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In a group of children, 45 play football out of which 30 play football only 28 play hockey, 25 play cricket, out of which 11 play cricket only, further, 7 play cricket and football but not hockey, 5 play football and hockey but not cricket and 10 play football and cricket both...

Science, Physics
A particle moves through angular displacement ø on a circular path of radius r. The linear displacement will be

AP Physics 1
If electrical energy costs 12 cents, or $0.12, per kilowatt-hour, how much does it cost to operate an electric over for 5.0 h if it carries a current of 20.0 A at 220 V?

the potential energy of an electron in H-atom is -13.6eV.if the potential energy of an electron in He+ ion is -3.4eV ,what would be the excited state of He+?

a train 100m long is to cross a river bridge of length 800m. what time it take to cross the bridge ?velocity of train is 36km/h.

physics urgent
a metal sample carrying a current along X-axis with density Jx is subjected to a magnetis field Bz(along z-axis). the electric field Ey developed along Y-axis is directly proportional to Jx as well as Bz. the constant of propotionality has SI unit. 1. m²/As 2. m²/A 3...

120 degrees

explain three reasons for which the central location of india at the head of the indian ocean is considered of great importance?

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