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Spanish There are several meanings. Context will help.

No, you don't start with your intro. How can you introduce a paper you haven't written yet?? Read through the 6 pairs of sentences here and the explanation for each pair. These will help you learn what a thesis statement is:

Whenever you are writing a comparison/contrast paper (paragraph, essay, research paper), you need to plan it out very carefully on paper first. Try this: 1. Brainstorm about one of your topics on one page. 2. Brainstorm about the other topic on a separate page. 3. Then read ...

Read and think. Your choice may be right, or it may not be, but you need to think.

All your corrections are right except 4.


Science Computers! Read, read, read.

Are these essay questions you're supposed to answer? Where are these questions coming from? Your text? What kind of help do you need, knowing that we will not write your assignment for you?

Social Studies again!
You're welcome!

Social Studies again!
Yes, the Cold War. Russia (the Soviets) was one of the Allies during WWII, but after that war, everything became very tense.

You're welcome.

B is the only choice that includes the concepts of power and worldwide.

I agree.

Now do you have any opinions different from the speaker's? Raise your hands, please, and let us know what you think. You can make a counterargument to the speaker’s position. The speaker should point to one student, and then he or she should make a counterargument. ...

That person is mostly right. In this sentence, "one" is being used as a pronoun and is referring to the noun "way."

Social studies
None, apparently. What choices were you given?


English Study both terms here, and then let us know what you decide.

Follow directions here:

Singular subjects must have singular verbs. Plural subjects must have plural verbs.

Ms. Sue is usually online from late morning until late evening.

1 -- All volunteers. Ask yourself why people volunteer at anything? 2 -- Usually at home. 3 -- All those I know are retired teachers or professors in their specific field (English, social studies, various math and science topics ... ) 4 -- No one makes a living from this. ...

French (HELP!)
I've sent this to our French expert. Please check back for her reply later.

If you can cut the number of words in that long convoluted sentence, then it might work!

D ... as untrue of a thesis. This is probably what your teacher is looking for, yes. The thesis statement itself belongs in the intro, usually the last sentence of the intro. And the ideas in the thesis also need to be in the conclusion, but not word for word.

I disagree. There's one in here that contradicts at least one other.

I'll do the first one for you. The (article, modifying "man) man (noun, subject) in (preposition) in the elevator (prepositional phrase) was pushing (verb phrase) not (adverb modifying the verb phrase) the (article, modifying "buttons) buttons (noun, direct object)

English Study Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases here. Then try again.

English composition
That's your assignment, which no one here will write for you. What are YOUR questions about your assignment?

Bravo, bobpursley! Complete and well written!

I have not read it, either.

history Read lots and let us know what you decide.

The government can be stable even if some people are unhappy about something.

HISTORY Read lots and let us know what you decide. Remember, the question asks, "Would you consider ... ?" That means YOU, not us!!

Yes, generally supported by the public. You're right.

History Read lots, take notes, and let us know what you decide.

Social Studies
Please go use the other sites then. Go to it!!

Math Try this ... or maybe it'll help you make up your own.

Language Arts
That's your assignment, which no one here will write for you. What questions do you have about your assignment?

Language Arts
If that's the poem you're referring to, then your answer is correct. If not ... then I don't know!

Language Arts
Is this what you're referring to?

Social Studies
I agree.

social studies
Please read through the Related Questions below. Then let us know what YOU THINK the answer is, and someone here will check your thinking.

"Select all that apply." <~~ That means there's more than one right answer!! Hayden, what do YOU THINK?

Geology Probably the iron, but read many of the search results here to be sure.

Texas history
PS. There's been no hurricane lately in Texas!

Texas history
Someone here will be happy to check YOUR answers ... if it's clear you're not guessing or trying to cheat, that is.

Ms. Sue is right. When in doubt, throw it out!

I think you mean you need TO WRITE an acrostic poem, right? Here are some examples: Plants ... H O T O Sunlight ... Y N T H E S I S Best get busy!

Either 1 or 2 would work. Which one is more protective, do you think?

english You can always go to and enter define ______ (enter whatever word you need defined)

I disagree, sorry. Each of those pronouns needs to be in the subject case because of each comparison being made and the understood verb. ... earlier than he (will). [unclear who "he" is, though!] ... as loudly as she (laughed). ["loud" in the original ...

social science - incomplete
What about it?

english 8th subject verb agreement
Put parentheses around any prepositional phrases and then read the sentence without them. Now what do you think?

subject/verb agreement english 8th
In terms of subject/verb agreement, this is correct. presidents (plural noun, subject) appoint (plural form of the verb) (Cabinets is correct.)

If you try cheating again, you'll be banned. Be careful.

