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  1. math

  2. math

    I was wondering what sequence graph would be best to figure out a budget for companies?
  3. math

    I also have another question...
  4. math

    Thanks Ms. Sue! I appreciate it:)
  5. math

    What is arithmetic sequence?

    that is exactly what the thing said Son a a little B.Itch

    1.Use the formula V=lwh to find the volume of a rectangular prism with the following dimentions: Lenght=5m width=2m height=10m A. V=14 in.^3******* B. V=31 in.^3 C. V=49 in.^3 D. V=84 in.^3 2. Use the formula V=lwh to find the volume of a rectangular prism with the following ...
  8. Social Studies

    So what is the answer
  9. Art

    you guys saved me thank i had almost put i please help connexus answer then i saw your answers. thank you a lot.
  10. Social studies

    i got a 5/5 thanks a lot
  11. Math ASAP

    That is what the quick check said for me!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  12. Math ASAP

    I need help asap
  13. Math ASAP

    x to 50 and 16 to 25 A:32 B:34 C:41
  14. Art

    Jaidyn said that she/he thinks that it is c
  15. Art

    Jaidyn said that she thinks that it is
  16. Lang Arts

    It is B and D for both.
  17. Algebra

    answers to the lesson 10: Solving inequalities unit test! there are 26 questions! please tell me!
  18. MATH

    i dont knoiw
  19. MATH

    Jordan drove for 6 hours at 55 miles per hour, while Matt drove for 3 hours at 60 miles per hour. If Isaac drove 82 miles longer than Jordan and Matt drove combined, for how many miles did Isaac drive?
  20. Math Probability

    The answers are 1.C 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.A Theoretical and Experimental Probability
  21. science

    Thanks it is D
  22. Math (Check answers, please.)

    No you are not right, The right answer is b.
  23. Algebra 1

    Yea bruh where the answers at
  24. Social studies

    you guys are little kids arguing let ppl think what they want
  25. Language Arts

    3 is E and what
  26. History

    its common men
  27. Physics

    idek help me.
  28. math

    Heyyo is right I went with the one above and has one incorrect
  29. algebra 1

  30. algebra 1

    a gym membership coats $25 to join and $14 each month. write and use an algebraic expression to find the cost of the gym membership for 6 months please help
  31. algebra 1

    in a football game a running back ran for -7 and -5 yards on his last two runs. his total yardage for the whole game is 78 yards. which expression shows how many yards the running back had before those two runs a. 78-5-7*** b. 78-5+7 c. 78+5-7 d. 78+5+7
  32. algebra 1

    you made two deposits to your bank account this month . One deposit was 17.92, and the second deposit was 15.33. Your balance at the end of the month is 72.31, and you made no withdrawals. Which expression shows your balance at the beginning of the month? a. $72.31+(17.92- 15....
  33. algbra

    you made two deposits to your bank account this month . One deposit was 17.92, and the second deposit was 15.33. Your balance at the end of the month is 72.31, and you made no withdrawals. Which expression shows your balance at the beginning of the month? a. $72.31+(17.92- 15....
  34. Ela

    The answers are: A: C and D B:B C:B hoped this helped
  35. Ela

    The answers are: A: C and D B:B C:B
  36. Physical Education

    valid point kat, i saw the same thing?????????????? i have a feeling that she does not like some people because she said no to someone then said yes again to someone else. what is that about Reed.
  37. Language Arts

    Guys trust france he is correct thx france
  38. Science. (I'm patient, no rush)

  39. Language Arts

    They are all right but number 2. number two is actually B. BUT THANKS ANYWAY
  40. Art

    B C D A B
  41. Science

    Yup all correct 1.a 2.c 3.a 4.d
  42. language arts

    val is my man
  43. Art 1 question PLZ HELP ASAP

  44. Math

    the answer is 9/2
  45. Help Math PLZ

    lol, I won't is there another website you are on
  46. Help Math PLZ

    For real your really wise..I asked because I saw a post saying you were a 16 year old boy
  47. Help Math PLZ

    If you don't mind old are you
  48. Help Math PLZ

    Your Welcome, I was that student before but I've change and notice the good things you do..hope everyone will do the same..♥♥♥♥
  49. Help Math PLZ

    6. a 7. c Got 100
  50. Help Math PLZ

    okay thank you Ms.Sue.. I see how people been treating don't deserve that
  51. Social Studies Help PLZZ

