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Suppose that the certain lifetimes of a certain light bulb are normally distributed with μ=1500 hours and σ=200. Find the probability that a light bulb will burn out in less than 1200 hours.

a money market fund pays 14% annual interest compunded daily. What is the value of $10,000 invested in this fund after 15 yrs?

Sara invested money at a bank that paid 3.5% annual interest compounded quarterly. If she had $4650 at the end of 4 yr what was her initial investment?

An amount of $3000 was deposited in a bank at a rate of 2% annual interest compounded quarterly for 3yrs. The rate then increased to 3% annual interest and ws compounded quarterly for the next 3 yrs. If no money was withdrawn what was the balance at the end of this time?

Math 123
carolyn borowed $125 if the interest rate is 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance and she does not pay this debt for 1yr how much interest will she owe at the end of the year

Math 123
if her earnings were increased to 7% for a sum of 27,285 how do I get 107% from 7%?

Math 123
Can you tell me how you got the 1.07X

Math 123
Gail received a 7% raise last year. If her salery is now $27,285 what was her salery last year?

i was researching other teachers' answers and they had this for high resolution in optical instruments, the angle between resolved objects should be a. as small as possible