a history project about a decade after the 1940s in Canada, what decade do you think was the most eventful that i could talk about for 20 minutes in a presentation
  13. physics

    A rescue plane is flying horizontally at a height of 132 m above the ground. The pilot spots a survivor and releases an emergency kit with a parachute. The kit descends at a constant vertical acceleration of -6.89 m/s^2 and the initial plane horizontal speed is 68.9 m/s. ...
  14. chemistry

    calculate the minimum number of grams of propane, C3H8(g), that must be combusted to provide the energy necessary to convert 6.05 kg of ice at -24.0 ?C to liquid water at 71.5 ?C.
  15. Algebra

    Andrew's salary is 1200 a month plus 4% commission on all his sales. What must the amount of his sales be to earn at least 1600 each month. I know the answer has to be around 10,000 but can you show me how to set up the problem to solve it?
  16. Algebra

    This diagram shows a solid metal cylinder. The cylinder hasbase radius 2x and height 9x. The cylinder is melted down and made into a sphere of radius r Find an expression for in terms of x
  17. math

    if you were to kick a rock on mars at a velocity of 56 feet per second from the top of a 30 foot hill and the equation models h=-1.9^2+56t+30 where h is height and t is time. How high will the rock get of the surface?
  18. math

    thank u
  19. math

    your friend tosses a ball into the air at an initial velocity of 18 feet per second.The equation h=-8t^2+18t+5 models the height h of the ball t seconds after it was thrown. When did the ball reach its highest point?
  20. math

    Sixty-five randomly selected car salespersons were asked the number of cars they generally sell in one week. Fourteen people answered that they generally sell five cars; nineteen generally sell six cars; twelve generally sell seven cars; nine generally sell eight cars; eleven ...
  21. Math

    An unknown distribution has a mean of 80 and a standard deviation of 12. A sample size of 95 is drawn randomly from the population. Find the probability that the sum of the 95 values is less than 7,300. (Round your answer to four decimal places.)
  22. Java

    The way event driven programming works in Java is that a handler object fires an event, and a source object processes the event. True or False
  23. AP Chemistry

    What is the reaction that would occur in a galvanic cell between solutions of Al3+ and Pb2, where would oxidation and reduction take place, and what would the cell potentials be?
  24. history

    7 is D because they were fighting on their land so they had land support
  25. English

    I have found the information online for you but the site does not allow to copy the text. Try to google the information yourself. As far as I have understood you would need to choose the target audience and do some research. I really appreciatePrime writings site, and express ...
  26. Math

    When trying to find the probability of drawing a violet marble from a jar containing 9 red, 4 brown, 10 yellow, and 8 violet marbles
  27. English

    In case you feel it hard to complete the paper about this topic, Primewritings site is what every student dreaming about using. I usually do not resort to this kind of service, but I needed a quality essay, and I needed it fast! The writer from Primewritings followed my ...
  28. java

    Examples of JavaFX GUI classes are: Stage, Scene, Parent and Node. 1)true 2)false
  29. Java

    What does the dot “.” indicate in the following code? myCircle.getRadius() 1)Nothing, it’s a syntax error 2)It indicates that the getRadius() method is a member of the myCircle object 3)It’s just part of the name of the method myCircle.getRadius() 4)None of...
  30. World History

    Read the summary. The Ottoman Empire began as the unification of Seljuk tribes, organized by Osman Gazi (1). The Ottomans were a hybrid of the Turkish, Byzantine, and Muslim cultures (2). They embraced the Eastern Christian Orthodox religion and denounced Islam and the Roman ...
  31. Math

    Age| Percent of listeners| Degree Measure| 18-24 11% ??????????????
  32. Physics

    An iceberg has specific weight of 9000 N/m^3 in n ocean, which has a specific weight of 1000 N/m^3. Above the water surface, it was observed that a volume of 2800 m^3 of the iceberg protruded. Determine the volume of the iceberg below the free surface of the ocean.
  33. physics

    Q: A blue ball is thrown upward with an initial speed of 23 m/s, from a height of 0.5 meters above the ground. 2.8 seconds after the blue ball is thrown, a red ball is thrown down with an initial speed of 6.6 m/s from a height of 28.9 meters above the ground. The force of ...
  34. physics

    Q: Two cars start from rest at a red stop light. When the light turns green, both cars accelerate forward. The blue car accelerates uniformly at a rate of 5.7 m/s2 for 3.2 seconds. It then continues at a constant speed for 8.8 seconds, before applying the brakes such that the ...
  35. Science

    Which of the following is not part of the process of producing electricity from coal? 1. Coal is lifted onto a platform to give it potential energy before burning. 2. Coal must be burned to release heat. 3. Heating water produces steam. 4. Steam runs a turbine that generates ...
  36. Science

    The energy in food was originally light energy from the Sun. True or false? I think it is true.
  37. Math

    Johnny spent 1/3 of his pocket money on sweets and 2/3 on fruits what fraction of his money did he spend?
  38. Grades

