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  1. English

    You write it, and someone here can check it for you.
  2. Math

  3. Math

    Does s/he mean this? 2x^2 _____ 5 But it's not an equation to solve. ¯\_(?)_/¯
  4. English

    6. He goes to one academy to take three subjects. [Can #2 mean #6 sometimes?] Sometimes it can, but normally "an" would be used. If you want to include "one," here are some possibilities: He goes to one of the fine arts academies in the city to take three ...
  5. Reading

    None, apparently. What are your choices?
  6. history Read lots and let us know what you learn.
  7. ELA

    You're welcome.
  8. ELA Read and study this webpage.
  9. Conserving energy
  10. Language Arts

    You're welcome.
  11. Language Arts

    I agree with C, yes.
  12. Art

    No idea -- unless maybe his customer asked for it.
  13. he

    Go to and enter philosophy of home economics
  14. English

    All the sentences are grammatically correct. There are differences between the two adjectives, though.
  15. LA

    We have no idea. That's something that occurs in Connections lessons. Let us know when you figure it out!
  16. English

    All are correct, but 1 is the best, and 3 is next best. Remember to keep adverbs as close to whatever they're modifying as possible, just as you should do with adverbs. This goes for adverbial and adjectival phrases and clauses.
  17. English

    In any sentence, "the movies" means whatever is being shown at the nearest theater.
  18. English

    So which for #1? A or C??
  19. Social Studis

    Read some of the Similar Questions below.
  20. English

    What is underlined?
  21. Texas history

    1. I disagree. Ask yourself what "service sectors" means. Let us know what you decide. Use Google to look it up if you need to. 2. I agree with one of your choices. Ask yourself what happened at each of these places that "had a lasting impact" ... (Be sure ...
  22. History

    I've seen your posts before, and I thought you had reached your answer. Yes? No? If not, ask yourself these questions: Accommodation -- Does anyone ever accommodate the Taliban? If so, who? (See definition 2.) ...
  23. geography

  24. English

    Yes -- again -- all are grammatically correct! Very good!!
  25. English

    All the sentences are grammatically correct, yes. Nice job!
  26. English

    I’d read it as you have written #2.
  27. English

    That's true that #2 is not right. In #4, you could use "happy" in that blank.
  28. English

  29. English

    That's right. You can use 4 and 5, but 6 shouldn't be used as it's written.
  30. English

    In all those sentences, academy/academies is generic, of course. If it were the name of the school, it would read something like this: The Math and Science Academy. When you put a/an in front of a word, yes, you're indicating one, although perhaps not a particular one.
  31. Geography

    Who are "they"? Why were they looking for a particular sea route? A sea route to where? Why?
  32. Geography How do you think humans were involved in this?
  33. English

    #1 can mean the same as #s 4, 5, and 6, yes.
  34. Math

    "Please do not just go by my answers. They may not be right" So, Rasputin, why did you post this if you're not sure?
  35. Math & English Find "Proper Nouns" on this webpage, and then look at the bottom of that whole category. The differences are spelled out for you.
  36. Math & English

    You would use Math if that word, spelled exactly like that, is part of a course's title -- Math IV, for example, or maybe Math for Business. When you're referring to math/mathematics in general terms, not as a title of a course, you use lower-case m.
  37. English

    You're welcome.
  38. English

    C is most likely correct, yes.
  39. Microeconomics

    This is your assignment. Just follow the directions. For researching, here are some ideas: Use Google or Bing to conduct research, and be careful which websites you use. Here’s a webpage that helps you learn to search effectively:
  40. English

    #s 1 and 2 are fine. In addition to #2, you could use “has finished.” I would not use #s 3 - 6 unless more details were added, such as some reference to time. Example: The concert ended at 10 p.m. last night.
  41. ss more more more

    Bella, Don't take offense about reading abilities. My daughter wore those inch-thick glasses for years, starting in 1st grade. In high school, she was able to start wearing contacts, but she still had many, many sight issues over the years. However, she learned to ...
  42. ss more more more Southwest Asia??? Do you mean the Middle East? Which do you think is the correct answer?
  43. History

    I think you're right.
  44. History
  45. Science

    "the slide is too slippery. There is too much friction" Aren't these contradictory statements?? Why would you want to decrease the friction and make the slide even more slippery?
  46. world history

    Make sure you are crystal clear about what this phrasing means -- "more sinned against then sinning"
  47. HELP

  48. Art

    "a variety of media" probably means to use whatever you need so that brick and stone (as examples) look like brick and stone in your work. For example, can you crush up some paper (maybe cardstock weight) and include bits and pieces of it in your painting (if that&#...
  49. Algebra

    This website is not your school! Ask your teacher.
  50. Math homework Help Please and Good websites for all aspects of math study. Example:
  51. Math homework Help Please

    I'm in 8th grade on lesson 13: using graphs to analyze Data unit test You're taking a test? And you're asking for answers? If anyone gives you all the answers, you'll both be banned. BE AWARE! HOWEVER, If you reply to this post, stating what you think about ...
  52. English

    1 and 3 mean the same thing. 1 is the more common expression. 3 is wordy and rather awkward. 2 does not mean what the others do. 1 means that, as I was standing or walking by/near the car, I saw a boy inside it.
  53. English

    1 and 2, yes 3 maybe -- if both have keys if the car is locked 4 and 5. yes 6 not a normal expression, no, but possible if the bus waits for both to get on board 7, 8, and 9. All are OK. Any logic here depends on what it is.
  54. English