If you try this kind of thing again, you'll be banned. Be careful.

Writing Skills
Then the school must be using the Dewey Decimal System. If you had told us that in the first place, we could have sent you the correct link!

Writing Skills
Library of Congress Classification System?

Language Arts
Please make a new post.

Language Arts
In 13, if "she" is having the internal conflict, then your original answer is correct. (That is, if "I" in the first paragraph is simply the narrator and has no effect on what "she" is thinking ... ) If "she" is having a conflict with &...

Language Arts
If "I" in the second paragraph is the same character as "she" in the first paragraph, then I agree with you for 13.

Language Arts
8. yes 9. yes 13. Not sure. Who is "she" and who is "I"?

Language Arts
17. I agree 19. I agree I don't know about the others since you haven't indicated what YOU THINK those answers are.

Read and re-read the Declaration of Independence: There is a list of grievances there -- 27 of them. If the British king and parliament had addressed these, they may have been able to prevent the revolution! What do you think?

Chand Hossen / Rahan Alam Hossen -- Why are you posting with different names?

Whatever's available. Why are you using a capital letter at the beginning of each word?

That's your assignment. What are YOUR questions about your assignment?

geometry? geography? geology?

Language Arts
You DON'T start by writing the first sentence!! Whenever you are writing a comparison/contrast paper (paragraph, essay, research paper), you need to plan it out very carefully on paper first. Try this: 1. Brainstorm about one of your topics on one page. 2. Brainstorm about...

Social Studies Read lots and take notes. Remember that the question is asking about migration (moving around) in the US, not about people coming into the US (although that...

Social Studies
What time period?

1. No (Are you clear on what "abolition" and the other words mean? If not, use to get clear on them.) 2. I agree. 3. Scroll down and read carefully. You could be right, but you need to read and think ...

1. Go to 2. Type in define respiration

what happen i need an answer
In addition to having unintended HTML code in it, your post may have something that the Jiskha program is interpreting as part of a website address (a URL or a hyperlink). Check what you're trying to post very carefully, and perhaps change any symbols into words, if ...

What is "ramp"? Do you mean RAM?

math,science, geography
Please use your text, study materials, and/or a good search engine or two to find your answers. 1. Go to or 2. Type in characteristics of mid latitude cyclones (or whatever search terms you need). Press Enter. 3. Read different search ...

Read carefully, and let us know what you think:

A is correct, yes.

No, sorry. Look up "checks and balances" in and let us know what you decide.

Look up each of those words here: Let us know what you get.

No one can help you without specifics. If you'll post part of an assignment you're having trouble with, I'll send your post to our French expert. PS. Be sure to proofread your posts before submitting them. Make sure all spelling and accent marks are correct.

That's YOUR assignment, which no one here will write for you. To begin with, make sure you are crystal clear on what "strategic groups" and "strategic space" mean. Go read your text.

Go read your text. I'll bet it's D.

This is so specific, it just has to be covered in your text. Have you read it? I sure hope someone who is taking a course in early child education isn't just guessing at all these questions -- without reading the text. I sure wouldn't want my child to be in a school or...

social studies
Both have very demanding jobs. What can you think of for a second reason?

You need to post what YOU THINK if you want anyone to check your answers for you.

Science -- cheater?
If you follow the directions at Post a New Question -- -- someone might help you. But you must post a question and show your work (tell what you think or what confuses you).

math portfolio This package is on sale for $4.99 and it includes 10 ...

maths and science and geography
Please use your text, study materials, and a good search engine or two to find your answers. 1. Go to or 2. Type in differences between organic and inorganic (or whatever search terms you need). Press Enter. 3. Read different search ...

You didn't get any help? Are you saying Ms. Sue wasted her time last night? If you're expecting the theme to be word for word in a poem, you're going to be disappointed. You need to turn on your brain and ask yourself what the overall ideas are. Another way to ...


connexus science
I got it. Do you get it when I say, "Be very careful"? Do you understand the consequences of cheating here at Jiskha?

connexus science
You're on the edge of asking others to help you cheat. Be very careful! *cough* *cough*

1. Go to 2. Type in genghis khan 3. Press the Enter key. 4. Read LOTS and take good notes. 5. Re-search with different search words if you don't find all you need.

Yes, right. Re credit -- yes, all those items are needed to get a credit card, but what do you think is the final deciding factor? Or a factor that sets a person's spending limit?

While all these are correct, how do you reconcile #1 and #4? Advantages 1. PIN Number Can Keep Your Account Safe 2. Easily Accessible 3. Peace Of Mind Disadvantages 4. Information Can Be Stolen 5. Must Actively Monitor The Use Of The Card

business The opposite of income.

Social Studies

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