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Also, In the last few lines of Ode 4, the Chorus places responsibility for Antigone's death on a. Niobe b. Creon c. the family curse d. Antigone I read Ode 4 and could not figure out which one of these was the answer. On some websites, people are saying it is C. Could ...

This question is for the play Antigone: In Ode 2, to what does the chorus compare Antigone? a. a cresting wave b. a soaring bird c. a glowing ember d. a closed flower From reading it, I think the answer is D. But on some websites people are saying C. Which is correct??

In Act I of "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar" there appears a shoemaker. Shakespeare never lets us see him again. Suppose the shoemaker is in the crowd that listens to Brutus and Antony, carries away Caesar's body, and then kills the poet Cinna. Write a new scene in...

us government
okay thanks so much ms sue and reed

us government
I'm writing a research paper on Barack Obama and I have to write two paragraphs about his foreign policies. I've been researching online but I cannot find a good website. I either find blogs saying his foreign policies were a failure, or articles written at the ...

american government
Name and describe at least three key events that led to the increase of U.S. involvement in foreign affairs. Would the Spanish-American War of 1898, World War 1, and World War 2 be key events? My textbook also mentions the Cold War.

so should I put true or false? @bobpursley

sooo is it true or false

Electrons travel in pairs. True or false? My workbook states, "Electrons like to travel in pairs so it's easy to see why covalent bonds form. It seems when an electron is unpaired it is "lonely" and can easily search for a friend. Of course, this is not a ...

Language Arts
its a,a,b,a,a

SC state history
All are correct ? 4. Is letter i

yup, check answers is correct

english 1
thats right b a b 100%

ela please help me
yea I got 100% it's B A C B

Micro Economics


^guy/gal above is right

Geometry-Help Please
Count me in

language arts
he right

Art Help Please!!!!!
100% <3

8th grade Math help
C D B C Is right for practice Pythagorean theorem practice in unit 5 real numbers and the coordinate plane


SS again please help me asap
100% spyscab

south carolina history
A student from connections is right


Um, all I know is I just took it and got 4/5 (80%) and was checking my answers here, and the answer for 2. Is actually b, x is more than or equal to 1



Physics - Torque
The method described here got me the correct answer