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  1. History

    What impact did imperial Spain have on the Americas? Spanish culture came to dominate and replace native cultures. Local leaders were replaced by Spanish parliamentary assemblies. Financing from Spain started the industrialization of the Americas. Discovery of the Americas ...
  2. Calculus2

    Find the area of the region enclosed by the inner loop of the curve. r = 4 + 8?sin(?)
  3. calculus2

    Thank you Steve. I can't see to find anyway to do this question on paper. My research show that I need an integrated computer to solve this hard one but I don't know what it is.
  4. calculus2

    A manufacturer of corrugated metal roofing wants to produce panels that are u = 48 in. wide and 2 in. thick by processing flat sheets of metal as shown in the figure. The profile of the roofing takes the shape of a sine wave with equation y = sin(?x/12). Find the width w of a ...
  5. calculus2

    How do I evaluate this integral? integral from 0 to 24 of the ?(1+[(?/3)*cos((?x/3)]^2)
  6. World history

    its c
  7. calculus2

    Evaluate the integral. ?arctan(?x) dx
  8. calculus2

    Evaluate the integral. ?[0,1](12/4x^2+5x+1)dx
  9. calculus2

    Evaluate the integral using the indicated trigonometric substitution. (Use C for the constant of integration.) ??((x^2-4)/x)dx x=2sec(t)
  10. calculus2

    A tank is full of water. Find the work required to pump the water out of the spout. (Use 9.8 m/s^2 for g. Use 1000 kg/m^3 as the density of water. Assume r = 9 m and h = 3 m.) The tank is a spherical shape with r as the radius(9m). On top of the tank is a spigot with h as the ...
  11. calculus2

    Use cylindrical shells to find the volume V of the solid. A right circular cone with height 9h and base radius 5r. The answer is 75?hr^2 but my answer is 39?hr^2. How???
  12. calculus2

    Use cylindrical shells to find the volume V of the solid. A sphere of radius r
  13. calculus2

    Find the volume V of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified line.y = x ? 1, y = 0, x = 8; about the x-axis.
  14. calculus2

    For sin?/3, I got 16?(3)/2 but for tan?/3, I don't know how to find the answer for it. I know at tan?/3, sin=3/?(2) and cos= 1/?(2). Should that give me ?(3)/2? So I got 16?(3)/2 -2?(3)/?(2) is the wrong answer
  15. calculus2

    Find its area. y = sec^2(x), y = 8 cos(x), ??/3 ? x ? ?/3
  16. chem

    Why does temp of water used for transferring and washing the precipitate matter? 1. to maximize evaporation 2. to minimize evaporation 3. to maximize the amount of product that dissolves in water
  17. Language Arts *Last One I Promise*

    Thanks Ms.Sue for taking the time out of your day to help me, I appreciate that so much, you are so awesome!
  18. Language Arts *Last One I Promise*

    Then Im pretty certain 1 would be D and 5 would be fled
  19. Language Arts *Last One I Promise*

    1. If you were writing a brief profile of Rosa Parks explaining why you admire her, which of the following sentences would make the best thesis statement? In 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus. Rosa Parks's refusal to give up her seat sparked the ...
  20. chem TITRATION

    1. If a student fails to remove a large air bubble in the buret before beginning the titration, what will be the effect on the volume of titrant required to reach the titration endpoint? A. The student will record a volume that is SMALLER than it should be for a proper ...
  21. Language Arts

    *First off sorry there are so many, I just wanted to check because it's always better safe than sorry* Identify the correctly punctuated sentence in each group. A.) Do you know where Bailey shoes are? B.) Do you know where Bailey's shoes are?* C.) Do you know where ...
  22. Language Arts

    Identify the incorrectly punctuated sentence The child wore a pink cotton shirt. We had a tiring, hot day outdoors. She cooked a delicious healthy meal.**** (I think it's missing a comma) The game was a suspenseful, exciting experience.
  23. LA

    Thanks Ms. Sue, you're the best!
  24. LA

    . Which of the following quotes from "The Morning of June 28, 1948" Best describes the aversion that the public felt toward Shirley Jackson's short story "The Lottery?" A) “As a matter of fact, when I read it over later I decided that except for ...
  25. Language Arts

    n Edgar Allan Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado," the literary device of foreshadowing is used to create mystery when Montressor tells Fortunato a. "You are a man to be missed." b. "A draught of this Medoc will defend us from the damps." c. "...
  26. conversions math

    convert 70.5 in^3 to cubic feet? how would you convert this
  27. chemistry

    If you have 1.00 M sodium chloride solution, and you have 300. mL of it, how many grams of sodium chloride are there?
  28. Social Studies