    How can I turn my c to a b when in the beginning was an A
  39. Science Physics

    Projectile motion problem. The maximum range for a projectile is achieved when the projectile is fired at 45 degrees. This is true if the launch starts and ends at the same altitude. What about if you fire at a target at a lower elevation? Is the optimal angle still 45 degrees...
  40. Math

    The U.S. generates an estimated 2 million tons of e-waste each year. At this rate, how many pounds of e-waste does the U.S. generate in one week? Express the answer in scientific notation. Use the relationships below to help you decide: 1 ton = 2,000 pounds 1 year ? 52 weeks
  41. Math

    Suppose a ball has a diameter of 8.65 inches. What is the approximate volume of the ball? Round your answer to the nearest cubic inch.
  42. Intro to Java

    The Daily Gazette accepts classified ads in several categories. For most ads, the newspaper charges 10 cents per word for the first 50 words, and 8 cents per word for every word after that. Design a java script for a program that accepts data about an ad: customer name, ad ...
  43. Math

    thank you so much! you guys are awesome
  44. Math

    I know for 2 books = $9.90 coupon= .50 sales tax: $1.22 I'm stuck now
  45. Math

    Carson spent $15.99 for 2 books and 3 pens. The books cost $4.95 each. The sales tax on the total purchase was $1.22. Carson also used a coupon for $0.50 off his purchase. If each pen had the same cost, how much did each pen cost?
  46. Math

    2 m + 107.31 = 121.29 How do I find out what m is?
  47. Math

    11.70 + 2*3.90 + d = 21.08 + 2.00 how do I find out d?
  48. Math

    I'm clueless when it comes to this...trying to help out my 10 year old who's not feeling well =(
  49. Math

    While on vacation, Craig bought a pair of sunglasses for $15.98, a hat for $7.99, 5 postcards, and a beach towel. The beach towel cost. $0.50 more than half the price of the sunglasses. Craig gave the cashier $40 and got $3.59 in change. Each postcard cost the same. How much ...
  50. Math

    Lia, Phil, and Cam collect a total of $200.30 for a holiday fundraiser. Phil collects $12.80 more than Lia. Cam collects 3 times as much as Lia. How much does each person collect?
  51. Math

    Carla bought a digital camera that cost $91.98. She also bought 2 identical memory cards and a camera case. The camera cost 6 times as much as the case. She paid $127.35, including sales tax of $6.06. What was the cost of each memory card?
  52. Math

    thanks Steve
  53. Math

    my son's 5th grade HW assignment
  54. Math

    Madison and Jim paid $21.08 for 1 large pizza, 2 salads with the same price. The pizza cost $11.70, which was 3 times as much as the cost of one salad. They also used a coupon for $2 off their purchase. What was the cost of one drink?
  55. Math

    Thank you so much! ;)
  56. Math

    What are somewhat websites that I can use for graphs?
  57. Geography

    What effect are new communication technologies having on life in remote communities?
  58. Music

    Which of the following is an example of polyphonic music? A. Gregorian chant B. plainchant C. monody D. fugue
  59. algebra

    oh i'm sorry i did not see, sorry i'm tired lol
  60. algebra

    Simplify the rational expressions. State any excluded values. Show your work. 8.3x-6/x-2 9.x-2/x^2 +3x-10 pleaasee.
  61. math

    so how do i get the answer?
  62. math

    on my exam it shows like fraction way of it with the "___" line in the middle that's why i put "/" so didn't know how to write it but yes that's what i meant :) and no the (x-2) is on top and the /(x^2 +3x-10) is on the bottom
  63. math

    Simplify the rational expressions. State any excluded values. Show your work. 8.3x-6/x-2 9.x-2/x^2 +3x-10 please.
  64. math

  65. math

    Simplify each radical expression. Leave in radical form. Show your work. 6.sqrt 75 + sqrt 3 7. sqrt7(sqrt 14 + sqrt3 ) please.
  66. Physics

    A 1200 kg sedan is traveling at 10m/s when it is hit from behind by a 1000 kg convertible. The bumpers of the cars crush and lock. Their combined speed just after the crash is 16 m/s. What is the velocity of the convertible before the collision? Please show your work.
  67. Chemistry

    How many stereoisomers does [Pt Br4 Cl2]2- have? I think it has 2 geo., but how many optical?
  68. Social Studies Please helpppppp

    hal ii got 100
  69. Physics

    Spaceman Fred orbits planet X with his spaceship. To remain in orbit at 410km from the planet's center, he should maintain a speed of 68 m/s. What is the mass of planet X?
  70. English

    Why is Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics so disorganized and unlike his style?
  71. Business

    Why might an individual property's capitalization rate differ from market overall capitalization rate?
  72. Chemistry

    a) How many orbitals are in the l = 4 subshell? b) The maximum number of orbitals that may be associated with the quantum numbers n = 5 and L = 2 is... I got 9 for both. Kinda guessed Lol. Do you agree?
  73. Math

