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How many moles of carbon tetrahydride are needed to produce 3.59 moles of water

find 45 of 60

How you can use a hundred chart to subtract 12 from 46

creat a logic for a program that continuously prompts the user for a numeric number of dollars until the user enters 0. pass each entered amount to a conversion method that displays breakdown of the passed amount into the fewest bills

The combustion of 0.1619 g benzoic acid increases the temperature of a bomb calorimeter by 2.77°C. Calculate the heat capacity of this calorimeter. (The energy released by combustion of benzoic acid is 26.42 kJ/g.) kJ/°C A 0.1510 g sample of vanillin (C8H8O3) is then ...

Consider the dissolution of CaCl2. CaCl2(s) Ca2+(aq) + 2 Cl-(aq) ΔH = -81.5 kJ A 13.0 g sample of CaCl2 is dissolved in 134 g of water, with both substances at 25.0°C. Calculate the final temperature of the solution assuming no heat lost to the surroundings and ...

72 magnets 24 pairs

What is the next number in the sequence 270, 27, 2.7,0.27

A car can slow down at 5.10 m/s2 without skidding when coming to rest on a level road. What would its acceleration be if the road were inclined at 12o uphill? [Ask yourself – What is the same about the situation on the level road and on the incline?]

A car can slow down at 5.10 m/s2 without skidding when coming to rest on a level road. What would its acceleration be if the road were inclined at 12o uphill?

find the product or quotient. write the strategy you used, write model, break apart, multiplication table, inverse operations, pattern, or doubles

college physics
A 4.5 cm long insect is perpendicular to the optical axis of a thin lens; the bug is 5.4 cm away from the lens. The lens forms an inverted image of the insect which is 0.9 cm long on a screen behind the lens. a. How far behind the lens is the screen? b. What is the lens' ...

college physics
I know you need to use geometry but i don't know how a room which is h = 9.0 feet tall and r = 12.0 feet wide. Attached to the ceiling is a piece of glass (with unknown index of refraction) which is 2.5 feet thick. A laser pointer in the bottom left corner is aimed so that...

What is the value of the underline digit 6 in 4,600,028

4th grade math
what is the value of the underline digit 6.... 4,600,028

true or false only animals undergo respiration

which of these are strong electrolytes, weak electrolytes and non electrolytes. H2SO4 FeCl2 HClO AgCl I put AgCl as a non H2So4 and HCl as strong FeCl2 as weak but the computer told me my answer is wrong Can some one help please?

100 grams of glucose is mixed with 500 grams of water. 10 grams of yeast is then added to the mixture. If the reaction goes to completion, what is the mass of ethanol in the final mixture?

Is the below paragraph and evaluation? Hockenbury and Hockenbury present important information and raise some interesting questions about how daily hassles affect our lives. In a few paragraphs, they present a great deal of information on the subject of daily hassles — ...

College Help
I am a Sophomore in High School. I have a GPA of 3.3 currently, (it's very bad) with no AP classes taken until Junior and Senior year. What are my chances of getting into UC Irvine? That's the school I really want to get into!

Could you please tell me if the first sentence in each paragraph are topic sentences. The higher the interest rate of credit cards, mortgage or vehicles, the less cash we have in our pockets. When the interest rate of savings is higher that means more money in your pocket. If ...

Just to clarify, 18/2= 9 therefore its in position 9 and 10? then add up and divided by two again? This is only for an even number of data right?

The following data represent what 18 people said when they were asked to estimate the crowd at a public gathering: 325 450 500 500 550 575 575 600 600 650 650 700 700 700 725 750 800 900 State the mean, mode, median Mean: 325+450+500+500+550+575+575+600+ 600+650+650+700+700+...

Two similar triangles. 1) 5.8m, 5m long,3m high 2)?m, 28m long, 16.8m high. Find the length of VR, the direct distance of the river, to the nearest tenth.

Find the length of VR, the direct distance across the river, to the nearest tenth.