    How did the end of world war 2 impact Minnesota's economy? How did the GI Bill help encourage economic growth in Minnesota and the rest pf the naiton? How are the growth of highways and suburbs related?
  29. World History

    Big boy is right!
  30. Chem

    A dilute aqueous solution of Na2SO4 is electrolyzed between Pt electrodes for 3.70 h with a current of 2.77 A . Part A What volume of gas, saturated with water vapor at 25?C and at a total pressure of 742 mmHg , would be collected at the anode? The vapor pressure of water at ...
  31. Chem

    At 298 K, 1.20 mol BrCl(g) is introduced into a 10.0 ?L vessel, and equilibrium is established in the reaction. BrCl(g)?1/2Br2(g)+1/2Cl2(g) A) Calculate the amount of BrCl(g) present when equilibrium is established. [Hint: Use ?G0[Br2(g)]=3.11kJ/mol, ?G0[BrCl(g)]=?0.98kJ/mol...
  32. chemistry

    Thx. Here's what i did, but its incorrect ?G0 = 1/2 (3.11-(-0.98)) =2.535 2.535 = -RT ln K 2.535 x10^3 = -(8.314x298) lnK K= 0.359 2BrCl <=> Br2+ Cl2 I 0.12 0 0 C -2x x x E 0.12-2x x x 0.359 = x^2 / 0.12-2x 0 = x^2 + 0.718x-0.04308 x = 0.05568M [BrCl] = 0.12-2x = 0....
  33. chemistry

    At 298 K, 1.20 mol BrCl(g) is introduced into a 10.0 ?L vessel, and equilibrium is established in the reaction. BrCl(g)?1/2Br2(g)+1/2Cl2(g) A) Calculate the amount of BrCl(g) present when equilibrium is established. [Hint: Use ?G0[Br2(g)]=3.11kJ/mol, ?G0[BrCl(g)]=?0.98kJ/mol...
  34. Physics

    The binding energy of a nucleus is the amount of energy needed to A.Remove a proton from the nucleus. B.Remove a neutron from the nucleus. C.Disassemble the nucleus. D.Fragment the nucleus. E.Fuse or join two of the nuclei together. Please help!
  35. Language arts

    Okay this whole post was a train wreck but I will give you all the answers when I finish the test
  36. physics

    A 68 kg stunt- woman falls off a bridge and travels 32.0 before colliding with a pile of mattresses. The mattresses are compressed 2.00 m before she is brought to rest. Calculate the magnitude of the average force exerted by the mattresses on the stunt-woman.
  37. Writing

    Essay question: How does playing violent video games influence violence in those who play them? Playing violent video games influence violence in those who play them? *Those who play them: I clarified my audience to specifically adolescents because young adolescents ages ...
  38. Physics

    I got $ 0.44, am I correct?
  39. Physics

    On a cold winter day, the outside temperature is –5.0 °C while the interior of a well-insulated garage is maintained at 20.0 °C by an electric heater. Assume the walls have a total area of 75 m2, a thickness of 0.15 m, and a thermal conductivity of 0.042 W/(m &#...
  40. Chemistry

    Please use steps!! Thanks
  41. Chemistry

    What is the final temperature when 2.50 x 10^5 J are added to 0.950 kg of ice at 0.0 degrees C? The specific heat capacity of water is 4186 J/(kg·degrees C) and the latent heat of fusion for ice is 3.35×10^3 J/kg.
  42. physics

    Thanks for your response! Do you know why scientists say that the sea level will rise slightly because most icebergs are made of nonsalty water, with a density a bit lower than sea water. So once melted, that same mass occupies more volume and the sea level will rise?
  43. physics

    If a very large iceberg were to float to warmer waters and melt, what, in principle, would happen to the overall sea-level? A. sea-level would rise very slightly. B. sea-level would fall very slightly. C. sea-level would stay the same. *I would say A because sea water is ...
  44. Physics

