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Support how a vaccine can help prevent an infectious disease.

There would be 32 because 8 pigs = 1/4 of your answer. So 8 times 4 = 32 :)

social studies

social studies
what is a symbol used in writing?


7th grade (General_
Ok, I really like taking random notes but my teacher hates the fact that I do. She says I need to pick a note style. What style is similar to random but has something.

I need help with that too i know the answer but need the stupid work shown. So how do you show the work?

can someone please help me with this? :) paul edros's first article was published in 1932. in 2003, 1521 articles on which he had worked had already been published. on average, how many of edros's articles were published each year from 1932 and 2003?

When an individual feels that both health and illness are a product of psychological, biological, and social forces he or she believes in the - Biomedical model - Western Perspective Model - Biopsychosocial model - Scientific approach to medicine - Primary medicine perspective...

AP math how to word my answer no equations
The problem states that I have to come up with best possible predictor of a 100yr flood plan. Well I found that best projection and I have to state why. Could I say: The projection from the power trend line is a better indicator because with the probability of 0.9638 this ...

What was the main premise of the Federalist 15?

What were the pen names of the authors of the Federalist papers? Why did they go by these names?

earth science? volcanoes my thoughts
Iceland: shield, cones, stratovolcanoes, calderas Chile and Argentina: stratovolcanoes The Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East: not too sure

earth science? volcanoes
what kind of volcanoes are found in Iceland? Chile and Argentina? The Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East? thanks

I have a comma question! When using the phrase "as well as" do i put the comma before, after, or before AND after the phrase. An example sentince is: At the store i bought milk as well as bread.

Verbs (please answer all, don't give me a website)
im having problems with the same worksheet, on number six i got "will wear" and action verb/TRANSITIVE. i don't know if im correct. i could sure use help on these, though.

3/5 and 6/9 okay so 6 and 9 can be divided by 3 so 6 divided by 3 is 2 so 2 is your numerator and 9 divided by 3 is 3, so 3 is your denominator. 2/3 3/5 is already in its lowest terms. unless you did 1 and a half/2 and a half

Calculate the pH of: a) ammonia, 0.1M, in water b) ammonium chloride, 0.1M, in water c) a buffer solution containing ammonia (0.1M)and ammonium chloride (0.01M) For NH4^+, pKa = 9.25

what dose the n stand for inthe math question 54-n=24

what dose the n stand for in the math question 54-n=24

Algebra review
math what is the problem for the equation state what the varible n represents

social studies
what are the indivdual right of a citzen under law called

social studies
what is a word that means the same as nation goverment

social studies
where is the united states federal goverment located

recast as one independent clause. Wind power for the home is a supplementary source of energy, it can be combined with electricity, gas, or solor power.

i found most of the info. on foot binding but still am unsure about a couple. was this mainly practiced in the sung dynast in the north???? Also i could not find what particular group of people engaged in this practice??

Who started Chinese foot binding practices? When did it begin? Where was it practiced? Is it still in practice? What particular group of people engaged in this practice? Advantages and Disadvantages?

thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

A mechanics brother won the car race. But the man who won the race doesnt have a brother. how is this possible?

social studies
Map key

social studies

year 8 english

thank you

pronoun reference agreement? David lent his motorcycle to someone who allowed their friend to use it.

yes, thank you

pronoun agreement? By the final curtain, ninety percent of the audience had voted with their feet.

If a patient is unemployed, it may be helpful to provide ________ along with addiction treatment. 

Thank you

what is the purpose of health insurance?

however, how is it related to word problems???

it's like how are word problems related to direct or inverse variations? when would you use it and how would you use it in a word problem...about the function guess was that whatever output you have, the input will never be the that right?

What are the connections to word problems for direct and Inverse Variations and why are they functions?

How did the Cold War affect Turkey? :)

How did the homo erectus travel from Africa to South America? Any information someone might have on this would be helpful and extra info is greatly appreciated!! Thanks

how do i cite a website source using MLA format?

does generation and tradition have either assonance or consonance or neither?

Ok in this sentence, I am quoting a line from the Lord of the Flies. My question is, do i capitalize the T in the first 'they' ? : Sam and Eric explain this rebellion to Ralph by stating, “’They hate you, Ralph. They’re going to do you.’ ‘They...

how do i quote a book?

