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Would you guys mind help me to solve this question? : The scale of a map is 1:1000. What are the actual dimensions of a rectangle which appears as 4cm by 3cm on the map? What is the area on the map in cm squared?what is the actual area in meter squared? I would like to see ...

chem 101
75.0 G tartaric acid in 1 liter is what molarity (moles/liter) mw= 150.087g/mol

Algebraic expressian
Neil spent 25 minutes on his math and some more time on his history homework

Algebraic expression
Pedro swam some laps in the pool and than swam 2 more

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17 pages

Chemistry Lab
can you please send your answer here ?

Your firm has the following income statement items: sales of $50,250,000; income tax of $1,744,000; operating expenses of $10,115,000; cost of goods sold of $35,025,000; and interest expense of $750,000. What is the amount of the firm's income before tax? 3) _______ A) $...