    A basketball player makes a jump shot. The 0.650-kg ball is released at a height of 1.80 m above the floor with a speed of 7.80 m/s. The ball goes through the net 3.10 m above the floor at a speed of 4.40 m/s. What is the work done on the ball by air resistance, a non-...
  45. Calculus

    The total stopping distance T of a vehicle is shown below, where T is in feet and x is the speed in miles per hour. T = 2.5x + 0.5x^2 Approximate the change and percent change in total stopping distance as speed changes from x = 15 to x = 18 miles per hour. (Round your answers...
  46. physics

  47. physics

    ? found 4.375x10^-20 but the systems says your answer is incorrect can you help me
  48. physics

    An electron experiences an electric force of 0.70 nN . What’s the field strength at its location?
  49. math

  50. math

    A parking lot space is in the shape of a rectangle. If the space has a length of 23 feet and a width of 12 feet, what is the area of the parking space?
  51. Calc (Derivatives)

    I understand finding the derivative and there is a simpler way of doing so, however, can someone show you derive at these answers by the DEF'N of Derivatives? Much appreciated! Question 1: Find, from the definition, the derivative, f'(x), for f(x)=5x^2-3x+1 . Answer: f...
  52. Calc: Limits

    how to calculate the limit: *I got confused especially with the square root. 1. lim as x approaches 2 (squareroot x^2 +5)-3 / (x-2) 2. lim as ? (theta) approaches zero (tan^2 (5?) / (sin (3?) sin (2?) )
  53. Math

    that doesn't help i need it in words explainde.
  54. English comp

    I need suggestions on how I could rephrase these without being repetitive and that the point comes across. Thank you (: 1. Alcohol is a dangerous recreational substance that many Americans very much abuse to what their body could take. 2. The reason why people start consuming ...
  55. Texas History

    Ms.sue or what ever your really name is your are fu** mean if you are telling people the wrong answer then it's beast that you just shut up ugly.
  56. American Government

    Smarty is correct- 100%!
  57. help[

    yeah thats what i meant but thanks
  58. help[

    what is a + a?
  59. Physics

    A girl delivering newspapers travels 1 blocks west, 2 blocks north, then 4 blocks east. What is the magnitude of her resultant dis- placement? Answer in units of blocks. 002 (part 2 of 3) 10.0 points Find the direction (measured from due east, with counterclockwise positive) ...
  60. Algebra 1

    Breathless Cosmetics now offers 24 shades of eye shadow, 20% more than last year. How many shades were offered last year?
  61. statistics

    In the game of? roulette, a wheel consists of 38 slots numbered? 0, 00,? 1, 2,..., 36. To play the? game, a metal ball is spun around the wheel and is allowed to fall into one of the numbered slots. If the number of the slot the ball falls into matches the number you? selected...
  62. Bio

    There are a lot of components to the question. How can I answer this with a paragraph? Need help. Explain the role of sex chromosomes in inheritance> Answer must include: 1. Anatomical differences as result of XX/XY, 2. Arrangement and structure of X and Y, comparison ...
  63. physics

    an 85.0kg mountaineer remains in equilibrium while climbing a vertical cliff. the tension force in the supporting rope is 745 N. Find the magnitude of the reaction force F, which the cliff exerts on the mountaineer's feet.
  64. social studies

    ww2 becasue this question talks about modern Germany. The other choices are for pre WW1
  65. Physics

    Two cars with different motors are competing. One of the cars accelerate från 0-90 km/h on 12 seconds, the other one accelerate from 0-90 km/h on 20 seconds. The acceleration is the same all the time. After 90km/h, the velocity is constant. How many seconds in head start...
  66. Physics

    A train has a velocity of 117 km/ h and discover another train standing stil 1200 meters away. The train starts immediately to brake. After 10 seconds the other train finally starts to move away from the first train. The acceleration is equable of both trains. The first trains...
  67. Math

    Complete the table and state the rule. Input | Output 0|0 |3 2| 3|9 | 5|15 6| I think the rule is Output = Input x 3 but I don't know how the rule should be worded. I think the chart should look like: Input | Output 0|0 1|3 2|6 3|9 4|12 5|15 6|18
  68. la

    Wait sorry I forgot the first line: To the top branches, climbing carefully
  69. la

    "With the same pains you use to fill a cup Up to the brim, and even above the brim. Then he flung outward, feet first, with a swish, Kicking his way down through the air to the ground."
  70. la

