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A |\ | \ | \ |___\C B tan(angle ABC)= 1453/2906

Math 120
graph the line 2x+3y=12 intercepts at (6,0)and (4,0) to check which region to shade, subs in a point i.e. (0,0) 0 is not greater than 12 shade the area on the opp side of the (0,0) which is separated by the line

let cost of the car be x: 0.07x=$1750 x=1750/0.07 =?

intro chem
Na2CO3 --> NaO2 + CO2 1.95g of sodium carbonate n=m/M n(sodium carbonate)= 1.95/(2x22.99+12.01+3x16)=0.018 mol Mole ratio is: Na2CO3:CO2 = 1:1 = 0.018:0.018 m(Carbon dioxide) = 0.018 x (12.01+2x16)

Integrated Math 1
b(a+2)+18(2+a) =(b+18)(a+2) so B

The big bang theory states that the universe exploded in all directions from a single point which is otherwise known as singularity and it contained an enormous and incredibly concentrated amount of energy.At the instant of creation, the universe would have been unbelievably ...

This question requires radians and the conversion of such into degrees the general formula for it is degrees= radians x 180/pi radians=degrees x pi/180 in your case: converting radians to degrees becomes pi/3 x 180/pi = 60 degrees tan 60 = sqrt3 therefore, 2tan pi/3 = 2sqrt3

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