    Sorry..Can someone help
  52. Help Math PLZ

    6. George Washington warned that political parties would (1 point) divide the nation. create lively debate.* help the nation. destroy states' rights. 7. Federalists believed in (1 point) free trade. state banks.* a national bank. rule by the people. 8. Which view did ...
  53. Math PLZZ

    1. Which set of numbers represents a Pythagorean triple? 6, 9, 12 7, 10, 12 16, 18, 25 27, 36, 45* 2. If the lengths of the legs in a right triangle are 7 and 8, what is the approximate length of the hypotenuse? 1.4 3.8 5.4* 10.6 3. Which set represents a Pythagorean triple? 2...
  54. chemistry..anybody!

    I would help but I don't know how...I'm sorry. Maybe Dr. Bob can help you when he wakes up :)
  55. Urgent physics help

  56. Scientific Notation

    Please express your answer in scientific notation (6.0 x 10^5) x (3.0 x 10^4)= My answer - 18 x 10^9 18 x 10 ^20 18 x 10 ^9 1.8 x 10 ^20 1.8 x 10 ^10 Please express your answer in scientific notation (2.56 x 10^6) x (3.56 x 10^2) = My answer - 9.1136 x 10^8 9.1136 x 10 12 91....
  57. Language Arts

    1 d 2 a 4 c 4 a 5 c 6 b 7 c 8 a got a 100
  58. Science Can You Please Check

    1. DNA is found in ____ cells. sex sperm all* no 2. A ____ is part of the DNA code on a chromosome. gene* genotype phenotype gender 3. ____ is defined as either male or female except for rare species that have the ability to change sex. Competition Phenotype Genotype Gender*
  59. LA Story Teller

    1. The characterization of the children is an important part of “The Story­Teller.” Which of the following quotes from the story offers the best evidence for the character of Cyril being mischievous? The children moved reluctantly to the window. “Why are ...
  60. Career

    MarieJ is completely wrong so here are hte 100% correct answers!! A A B D A B A B D
  61. Math Check Pleas Thank You

    I mean true
  62. Math Check Pleas Thank You

    Okay thank you Reiny! So 5 is false
  63. Math Check Pleas Thank You

    1. Which of the following numbers is an example of an integer? ­15 * 0.252525 . . . 3/5 (fraction) Square root of 7 2. Which statement is false? Every integer is a real number. The number zero is a rational number. Every irrational number is a real number. Every real ...
  64. Health

    3. During adolescence, your self­esteem may influence you to choose other friends or reject the friends you’ve had for years. true* false 4. Which of the following behaviors might help you maintain good emotional and mental health? (Pick 2) keeping a journal of your ...
  65. math

    Which addition sentences show you how to find 16-9? Answer choices 9+1=10 , 10+5=15 9+1=10 , 10+6=16 * 9+2=11 , 11+6=17 9+1=10 , 10+9=19
  66. ELA

    Thank you Writeacher!
  67. ELA

    6. Which statement about possessive nouns is true? Possessive nouns are always capitalized. Possessive nouns show ownership.♥ Possessive nouns name a specific person, place, or thing. Possessive nouns are never capitalized. 7. Which word has a meaning most similar to the...
  68. english ASAP

    that is true
  69. Social Studies Help PLZZ

    I look at the site and it just says Greg Abbott was appointed to the Texas Supreme Court by George W. Bush.
  70. Social Studies Help PLZZ

    What was Greg Abbott's job before he was governor? I have done my research but found nothing. This is definitely not in my text book.
  71. Math Thanks

    2. b
  72. Math Thanks

    2 Eight children from the Schickel family are combining their savings to purchase a gaming system to connect to and play on their television. The gaming system is on sale at their favorite discount electronics store for 10 percent off of its regular price of $500. If the cost ...