    The speaker in "Birches" compares the boy's climbing to a. girls dying there hair b. sweeping up broken glass c. a forest full of spiderwebs d. filling a cup to the top I think D
  71. History

    Economic principle # 1 is " principle choose". Employers choose to offer benefit packages to their employees. Apply the key economic principle "the consequences of choices lie in the future" to this decision. What are the important costs and benefits that ...
  72. Calculus

    Rectilinear Motion Discuss the Velocity, Acceleration, and Speed: 1. s(t)=2t^2 +8t-7 2. s(t)=3t^4 -16t^3 +24t^2
  73. ELA

  74. Trigonometry

    It would be quadrant 4, correct?
  75. Trigonometry

    Actually, I don't think it would. How can this one be determined?
  76. Trigonometry

    What about sec(theta) > 0 and cot(theta) < 0? Would that be in quadrant 3?
  77. Trigonometry

    The answer would be quadrant 1, correct?
  78. Trigonometry

    State the quadrant in which theta lies. sin(theta) > 0 and cos(theta) > 0 How can I determine this? Please explain.
  79. Trigonometry

    Point P is located at the intersection of the unit circle and the terminal side of angle theta in standard position. Find the coordinates of P to the nearest thousandth. theta = -105degrees Please explain the steps. I'm completely stuck.
  80. Math

    In an examination of a certain class, at least 70% of the students failed in Physics, at least 72% failed in Chemistry, at least 80% failed in Mathematics and at least 85% failed in English. How many at lest must have failed in all the four subjects ?
  81. American Government

    Ms sue that was the stupidest question ever
  82. Math

    Write a rule for the nth term of the arithmetic sequence. -12, -5, 2, 9
  83. Maths

  84. .

    What is your answer? Instead of asking online people for the answer try giving a guess at least. They provide a passage in the quiz, read through it carefully. Pay attention to the things Uncle says and what Moon Shadow says about him. Do you think it shows him as selfish, ...
  85. ELA

    Wait so are his answers right? This website can be very confusing sometimes...
  86. Science

    A fungus called stem rust penetrates the cells of a wheat plant, causing water loss, destruction of food-producing parts, and retarded root developemtn. Both the yield and quality of the grain are reduced. This relationship of stem rust to wheat would best be classified as A. ...

    Which ones are okay?

    Solve each equation by graphing the related function. If the equation has no real-number solution, write no solution. NOTE: when I write + it has a minus on the bottom too x^2+7=0 a. x= +7 b. x = +3.5 c. x= 0 d. no solution *** 3x^2=0 a. +3 b. +1/3 c. 0 *** d. no solution 1/4x...
  89. ELA

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  90. World History

    yall know that school is corrupt and outdated, right ? just help a person out to cheat so they can get through the stupid school system
  91. history

    1.b 2.a,b 3.b,c,e 4. b use these to check your work. these are the correct answers.
  92. verbal reasoning

    could it be the word: Luncheon ?
  93. ChemistryPleaseHelp!

    not sure if my calculations are correct or not...
  94. Chemistry

    1. Not sure of how to do the calculations... Make a 0.200 m solution of NaCl in a 100. mL volumetric flask. ... Solution A's question or statement is the same but with M (molarity) Is this right? The small m means molality. If it were changed to capital M, then solution A...
  95. calculus

  96. economics

    given the following information, calculate nominal GDP, real GDP, and the percentage increase in year two. Be sure to label the answers. Describe what is taking place in the economy. In the base year, 10 new cars were sold at $7,000 each, 20 new office chairs at $1500 each. In...
  97. Mental Health

    If the correlation between one’s interest in statistics and being a “fun date” was –0.70, it would mean that: a. The higher someone’s interest was in statistics, the more likely it would be that he or she is a fun date b. The higher someone’s ...
  98. behavior health

    According to classical test theory, if the observed variance of a test is 50 and the true variance is 40, what is the estimated reliability of the test? a. 0.40 b. 0.50 c. 0.80 d. 0.90 I selected C for my answer 40/50 is the .80 If the correlation between one’s interest ...
  99. math

    what is the possible number of outcomes in choosing a book to read from 7 fiction and 9 non fiction books?
  100. Life Span Development

    Social skills training programs are interventions in which children are taught specific, discrete behaviors that can facilitate effective social interactions, like making eye contact and asking appropriate questions. Assessments of these interventions indicate that they have ...