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the mass of an airplane is 1.81x10^5 kg. if the gravitational potential energy is 3.78 x 10^7 J, how high did it fly?

a piece of rope 3m 66 m long was cut into 2 pieces. the longer piece was twice as long as the shorter piece. What was the length of the longer piece?

american history
20. Jacques Cartier sailed to the New World in 1534 in search of [A. Montreal.*] B. the Gulf of St. Lawrence. C. Newfoundland. D. a northwest passage to China.

What is the pattern to this sequence? 1,3,4,7,11,18,29 I figured it was plus the last 2 numbers which will then equal the next number. But I got messed up and can't figure the next 3 numbers in this pattern, any help is helpful. THanks