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  1. math

    2.5*2.2 = ??
  2. English

    You're welcome.
  3. English

    B is correct.
  4. English

    1 is better than 2, but neither one is incorrect. And yes, they mean the same thing.
  5. ELA Click on Convince at the top, and follow directions. With this and the link Ms. Sue gave you, you should do well.
  6. English

    It sounds as if it's part of a main verb of a sentence. One of the things that has happened to news headlines and TV news people's language over the last couple of decades is that they drop parts of verbs and sometimes the subjects, too. Here is an article from 2001 in...
  7. English

    In 2, "take" implies that he removed the motorcycle from wherever it was -- or maybe that he stole it. 1 and 3 are fine. 4, 5, and 7 are fine. 6 would be fine it you used "will" or "may" (depending on meaning), but not both.
  8. English

    1 is incorrect, yes. 2 is fine. 3 is repetitive. Just use this: He may go back home.
  9. English

    All are correct, but 1 and 3 have the most commonly used negative forms.
  10. English

    Yes, to both of your questions. =)
  11. computer science Read, read, read ...
  12. Science

    Which of those 4 answer choices is the only one that is positive? If you're not sure, be sure to look words up in a dictionary --
  13. Medicine

    You really should ask a doctor. We have no medical doctors here who are also tutors. You can also go to Google and enter person with renal disorder affected by antibiotics --- and read, read, read.
  14. English

    Mice is always the plural of mouse, whether you mean the living ones or the computer ones.
  15. food

    There is no equivalent. I’ve only heard people refer to this food as dim sum.
  16. English

    Q1 Yes Q2 yes
  17. English

    Check out what happens when the conjunction is "or" not "and." and #3
  18. english Read and study the sections on gerunds (Gerund, Gerund Phrase). Then let us know what you decide.
  19. English

    Search for these titles on Shmoop or Sparknotes and read about the characters there. Take notes about each one according to what's needed in your assignment. DO NOT COPY anything from those websites, but read and take notes in your own words. You'll get some good ideas...
  20. English

    1, 3, 4, and 6 are all correct. 2 and 5 are incorrect.
  21. English

    1-1 and 3-1 are both incorrect. The preposition "for" does not work in either of those sentences.
  22. Micro- Econ Let us know what you decide.
  23. English

    #2 is not used. #1 is the usual way to express this idea. #3, 4, and 5 all mean about the same thing, but 4 and 5 are not normally used expressions.
  24. English

    Read many of these articles: Let us know what you learn.
  25. English

    Yes, all are fine. You can use these with or without “for.”
  26. English

    They all mean the same thing, and all are correctly written.
  27. English

    In these sentences, “in” seems to mean “within” — meaning before a full week. In these sentences, “after” means 8 days or more.
  28. english You're probably right. You've read the book, so the answers should be clear to you.
  29. math

    Well, I know it's not a semi-circle since that would be 180 degrees. Have you checked your text for definitions of the other two? What did you learn?
  30. English

    Both are okay, and you can use either or both.
  31. English

    1 and 2 — yes and yes. 3, 4, and 5 are all grammatically correct but 5 doesn’t mean exactly the same thing as 3 or 5.
  32. English

    Use "club" when you mean the entire club (not individual members) and use a singular verb with it. Use "club members" or just "members" or "member" when referring to individuals. "They will perform" = all or some of the members...
  33. English

    You'd have better answers if you used more detail. Remember -- "club" is singular, "club members" is plural. Here are some examples: What will the Polynesian Club do at the school festival next month? - A few members will perform traditional dances. - ...
  34. English

    1, 2, and 3 are OK. Delete 4 and 5. They are both examples of unacceptable language. 6 is OK, but "to defecate" is more accurate.
  35. English

    Read carefully:
  36. English

    1 and 4 are the best. 3 and 6 are just OK. The others have errors in them.
  37. math

    At random Birthdays Addresses or any other combo you can think of.
  38. computer

    Be sure to check your text. You should also be crystal clear on the meanings of "composite" and "crop."
  39. computer

    I do this all the time, after double-checking about copyright status.
  40. computer

    A makes sense. Be sure to check out your text, a computer with Paint on it, and/or the linked website I gave you in an earlier post.
  41. computer You're probably right, but be sure to check out this website and your text.
  42. computer

    I've not used Paint much. You'll need to try these out yourself if you have access to a computer with this program on it -- or better yet, refer to your text.
  43. computer

    In what program? And you think ... ?
  44. computer

    You're welcome.
  45. computer

    I think you're right.
  46. business

    No one here will write your assignment for you, but once you write it, someone here may be able to check your work for you. Give it a try.
  47. Language Arts

    You're very welcome!
  48. Language Arts

    For "finding ideas" in the book, think about it this way: ~ Is there a particularly important lesson the author wants you to learn by reading this story? ~ Is there a secret message the author is trying to get through to you as a reader? Use the answers to one or ...
  49. Language Arts