A particle accelerator called Large Hadron Collider can accelerate protons to 14 TeV (tetraelectonvolts) (1TeV = 10^12eV) of energy. What is the relativistic mass of a proton that has total energy of 14 TeV? (express your answer in MeV/c^2) Would I use E= M-relativistic *c^2? ...

how do i phrase a thesis statement about the background events that are occuring during the novel the lord of the flies? PLEASE HELP ME! :)

The Binary Ice Cream Shoppe sells two flavors, vanilla and chocolate. On Friday, the ratio of vanilla cones sold to chocolate sold was 2:3. if the store had sold 4 more vanilla cones, the ratio of the vanilla cones sold to chocolate cones sold would have been 3:4 how many ...

chem 203
That didn't help :(

There is space between the electron and protons/neutrons in the nucleolus of the atom. when a particle scatters that means that it hit a solid mass... the nucleolus of the cell.

Printing Press
Is the internet simply an extension of the printing press in terms of mass circulating information?

Is the principal of the printing press still active in today's modern, high-tech society? Also, would our democratic institutions have been impossible to develop without the mass circulation of knowledge that the printing press enabled?

How should we judge between the altruism and the egoism? What evidence or arguments might adjudicate between these two positions? How might we try to combine them?

an antelope, a zebra and an ostrich are entred in a 100metre race. if their top speeds are 95 km/h and 50 kn/h,respectively, caculate how many seconds after the antelope the zebra and the ostrich will complete the race?

how do you do standard from linear equations

thank you but I need the dilemma it has to be a lease 2 paragraphs this is not my homework I have to solve it as homework I just lost my paper of my chooses and my professor told me to find one to do.

I need some Examples of environmental-based ethical dilemmas for me to do my assignment on any suggestions would be helpful.

why is (-125)^-2/3 1/25. why isn't it -1/25?

alg 2

alg 2
why are these answers no real root? (-81)^3/4 -5X^6=320

why are these two answers no real root? (-81)^3/4 -5X^6=320

why is this answer no real root? -5x^6=320?

If you were addmitted to the hospital with a heart attack and also hypertension and both required monitoring during your inpatient stay. The hypertension would be considered what ? 1.the pricipal diagnosis 2. a complication 3. the principal procedure 4. a comorbidity I think ...

Can someone please edit this for me? and tell me if i did the quoates right.(meaning I properly indented and made each ones new paragraphs at the right time.) What would the novel “A Separate Peace” be life if Finny would have narrated it rather than Gene? Would the ...

physics(gas laws)
last of the homework packet questions hopefully! These questions are the ones I had the most trouble on. I have a feeling I didn't do them correctly. :( 3. Given 325 ml of saturated gas at 760 mmHg and 25°C, what would be its volume if dry at the same pressure and ...

physics(gas laws)
Got a question 3. Given 325 ml of saturated gas at 760 mmHg and 25°C, what would be its volume if dry at the same pressure and temperature? I got confused when I read 'if dry' Does that mean I have to subtract something out of 760mmHg? And would I used the combined...

drwls, question for you.
Can you explain to me how you got the vapor pressure of water, the 23.8mmHG? How did you get that number? And so the final number component is 0.96?

physics (gas laws)
I have a packet of homework so I think I may post other questions that I'm stuck on later this weekend. So that's a heads up. This packet deals with Gas Laws. 1. Given 100 ml of dry gas measured at 37° C and 760 mmHg, what would be its volume at 60°C? I used ...

The answer is 25 because you can times 6 by 4 to get 24 and then add one for the one left over

how would I define "infection vs colonization"? Infection is the growth of a parasitic organism within the body colonization is to establish a colony in or on are those 2 definitions okay?

yeah its me again :) and thank you Writeacher for checking my answer on smoking An antihistamine used to treat a common cold is intended to: A. Decongest B. Suppress the cough reflex C. Dry secretions D. Increase mucus clearance I think it could be either A or D but I'm ...

What is the purpose of nicotine replacement therapy? A. To reduce the number of cigarettes smoked B. To reduce the food cravings of a smoking patient who is cutting down on the number of cigarettes smoked per day. C. To replce the nicotine lost with smoking cessation. D. To ...

help with citations!
thank you for helping me:) I'll search on it right now

help with citations!
can someone tell me how to cite a source like this: Asthma and sinusitis solutions have been recognized in the years past by the medical community [1] **But the bracketed 1 ([1]) is a superscript on community.** What is that citation called? and where can I read about it on ...

