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English (please check my work !)
Two are correct and two are incorrect. Go back and re-study pronoun uses.

social studies
What quotation?

Some kind of math
Inability to follow directions. =(

Social Studies please help Read carefully and let us know what you decide.

Foods and Nutrition
Google is your friend!! Read lots.

Better get busy!! F E D E R A L I S M Once you finish it, someone here will check it for you if you wish.

1. rebut (one t) 2. OK 3. OK The second sentence is probably best.

You don't need to use the word "contest." The word "debate" is already a noun and serves the purpose. Yes, delete "contest"!!

You're welcome!

You need to read "The Most Dangerous Game" from which you should get lots of different ideas.

When you make the letter "p", your lips are already almost in position to make the letter "f". Don't try to separate the word into two words, but pronounce those two letters in quick succession.

s.s or ???

Supportive Learning Environment
I agree.

verbal reasoning


This is FAR more than SraJMcGin will take on. Please isolate the few (no more than 5) items you would like to be checked.

I disagree with C as your choice. Please re-think. You might also go to and look up Hippocratic Oath, just to make sure you know what it says.

Social studies
None, apparently.

What word is the subject of that sentence? Make it plural, and then make the other words in the sentence fit with a plural subject.

I'd change the subject to plural form and then change the pronoun to match. How would you do that?

Make a sentence out of it, Milissa. Thermometer measures heat. So ____ measures ____. Do you see why Bobpursley is right?

If you remove "the" before "August" and use a lower-case "g" on "government", it'll be fine!

I'd write this: Eliminating the floodwall caused devastation.

Save this webpage somewhere: It's a terrific list of most or maybe all the redundancies we read and hear every day -- on TV, in the news, etc. =)

The phrase "end result" is redundant. That is, you don't need both words. Omit "end" and it'll mean the same thing. Same with "completely eliminating" and "utter devastation." Which words can you eliminate and keep the meaning ...

I'd just write this: You will become obese if you continue eating fast food.

It's wordy, but it is definitely more formal!

Yes, both those ways work fine. I've heard some people saying "in twenty oh one" as well.

All are correct except sentence 3. Nice!

Art Design
Google is your friend! 1. Go to 2. Type in principles of art 3. Press the Enter key. 4. Read lots and take notes 5. Re-search with other search words if you need to.

Either D or A ... not sure which.

research strategies for a digital age

Language Arts Here's everything you need to know re MLA guidelines. Use the list on the left as your table of contents. Also, check out the sample works cited page near the bottom of the contents list so you can see how citations should...

Diseases data classification & clinical coding
See your other post.

Diseases data classification & clinical coding
There are no tutors here who have expertise in this subject area. Please use your text, study materials, and a good search engine or two to find your answers. 1. Go to or 2. Type in pros cons manual indexing (or whatever search terms ...

World history
Google is your friend!


social studies
I agree.

History Rethink.


History Read VERY CAREFULLY and then let us know what you decide.


I agree.


Social Studies

social studies
Israel as it exists today? I agree.

kagzi -- ??
It would be nice if you followed directions. School Subject: ___________ (Examples: math, science, algebra, geography)

You, too!! =)

I’d like the fifth speaker to come to the podium to give a speech in favor of watching TV. She will summarize her team’s argument. Thank you. Next, the last speaker will come to the podium and make a speech in opposition to watching TV. All is finished. Thank you for...

social studies
You're welcome.

social studies
I think there's a better answer. Read lots and let us know what you decide.

1. The other student should make a counteragrument to the speaker's points after the argument. When the debate between the speaker and some students finishes, the next speaker should come to the podium to deliver a speech. 2. The pros team is composed of three persons, and...

You should use "on" in the first example sentences. ---------------------------------- 3. First speaker, come to the podium, please, and deliver a speech about the topic. (I made a couple of corrections.) In front of a classroom, when there is no raised part made of ...

language art
Have you read the play? Are you clear on what dramatic irony is? Let us know what you decide to include, and someone here will check your work for you.

Confused ~ Isn't the Indian Ocean south of Asia? What do you consider Asia to be comprised of? Which countries?

English Let us know what you decide.