    Only YOU can write all this. No one here has read the book, but I sure hope you have. ----------------------------- Here are the reading roles! Thanks to CamDiva Discussion Director The Discussion Director holds a megaphone. As Discussion Director, you will think about the ...
  50. accounting

    1. We don't have a tutor who specializes in accounting. Sorry. 2. No one here will do your assignment for you. Please read all your assignments and do your best.
  51. Politics

    Read many of the articles linked here, and then let us know what you decide to write.
  52. English

    1. Choose a genre. 2. Define it. 3. Find a variety of examples that fit. 4. How are the examples similar (besides the obvious!)? 5. How are the examples dissimilar? And on and on ... All this makes you think, makes you compare, makes you contrast, makes you write so that ...
  53. computer

    No, not A either. Now it's up to you to decide between the other two. Please don't post about this again.
  54. computer

    No, not D.
  55. computer

    Which words are supposed to be in bold?
  56. computer

    Yes, true.
  57. computer

    Yes, B.
  58. computer

    You’re welcome!
  59. computer

    Yes, D.
  60. English

    You are correct about all these. =)
  61. English

    1 and 2 mean the same thing. 3 has the emphasis, yes, and indicates the speaker believes no one can stop him/her.
  62. English

    Each pair is fine and each pair means the same thing.
  63. English

    Yes, both mean the same thing.
  64. English

    1-3 is incorrect. As Reed said the other day, ‘family’ is a singular noun. It refers to all the people collectively you consider related to you. But it’s still singular, referring to your family unit. This — 2 would be correct if you wrote, “My family ...
  65. English

    2 and 4 are best. 3 is okay. 1 makes me wonder “seven what?”
  66. Communication

    Use the directions on this webpage to help you conduct your own searches: For example, go to and enter sample administrative memos positive and see what you find. Keep searching ...
  67. history

    "Mr. Sue" has been banned for his attempted impersonation AND his unacceptable remark.
  68. English

    Be sure you look up the terms you aren’t sure of at
  69. English

    A - don’t know B - yes C - yes D - yes E - How is this different from B? F - don’t know G - probably
  70. English

    I would use these: 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6. 7 and 8 are incorrect unless you rephrase and say, "Fifty families live in .... " (Remember, don't start a new sentence with a numeral; the number word needs to be spelled out.)
  71. Spanish

    ¡Gracias! Pero aprendí latín, y el español está cerca.
  72. Spanish

    Now you try. What are you reading? Don Quixote??
  73. Spanish

    From There are fools days, and fools every day Does that make sense?
  74. History

    Read carefully and let us know what you decide.
  75. math

    Jakie, that could be. However, the person posting the original question needs to make everything crystal clear so the math tutors understand it without having to guess.
  76. math

    I think you need to clean up and re-type the directions. These don't make sense to me: Greeting telegram on a special code;50 cents Ordinary telegram costs shs 3 for 10 words and each extra word at 30 cents. What does "on a special code;50 cents" mean? What ...
  77. English

    PS -- In 2, I would omit the word "to" -- it's not incorrect, but in today's normal usage (unfortunately), the preposition is usually left out!
  78. Math

    Please pick one name and stick with it. Abbi and Chloe and AvaMorganStar and Nyema and Anonymous
  79. English

    Yes, B is correct.
  80. English

    No, not D. Have you looked up the other terms to make sure you are clear on what each one is?
  81. english Read lots and...
  82. Math Test: Probability

    You should probably start from the basics here: If you've reached the test for the course and you have no idea about these questions, you need to start over. (Sad to say, but I'd be in your shoes. I would have to ...
  83. English

    I agree.
  84. ELA

    No idea. You need to contact the new school you'll be attending to find out.
  85. English

    A student in Connections posted this yesterday: Go to the activity page ... or try to find the reading role list, and see the book from that perspective and answer the question. It's important for you to read everything in the course. Read everything in the lesson and ...
  86. English

    You're welcome!
  87. English

    Yes, D.
  88. English

    All right, you've made 3 guesses. Tell me which ONE you believe is correct.
  89. English

    No. Pay attention to what the REAL subject is. What is/are on the mantel?
  90. Geography

    Acknowledgement OF WHAT on the Earth? Acknowledgement = ??
  91. Teachers

  92. English

    I'd still shorten each one: History Cultural Club Life Prop Club Ceramics Club
  93. English

    I think all are too wordy. Try this: Math and Arts Discussion Club
  94. english

    "improving reading habitats in children" = ?? or do you mean improving reading habits?
  95. English

    Yes, all are fine.
  96. Learning

    You might think this is too hokey, but I'll suggest it anyway! At your age, building your vocabulary is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Find a good dictionary app -- many are free, some cost $$ -- and start reading. Read the words in all their forms. Read ...
  97. computer

    I agree.
  98. computer You asked this before. What happened?
  99. English- Degrees of Comparison

    “Worse” is the comparative form, and it’s used when comparing/contrasting TWO things or people. “Worst” is the superlative form, used when comparing/contrasting THREE OR MORE things or people. Neither answer is correct for #2. There should be an adverb...
  100. Design

    You're welcome!
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