    Thank you

    The O’Toole’s leave their house in Canada to vacation in Mexico for a week over winter break. In their absence, their house receives an average of 8 inches of snow per day each day during the seven-day period. However, the average air temperature rises above 32 ...
  75. Check My History PLZZ

    it either sales tax or property tax...thats all i know
  76. Check My History PLZZ

    1. The commissioners court does all of the following EXCEPT approve the county budget. conduct trials.* set property tax rates. direct county business. 2. The most important source of revenue for city governments is sales tax. property tax. garbage collection fees. permits and...
  77. Check PLZZ History

    2. has to be D listening to testimony about a bill
  78. Check PLZZ History

    1. The legislature’s most important task is to make state laws. * override the governor’s veto. assign legislators to committees. remove government officials for misconduct. 2. A committee may take all of the following actions EXCEPT passing a bill into law. ...
  79. English plz help quick

    I believe it is a Metaphor, but check with Ms.Sue.
  80. Social Studies PLZZ Thanks

    Okay Thanks
  81. Social Studies PLZZ Thanks Ms.Sue

    I was debating C and D for Number 1. 4. A Thank You Ms.Sue
  82. Social Studies PLZZ Thanks

    A person’s ethnicity is his or her socioeconomic group. retirement goals. national or cultural heritage. religious affiliation.* 2. What state did Texas pass in 1994 to become the second most populous state in the country? California New York* Florida Pennsylvania 3. The ...
  83. History Help Thanks

    Am I right
  84. History Help Thanks

    1. One reason Texans elected William Clements governor in 1978 was his political experience. lack of political experience.* support for urban dwellers. association with the Democrats. 2. Workers in maquiladoras receive low wages.* receive high wages. are generally middle­...
  85. Sorry Two More Questions

    13. In the following sentence, where is a colon needed? There are three candidates Barbara, Ursula, and Kendra. after candidates* after are after Barbara after and 14. Where is a semicolon needed to fix the following run­on sentence? He ordered soup I ordered a sandwich. ...
  86. PLZZ One More Question THANK YOU

    11. In the following sentence, where is a hyphen needed? Abraham Lincoln was a widely admired politician. between widely and admired between admired and politician between Lincoln and was No hyphen is needed *
  87. Language Help PLZZ

    1. What is the purpose of book response activities? to practice all stages of the writing process to help you determine if you want to be an author to imagine yourself as a character in the book you read to illustrate or demonstrate what you have learned from your reading* 3. ...
  88. Language Help Me PLZZ

    1. Which of the following sentences is correctly punctuated? After 6:30 p.m. all passengers will need to bring the following items: a valid ticket, one small suitcase, and two forms of identification. Erica left the party after seeing Nick flirting with: Jessica, Molly, and ...
  89. Language PLZZ

    Thanks..I got them right
  90. Language PLZZ

    2. Explain the metaphor: If Sam describes his commute home by saying the interstate was "a parking lot" he means he couldn't get out of the parking lot. he made it home in record time. the congestion was so bad that the traffic was barely moving.* 3. Explain the ...
  91. Ms. Sue PLZ HELP!!!(Civics)

  92. History Check Please

    1. One reason Texans elected William Clements governor in 1978 was his (1 point) political experience. lack of political experience.* support for urban dwellers. association with the Democrats. 2. Workers in maquiladoras (1 point) receive low wages. receive high wages. are ...
  93. Algebra

    It would be 16 * 35 = 560 - 8 = 552.. Am I reading it right.. 16(x) - 8 x = 35 Is 8 an exponent?

    So, 1 is Health benefits On June 1, Nelson led workers to strike demanding $1.25 as a minimum hourly wage, protesting La Casita Farms and others packing sheds. The activists also protested the hiring of "scab" labor, mostly those with green card visas from Mexico, ...

    What section in Wikipedia is the information at?

    3. In 1966, Mexican American farm workers demanded all of these EXCEPT a minimum wage. decent housing. health benefits. toilets and drinking water.* 4. All these organizations encouraged women to run for office EXCEPT MALDEF.* Mujeres por la Raza. the Texas Women’s ...
  97. History Please I Am Soooo Stuck :(

    I am sorry to Disappoint you "MOM and DAD" ....Yes I am getting upset.. I am sorry I had a STARR Test For 5 HOURS and come home and Help my mother with her daycare ...Start doing my work about 7:45.... Can A Person Mess Up...Like Come On... FYI: I Have visited Those ...
  98. History Please I Am Soooo Stuck :(

    So 1.D 2.B 3.B I looked at the websites you gave me .... still confused?????????
  99. History Please I Am Soooo Stuck :(

    1. During the 1960s, many Americans were killed in conflicts in Europe. Korea.* Southeast Asia. Saudi Arabia. 2. On March 31, 1968, President Johnson announced troops were going to Vietnam.* a “war on poverty.” he would not run for reelection. students were rioting ...
  100. History Please With A Cherry On Top

    Thank You Again.... Your a LIFE SAVER!!!
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