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  1. explain the steps yoto multiply by one digit number
  2. the key to using a pedometer to meet the physical activity guidelines for americans is to______.
  3. calculus

    using the fundamental theorem of calculus what is the derivative of the definite integral from x^3 to sqrt x of (sqrt t) sin t dt
  4. statystics

    : Human Resources took a survey and found that the average commute time one way is 25.4 minutes. However one of the executives feels that the commute is less. He randomly selects 25 commuters and finds that the average is 22.1 minutes with a standard deviation of 5.3 minutes. ...
  5. government

    what three main ideas about governemnt did the colonist bring from england?
  6. reformatory system

    Where can I find information about Pennsylvania and Reformatory systems? I need to do a contrast and comparison between both but can't find a good website that explains both.