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    Write the equation of a line that passes through (-4,2) and is perpendicular to 3x+6y=9
  2. Maths

    Ohh I got it wrong but I'm sorry for not showing my working. I understand it now thanks for showing.
  3. Maths

    A car depreciates in value by 15% for the first year and for each year later by 12% of its value at the beginning of that year. Calculate the percentage decrease in the value of the car after 3 years. Could someone please confirm the answer to be 38.048 because that,s what i ...
  4. Science

    Describe how fans in a sporting stadium would need to move to create a transverse wave and a longitudinal wave
  5. Math interest

    How long will it take for an investment of $5000 to double if it is invested at 5% p.a. simple interest? Been stuck on this and need help thanks
  6. Maths

    answer is £23360
  7. Math

    1. Which of the following numbers is a rational? A. 4/5 B. square root of 27 C. 4.02002000200002... **** D. Square root of 31 2. Which type of number is shown below? 0.313311333111... A. repeating decimal B. rational C. irrational **** D. terminating decimal 3. Select all the ...
  8. geography,tourism,economics and maths literacy

    First get a high GPA and SAT scores. Every school has the fields you're interested in. An advice: The better the school you attend, the better education you'll receive.
  9. Maths

    I want answer
  10. Chemistry

    A galvanic cell is composed of these two half-cells, with the standard reduction potentials shown: Cu2+(aq) + 2 e- ---->Cu(s) +0.34volt Cd2+(aq) + 2 e- ---->Cd(s) -0.40volt What is the standard free energy change for the cell reaction of this galvanic cell?
  11. Algebra

    If a quadratic equation with real coefficients has a discriminant of 225, the what type of roots does it have?
  12. Physics

    Since Q is 1000J but It loses 100J of heat so 1000-100=900J Now work done by a system is 900J So by first law of thermodynamic Change in internal energy=Q-W 900-600 That is 300
  13. physics

  14. Maths Percentage

    After spending 30% of his money, John had $140 left. How much did he have at first. Siti and Ali saved $4500. Ali and Jim saved $2950. Siti saved thrice as much as Jim. How much did Ali save? At a concert, there were 15 more children than adults. Each child paid $5 each and ...
  15. Maths

    Machine X can pack 3 crates of bottles and Machine Y can pack 4 crates of bottles within the same time. In half an hour, Machine X packs 24 crates. How many crates can 12 Machine Y s pack in 1 hour?
  16. Maths

    Su Mei bought 3 apples for $2n. How much did she have to pay for 18 apples?
  17. math i don't get it

    I don't get it
  18. Maths

  19. Maths

    CORRECTION. The selling price of a pencil box was $4. Chee Keong bought the pencil box and paid $4.28 including GST. What percentage of the selling price was the GST?
  20. Maths

    Rahyu spent 2h 25 min in a library. She spent 30 min of the time reading newspapers. What percentage of her time in the library was spent reading newspapers? Round off your answer to the nearest whole number.
  21. Maths

    Mr Srinivasan invests $55 000 in a fixed deposit account. The interest rate is 3.3 % per year. How much money will he have in the account after 1 year?
  22. Maths

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  23. Maths

    The selling price of a pencil box was $4. Chee Keong bought the pencil box and paid $4.28 including GST. What percentage of milk was left?
  24. Maths

    A jug contained 780 ml of mil. Mrs Li poured 221 ml of the milk into a glass and 130 ml into a cup. What percentage of milk was left in the jug?
  25. Maths

    Evelyn has a ribbon 420 cm long. She uses 216 cm to decorate a present., What percentage of ribbon is left> Express your answer correct to 1 decimal place.
  26. 3rd Grade Math

    Just explain how to use X for him.
  27. Maths

    A sum of money is shared between Alice, Gayah and Sita in the ratio 3:2:4. If Gayah receives $4287.50, how much money do Alice and Sita receive altogether?
  28. Maths

    There were 3 glasses containing the same volume of liquid. Mr Lee poured 210 ml of the liquid from Glass A into Glass C, and 150 ml of the liquid from Glass B into Glass C. In the end, the ratio of the volume of liquid in Glass A to the volume of liquid in Glass B was 3:8. A...
  29. Maths

    Tina and Gopal had some stickers in the ratio 2:3. Gopal gave half of his stickers away and the ratio became 4:3. If Gopal had given away 21 stickers, how many stickers did each person have at first?
  30. Maths

    The ratio of the number of coins Azam had to the number of coins Eddie had was 3:7. Eddie gave 42 coins to Azam and they ended up having the same number of coins. How many coins did each person have at first?
  31. Maths

    The ratio of the amount of money Karen had to the amount of money Peter had was 2:5. Peter received $75 from his mother, the ratio became 4:15. How much money did each person have at first?
  32. Maths

    Sam used cement and sand to prepare a mixture. The ratio of the number of pails of cement used to the number of pails of sand used was 1:2. Sam then added 8 more pails of cement and the ratio became 5:2. A.) How many pails of cement was used at first? B.) How many pails of ...
  33. Maths

    The ratio of the volume of water in Jug A to the volume of water in Jug B is 2:5. A.) If half of the water in Jug A is poured into Jug B, what is the new ratio of the volumes of water in Jug A to Jug B? B.) If half of the water in Jug B is poured into Jug A, what is the new ...
  34. Trigonometry

    A standard doorway measures 6 feet 8 inches by 3 feet. What is the largest dimension that will fit through the doorway without bending?
  35. Economics

    Limited resource is the basic assumption in Economy. Moreover, it's very true in daily life. For example, Peter want to join in several clubs and focus on his academic in the same time. However, here an opportunity cost for him to consider, because every one has only 24 ...
  36. maths, economics, game theory

    1. What is a degenerate game? 2. Is the following game degenerate or not, justify. 3. Find all nash equilibria in the game in pure or mixed strategies a b c d T 4,5 1,4 2,0 1,2 B 6,0 0,1 1,3 0,2
  37. algebra with pizazz pg 40 riddle

  38. economics

    a. The apollo: It's government purchase. b. Subsidy to agriculture and industry: It's transfer payments because it didn't produce things. Literally, it's kind of wealth distribution. c. Social security: It's also transfer payments. The reason is the same as...
  39. Psychology

    A) smell