LA ( anyone help or correct me plz
1 and 2 -- I don't know. 4 - 8 -- correct

Google is your friend! Read lots and let us know what you decide.

Usually not.

Is your question concentrating only on slavery in the US before the Civil War? Don't forget that slavery has existed for millennia! You can substitute GREECE, EGYPT, CHINA, ...

Do you really expect someone here to take this entire test for you? If you post what YOU THINK the answers are, someone might check them for you.

You're very welcome!

SS What do you think?

6th grade social studies
Someone here will be happy to check YOUR ANSWER. What do YOU think?

6th grade Social studies quiz PLZZZZ HELP ME!!!!!!
Yes. C.

6th grade Social studies quiz PLZZZZ HELP ME!!!!!!
Go to and look up all four of those terms. Let us know what you decide.

Math 1100
24-4-5-7= ??

As it reads, it means $6.99 for all 6 CDs. If the writer meant $6.99 for each CD, he/she should have written it this way: I buy 6 CDs for $6.99 each. How much change ...

There will not be examples of "not...a hundred percent" because it's not normal phrasing. "I didn't finish the work" is all you need. 2 and 3 are OK -- meaning I did part of the work, but didn't finish. 4 will be OK if you use "finish"...

Of 1, 2, and 3, #3 is the best sentence. #2 is "iffy" and #1 is not used. Simply saying "I don't like him" is all you need. Again, of 4, 5, and 6, #6 is the best. The others are not used.

1. I disagree with you a hundred percent. 1-1. I don't agree with you at all. (Are both the same?) yes 2. I don't agree with you a hundred percent. 2-1. I agree with part of what you said. (Are both the same?) No. Sentence 2 is not standard phrasing. You could have 2 ...

4-1, 5-1, and 6-1 are much better, yes. You really don't need the adverb there. The sentence "I don't agree with you" is already complete. =)

To keep the same meaning as the original (which is fine, by the way), I'd use choices 2, 3, and 5. 4 implies "maybe" not "must be". 6 states what happened in the past, but not what must occur in the present.

Social studies
Reed is correct. Be sure to read everything here: This is your warning.

Business Communication
I'd divide it like this. You can do the rephrasing and put in the correct punctuation. Hint: I'd use a colon after the first rephrased clause in the second part and then commas or semicolons to separate the parts of the series. Reserving the property requires a $500 ...

"the right of way profession" <~~I've never heard that phrasing before. No idea.

Both are correct, yes, but #1 is smoother, less wordy than #2.

You're right about 1, 2, and 3. For 4, 5, and 6, the ideas are correct, but the phrasing is a bit awkward. Better would be any of these: I don't agree with you at all. I don't agree with you.

#2 means I cannot (or do not) agree with you at all.

It means I agree with part of what you said/believe, but not everything.

social studies Read lots and let us know what you discover.

History Need help asap Don't guess. Be clear on the meaning of "fad" and make sure it's applied clearly in your response. You get one more try.

Social Studies quiz PLEASE HELP
Read through Related Questions below.

This is YOUR assignment! YOU write the passage, and someone here will be happy to check your work.

Social Studies Read lots and let us know what you decide.

American Government
No, not B. You've used up your two guesses. Please don't post about this again.

American Government
1. no 2. yes


Business Communication
What is your question?

52 divided by 7 = ?

Either A or C. I'm not sure. How does your text define each of those 4 terms (you answer choices)?

All 3 mean about the same thing, although #2 is wordy. The word "that" in #s 1 and 3 is a subordinating conjunction except it's introducing a phrase instead of a clause.

Those aren't websites. Those are files that reside on the student's hard drive. None of us can see them!!

Yes, all are fine.

1. They can offer a skewed or biased view of events. 2. They can offer a skewed or biased view about events. -------------------------------- (Can we use both 'of' and 'about'?) Both work, but "of" is smoother. 3. I don't agree with you on/about ...

Yes -- to both your questions!

Identity crisis!
catherine/bdeena/everleigh Wow -- be careful!! How do you figure 8/9 percent? Once you do, multiply that number by 3375.

Have you read and understood the play?

If you mean your original question here, then yes, D (or 4) is correct.

What previous question?

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