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70 is the difference of Raja's age and 14

23 more than Holly's savings is 48

Long distance Phone Company A charges a base rate of $5.00 per month plus 4 cents a minute that you're on the phone. Long distance Phone Company B charges a base rate of only $2.00 per month but they charge 10 cents per minute used. How much time per month would you have ...

where did you get the 1/3 from

Old McDonald has 1000 feet of fencing, and wants to build a pen along the side of his barn that will have two separate areas- one for his pigs, and one for his cows. if only one of the fences is to run parallel to the barn, find the dimensions of the pen that would maximize ...

5x-14+28x 33x-14=0 33x=14 x=14/33

Physics IB
Two billiard balls of equal mass undergo a perfectly elastic head-on collision. If the speed of ball 1 was initially 5.00 m/s, and that of ball 2 was 7.00 m/s in the opposite direction, what will be their speeds after the collision? I figured out how to calculate the velocity ...

a sample of gas is warmed from 15.o degrees celsius to 45.o celcius at a constant pressure. its initial volume is 1.75 liters. what is the final volume of gas?

ocean county college
A 150 g sample of metal at 55.0 C raises the temperature of 150 g of water from 23.0 C to 35.0 C. Determine the specific heat of the metal in J/g C. Hint: #1 First find heat absorbed by water using formula q = mass x specific heat x change in temp (of water). #2 Use this value...

8th Grade Algebra
i think its just 3/4x + 2/3x= (have make the bottom numbers the same and then add them)

european history
why was renaissance humanism such a threat to the church?

Where does the neutron of heliam come from although hydrogen has no neutron?