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How many grams of ammonia are needs to produce 0.5kg of NH42So4

if an angle of parallelogram is two third of its adjacent angle,find the angles of the parallelogram

A charge +4 micro colombs is transferred in a uniform electric field of 200N/C between two points separated by a distance of 20cm. calculate the potential difference between the two points ?

Yes i can see this

aplied physics
two charges q1=-2uc and q2=3uc are placed at a distance of 6cm from each other. if rubber (Er=2.94) is placed between charges, find magnitude of electric force between charges.

A reflecting spherical Christmas tree ornament has a diameter of 12 cm. A child looks at the ornament from a distance of 18cm. A ... image will form at ... from the ornament


Business finance
Question No: 1 The overall (weighted average) cost of capital is composed of a weighted average of : a)The cost of common equity and the cost of debt b)The cost of common equity and the cost of preferred stock c)The cost of preferred stock and the cost of debt d)The cost of ...

Business finance
Question No 1: Sumi Inc. has policy of paying a Rs. 9 per share dividend every year. If this policy is to continue indefinitely, what will be the value of a share of stock at a 12% required rate of return? Rs. 30 Rs. 45 Rs. 60 Rs. 75 Question No: 2 The XYZ Corporation is ...

Business finance
Question No 1: If two projects are _______________, the fact that they have unequal lives will not affect the analysis. a)Mutually exclusive b)Dependent c)Independent d)Correlated Question No 2: Mr. A, as a financial consultant, has prepared a feasibility report of a project ...

Business finance
Question No: 1 If sales revenue was Rs. 100,000, accounts receivable decreased by Rs. 4,000, and inventory increased by Rs. 3,000, cash received from customers would be: a)Rs. 107,000 b)Rs. 104,000 c)Rs. 101,000 d)Rs. 93,000 Question No 2: Kamran just won a lottery and want to...

AB = 12

managerial accounting eh? good luck

(basic)accounting help plz!
The rent is only expensed when it used. When you pay for rent in advance you are paying for prepaid rent. Entry #1 Prepaid Rent, $3,000 Debit Cash, $3,000 Credit Adjustment Entry #1 at End of Month Rent Expense (Debit 1/3th of $3,000) Prepaid Expense (Credit the value above) ...

Your right, the answer is $6,000.. Wiley has made a dumb mistake. Chapter 7: Question 13 Galley Industries can produce 100 units of a necessary component part with the following costs: Direct Materials $30,000 Direct Labour 13,000 Variable Overhead 32,000 Fixed Overhead 12,000...