Suggestions on paper: biology
I have to write a paper for my bio class and the teacher is giving us alot of freedom on it. Its a research paper on many topics about the body. I chose sinus infection and lung disorders. Its way too broad of a topic. She said to really focus on it anyway we wanted so it can ...

they made a perfect pear

In Dead Poet's Society, what is the significance of Mr. Keating whistling the 1812 overture? What is the significance of an Indian Cave as the meeting spot for the club?

So then what is the difference between realism and naturalism?

science i think
What is the density of helium? Where can I find that info?

Where can I find info on molecules; i.e., where they come from, their function, what they do for our body...

science-gas laws
I got 2 questions for ya: 1. Calculate the new pressure of an oxygen tank at 127o C if the tank had 2200 psig at room temperature (22o C)? I used Gay Lussac's law. Here's my work: P1= 2200psi P2= X T1= 295K T2= 400K (2200x295)400= X I got 2983psi Is that correct? 2. ...

Physical Science
I am working on PS and I have a couple of questions. 1) If 24 amperes of current flows through an appliance connected to a 120-volt circuit what is the resistance of the appliance. A).22 ohms b)5 ohms c)50 ohms d)2880 ohms I am not sure how to go about figuring that one out 2)...

A Tail of Two Cities
I have two questions 1)In A Tail of Two Cities, Monsieur Defarge keeps M.Manetter locked in his room because? A)M.Manetter is sick B)freedom may scare her C)Monsieur is a mean and cruel man D)M.Manette cannot be trusted 2)In A Tail of Two Cities the fact that the people ...

Philosophy (Logic)
I need help constructing a formal proof of validity for the following: 1. B<->(L•D), ~D, so ~B 2. R v (S•~T), (R v S) -> (U v ~T), so T->U 3. A -> ([E•~G) ->M], ~ (~E v G) -> (M -> F), so A -> [~ (~G -> ~E) ->F

a color

reversible reaction
A+B <-> C+D You mix some of A and B in a closed container and the reaction begins. As time passes, what happens to the amounts of A & B? As time goes on, what will happen to the rate at which A & B turn into C + D? Was there any C & D present when the reaction first ...

Chemistry (equilibrium)
In the following equilibrium system, N2O4(g) <--> NO2(g), what happens to the color of the gas if the forward reaction speeds up? What happens if the reverse reaction speeds up? What happens if the forward and reverse reaction happen at the same time? NO2 is a reddish-...

chemistry (heat of fusion/vaporization)
i need help setting this problem up. You have an insulated container of water that has a temperature of 83.2 C, you continue to add ice until the temperature reaches .6 C and you remove the excess ice, your volume increased by 79.8 mL. What amount of hot water did you have in ...

Science Check
1)Two balls having the same mass of 1 kg roll toward each other, each moving at the same speed of 1 m/s. What is the combinded momentum? Would it be 0 kg m/s 2)A 30 kg girl and a 25kg boy face each other on friction free roller blades. The girl pushes the boy who moves away at...

I have to balance an equation and I had to make the equation from an experiment we did. So far, my equation looks like this and I know what I have is correct: Cu(NO3)2+H20+NaOH----->Cu(OH)2 I think I probably need an N or a Na on the right side. What do you think? You don&#...

Can someone please help me balance this equation? CH3OH + O2 ===> CO2 + H20 Thank you! CH3OH + O2 ===> CO2 + H2O To balance the H, put a two on the right. CH3OH + O2 ===> CO2 + 2H20 H and C are now balanced. O is balanced. Too easy. Are you sure that's right? We ...

I can't seem to figure this out! I know I have to use mass to mass conversions though. Can someone help me out? Hydrochloric acid can dissolve solid iron according to the following equation: Fe + 2HCl to form FeCl2 + H2 a) How much HCl in grams would you need to dissolve a...

how do I help my son answer this question/ cary spent 1/3 of his class working on fraction problems and 3/6 of his class working on algebra problems. He spent the last 10 minutes of his class reading a chapter in his textbook. How many minutes long was the entire class? Thank ...

ANSWER to BEBE's riddle
Its the end of the lion

English 10th Literature
when you have subject verb agreement, do you always follow the rule?

What are 3 reasons why salad dressing is a chemical suspension? Some of the liquid ingredients don't dissove in one another. That is why the dressing has to be shaken to blend together Some of the ingredients are solid spices or bits of cheese that do not dissolve I can&#...

Can you help me find information or perhaps give some on Nazi propaganda and its influences on third reich children I put your phrasing (Nazi propaganda and its influences on third reich children) into the search box at and here are the results: http://www....

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