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Adam wants to compare the fraction 2/5 1/6 and 1/3 he wants to order them from least to greastest and rewrite them so they all have the same denominator explain how Adam can rewrite the fraction

erin is makin fruit punch for her friends to make the drink she mixes 3 quarts of fruit juice with half quart of ginger ale.what is the ratio of fruit to ginger ale in her drink

3rd grade math
your teacher has told you to subtract by adding on to find the difference in this problem: 71-36. what do you do first?

Math, plz help!
1. We multiplied: x to the exponent of 3 muliplied by x to the exponent of 4. a) Suppose the exponents 3 and 4 were different. Would the adding method still work? Explain. b) Suppose the base x was different. Would we get similar results? Explain. 2. We divided: x to the ...

Beside each sport write either cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance or flexibility. Then write whether the sport is aerobic or anaerobic in nature. a) Hockey b) Basketball c) Cross country skiing d) volleyball e) football f) soccer g) luge h) ski jumping Plz help ...

What causes young people to abandon school? My opinion. You need to obtain other opinions. I think many young people are tired of school after 12 years of it from first grade through the end of high school. And with so many families with both parents working there is preschool...

Write as a fraction or mixed number: 1) 0.85 2) 3.6 3) 0.888... We read 0.85 as eighty-five hundredths. Expressed as a fraction it's 85/100. Please tell us what you think the other two numbers are expressed as a fraction or mixed number. We'll be glad to critique your ...

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