    1. yes 2. not normally, unless he's sitting on an armrest 3. yes 4. not unless she's inside the wood that makes up the stool!
  55. English

    You're welcome!
  56. English

    1 and 4 are fine. 2 and 3 are not used. You could also say/write these: I got a cramp in my leg. I have cramps in my legs. My legs have cramps sometimes.
  57. history

    I'm not finding anything online that lists the people who signed these things.
  58. Social Studies

    Just a PS -- Apparently, clusty is not active anymore, and dogpile and metacrawler will give marginal results (mostly ads or links to sites that want you to register and/or pay). I have had good luck with and before, though, as alternates for conducting ...
  59. Social Studies

  60. Social Studies

    You're welcome! Let us know what you learn!
  61. Social Studies

    Try entering Myanmar has difficulty attracting foreign investments in any of these:
  62. Social Studies

    Read many, many of these articles.
  63. Math

    cubic inches
  64. English

    1 means you don't like chocolate in general, no matter how it's used. 2 means you don't like chocolate candy, especially when it's fixed and sold in small pieces in a box. Example:
  65. English

    2 - 5 are all correct. 1 is not. 6 - 9 are all well written. You can use any of them for the purpose you gave. Nice!!
  66. English

    1 is the best if you mean clothing specifically for PE class. 2 could work, too, if you spend your whole PE class running track or around a particular running course. 3 is not specific enough. There are all kinds of uniforms, but you want to specify which type. 4 could work as...
  67. English

    1 and 2 usually mean the same thing if the milk is poured over the cereal. In 3, you need "and" after the second comma. 4 and 5 usually mean the same thing.
  68. English
  69. English

    #7 is the same as #6.
  70. Tech Please help

    You’re welcome!
  71. Tech Please help

  72. Tech Please help

    First question -- correct Second question -- incorrect
  73. Spanish

    Then read your text or use a different search engine. etc.
  74. Spanish
  75. Reflective Checklist

    Ages 3 - 5 -- that's quite a span in development and interests! I've seen children's playrooms with play-kitchens and some with dollhouses in them, but those can be of interest to loners or playmates. Same with blocks and dolls -- can be played with alone or in ...
  76. Reflective Checklist

    Someone here will be happy to check YOUR answers.
  77. Government

    Reed is right. Whoever wrote that question and the answer choices AND decided that A was correct is rather dull in the intelligence department! As I read that, I saw it as simply a restatement of the question. If you're paying for this class, you need to ask for your money...
  78. Government

    No. Read very carefully and then let us know what you decide. No guessing!
  79. Government

    Yes, that's correct.
  80. Government

    Read this carefully, especially Section 1. Let us know what you decide.
  81. English

    #1 means the same as #2. #3 is not used!! #4 is OK with either variation, but does not mean the same as #1. #5 means the same as #6, not #7.
  82. English

    "Working at the computer" means he is doing a task (writing a paper, making a spreadsheet, or some other job that can be completed with the help of a computer). "Working on the computer" could mean either the same as above or that the computer is broken and...
  83. English

    #1 could be addressed to anyone reading the sentences. #2 implies that you (the writer) is part of the family with Mom and Hojin. #3 and #4 are a bit off, but might mean the same as #1. The issue I see about these two is whether Mom and Hojin live in the same home or not. That...
  84. English Double check the directions here, and then tell me what you decide. Also, there are some words that should be in italics. Be sure to let me know which words those are.
  85. English

    D is incorrect.
  86. English

    I don’t think Maaaarie read ALL of Scarlett’s post or that from Anonymous — which is a good suggestion, by the way.
  87. Art

    This may help, but you'll need to go to the website indicated to read the whole article. Elegant, courteous, consummately Parisian from his top-hat to the tip of his polished walking-stick, Edouard Manet (1832-1883) was in many respects the opposite of his fellow artist ...
  88. ELA

    And you think it's ... ??
  89. Civics

    You're welcome!
  90. Civics

    I take it you're guessing, and I wonder how carefully you read. But yes, B is correct.
  91. Civics

    " ... a negative consequence ... " ??
  92. Civics

    And you think it's ... ??
  93. English

    Yes, A.
  94. ELA

    Yes, Mona is correct -- question mark before the closing quotation marks.
  95. math

    If you're really going to make it Roman, use these instead of the abbreviations!! ante meridiem et post meridiem =)
  96. English

    1 and 2 both are OK. 3 makes more sense than 4 does. 4 seems to indicate that he is under the surface of the water, and that would not be good. Actually, 3 and 4 would be better phrased like this: He is floating down the river on a wide board. 5 and 6 seem to mean about the ...
  97. English

    To me, “at the river” means he’s next to it, maybe sitting on the bank or maybe in a folding chair next to the water’s edge.
  98. English

    I think 2 is impossible, but all the others are OK. 4 and 5 seem to mean the same thing -- that he is sitting on the bank of the river or very near the river's edge as he eats (lunch? snack? or?).
  99. english

    I'll do #1 for you. Both sentences in #1 were non-parallel. I've underlined one and put the other in bold. Also, note the punctuation corrections in the second sentence. 1. Online dating is enjoyable and exciting, but it can also be difficult. First, applicants have to...
  100. english

    Most are close, but study this webpage and the charts here to learn how to rewrite when correcting parallelism errors.
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