    The ratio of the amount of money Jason had to the amount of money Wilson had was 12:13. After Wilson spent $63, Jason had 3 times as much money as Wilson. a) How much money did Jason have? b) How much money do they have altogether?
  74. Math

    Homework. What's the equation for solving word problem Sam is 22 years less than half of his grandmother's age. If Jesse is 10, how old is his grandmother?
  75. Math

    m•10-m•2=8 I think m=1 please check my work
  76. Algebra 2

    Solving polynomial inequalities- Z^3 + 7z^2 + 10z > 0
  77. Physics

    A ball is battled straight up and returns to the level of the batter after 6.5s determine how high the ball went
  78. Physics

    A bal is batted straight up and returns to the level of the batter after 6.5s. Determine how high the ball went. A=-9.8m/s^2
  79. Math-Scale Factors

    thank you, i have reflection to the y-axis graph
  80. Math-Scale Factors

    Give another name for the horizontal scale change of magnitude -1
  81. Math

    When I am transforming square root of X in to Y= -3 (square root of x+9) -3 Do i turn the x in to negatives because its a reflection?
  82. MATH

    At a charity bike rally 2/3 of the student population of heartsworth middle school participated if there are 1200 students at Heartsworth how many participated
  83. Art

    how can the movie by Roman Polanski THE PIANIST (2002) relate to art class? i don't see any relation between the movie and fine arts (i'm just curious because last meeting our art teacher streamed that movie during our class and i have no idea why were watching that ...
  84. English

    Complete the sentences. My answers are with capital Amanda had become an expert in her field by the time she is 25. She told us how SHE HAS BEEN WORKING her way through college when the company HAD RECRUITED her. She told us SHE’D BEGUN TO WORK as an accountant when ...
  85. Eonomics

    theories/lessons that are emphasized in The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx
  86. English

    Complete the sentences. My answers are with capital Tony HASN’T HAD a lot of luck dating because he's quite bashful. HE'VE MET a few nice women but finds it tough to keep a relationship going. He WAS WORKING A LOT last year, which also MEANT that he DIDN’T ...
  87. English

    4. Complete the sentences. My answers are with capital 1. ………comfortable standing on stage. 1. Have never been feeling 2. Have ever felt 3. Has never feeling 4. HAVE NEVER FELT 2. The last time I … front of a large audience I was tense and worried. 1. ...
  88. Chemistry

    An organic compound containing only C, H, and possibly O was subjected to combustion analysis. A sample weighing 0.4801 g yielded 1.014 g CO2 and 0.498 g H2O. What is the empirical formula of the compound?
  89. English

    Complete the sentences. My answers are with capital • you will stop • Will you try • I will make • If you start listening • you’ll have to • If you have • Will you be 1. WILL YOU BE honest and tell me how you feel about it? 2. I WILL ...
  90. English

    Thanks , I really love to learn a new language I think the answers could be He impressed her by responding promptly and being honest. Using the site turned to be a great idea. Filling the online profile took some time and thought, but it was obviously worth it.
  91. English

    Dear Ms. Sue I speak portuguese but also spanish like a native. My english teacher told that I have to delete tha words that I don't need in the text. So I wrote with capital the mistakes. Thanks
  92. English

    Instructions: Select the incorrect words in the paragraph. My answers are in capital letter thanks Recently, Sandra's family noticed her are becoming more serious ABOUT Adam. She has mentioned THINKING about us getting be married. She found Adam BY THE using up a dating ...
  93. English

    Complete the sentences. My answers are with capital • to have gotten • to have told • not to have been advised • to have shouted • to have discovered 1. The customers were all surprised TO HAVE DISCOVERED of the policy changes. 2. The manager was known...
  94. Science

    What is Casein Plastic?
  95. Science

    Moving from upstream to downstream, channels tend to be _____ confined. a)more b)less c)equally
  96. English

    Yeah! Well, they SHOULD HAVE told me SO they were going to change things. Thanks
  97. English

    I wrote again. Thanks 1. IF SHE COMPLAINS all through the office party again, everyone will be annoyed. 2. If you have time, WILL YOU …come to the head office with us? 3. Yeah! Well, they SHOULDN'T told me IF they were going to change things. 4. He WOULD call me into ...
  98. English

    Chose the correct words to complete the sentence. My answers are with capital 1. IF SHE COMPLAINS or When she complained… all through the office party again, everyone won't or be will be annoyed. 2. If you have time, you going to or WILL YOU …come to the head ...
  99. English

    What is the meaning of the quote @Life is eternal; and love is immortal; and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight." Especially the part- "and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight." Thank you
  100. English

    Instructions: Select the correct answer. My answers are with capital letter 1. Jason wanted to pass on ... A. something who he had been told. B. SOMETHING THAT HE HAD BEEN TOLD. C. something, he had been told 2. He's bringing ... A. JIM EVANS, WHO WAS HIS COLLEGE ROOMMATE...
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