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4th grade math
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use each of the digits 1, 2, 3 (one time each)and any combination of operations to create and equation where the answer is 5 please help Abbigail

thank you!!!!

i am less than 200 the sum of my digits is 18 i have 3 digits i am an even number what am i. HELP ME PLEASE THANK YOU ABBIGAIL

a spring has a 2.000x10^3 N/m spring constant. how do you find the mass that will make it oscillate 5.0 times per second? 10.0 times per second?

how do you calculate the frequency of a 2.500 m long pendulum in Quito, Ecuador, where g= 9.780 m/s^2

find the length of a pendulum that oscillates with a frequency of 1.0 Hz

a charge of 7.2 nC and a charge of 6.7 nC are separated b 32 cm. Find the equilibrium position for a -3.0 nC charge.

a small cork with a excess charge of +6.0 μC (1 μc = 10^-6 C) is placed 0.12 m from another cork, which carries a charge of -4.3 μC.... how many electrons are on the negative cork?

A glass rod rubbed against your hair gains a charge of -14.0 nC. What is the electric force between the balloon and your hair when the two are separated by a distance of 7.1 cm? (Assume that the charges are located at a point.)

Although it can't sustain its top speed for more than 8.65 sec, the cheetah can run a distance of 274 m during that time. If a cheetah with a mass of 50.0 kg is moving north at its top speed. what is its momentum?

A 0.190 kg piece of copper is heated and fashioned into a bracelet. The amount of energy transferred as heat to the copper is 6.62 x 10^4 J. If the specific heat of copper is 387 J/kg x °C, what is the change in temp of the copper?

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