The Middle East is the spiritual homeland for all of the following world religions EXCEPT

3rd Grade Math
Tenth and ones I am greater than 27 I am less than 30 I have 9 ones

7th gr. Algebra
what is the meaning of a relative frequency of 1?

A car moves with a speed v on a horizontal circular highway turn of radius is R = 100. Assume the height of the car’s center of mass above the ground is h = 1 m, and the separation between its inner and outer wheels (car's width) is w = 2 m. The car does not skid (...

Which of the following are liner? Explain a) y + -2/3x b) y=1/x c) y=x(to the second power)+8x+15

a block prism has a volume of 36 cubic units, what is the least and greatest surface area it could have

Math - Calculus
Show that the equation x^3-15x+c=0 has at most one root in the interval [-2,2].

Math - Calculus
Show that the equation x^3-15x+c=0 has at most one root in the interval [-2,2]. Perhaps Rolle's Theorem, Mean Value Theorem, or Intermediate Value Theorem hold clues? ...Other than simply using my TI-84, I have no idea how to accomplish this.

Math - Calculus
Show that the equation x^3-15x+c=0 has at most one root in the interval [-2,2]. Perhaps Rolle's Theorem, Mean Value Theorem, or Intermediate Value Theorem hold clues? ...Other than simply using my TI-84, I have no idea how to accomplish this.

Physics Craziness
A big olive (m = 0.40 kg) lies at the origin of an xy coordinate system, and a big Brazil nut (M = 1.2 kg) lies at the point (1.0,2.0) m. At t = 0, a force o = (2.0 + 3.0) N begins to act on the olive, and a force n = (-3.0 - 2.0) N begins to act on the nut. In unit-vector ...

so for part b: d*sin(theta)=m*λ when you plug in the d from part a and λ and 90 degree for theta(maximum theta). you get m=6.8. This is for one side of the slit. You must subtract the missing fringes, 4 th one. you get m=5. m=10 for both side of the screen and add ...

A 91 kg man lying on a surface of negligible friction shoves a 75 g stone away from himself, giving it a speed of 4.0 m/s. What speed does the man acquire as a result?

Left over from the big-bang beginning of the universe, tiny black holes might still wander through the universe. If one with a mass of 3.5 1011 kg (and a radius of only 1.0 10-14 m) reached Earth, at what distance from your head would its gravitational pull on you match that ...

Basic Math
what is 5/30 + 3/40 + 1/8

Olivia picked 2.5 kilograms of cherries. She divided the cherries evenly among 10 small baskets. How much did each basket hold?

Can I replace the word to with from in the following sentence: Laura often lost her homework on the way to school.

Physics- Angular Momentum
Hi Miki! I think we are taking the same physics class... I'd like to possibly share insights about the material and possibly help each other out in a mutually beneficial way. If you are interested, shoot me an email at William dot Cordoba at yaho dot com Thanks William

What two numbers have a product of 3.6 and a sum of 3.8?

Need ten names of famous men and women who are of spanish descent

how many grams of Na2CO3 must be dissolved into 155 g of water to create a solution with the molality of 8.20 mol/kg?

A manufacturer sells two products, one at a price of $3000 a unit and the other at a price of $12000 a unit. A quantity q1 of the first product and q2 of the second product are sold at a total cost of $5000 to the manufacturer. Express the manufacturer's profit, as a ...

Repost perimeter is 30 and area 36

Math 6th grade
What is the answer the perimeter is 30 and the area is 3??

physics help
An auto race is held on a circular track. A car completes one lap in a time of 16.9 s, with an average tangential speed of 48.1 m/s. Find the following (a) the average angular speed (b) the radius of the track i found part a which was .3716 but need help with part b please

help me physics
The femur is a bone in the leg whose minium cross-sectional area is about 3.60 E-4 m2. A compressional force in excess of 6.90 E4 N will fracture this bone. (a) Find the maximum stress that this bone can withstand. 1 N/m2 (b) What is the strain that exists under a maximum-...

.identify what each leters represents. the perimeter of a rectangle is twice its length plus twice its width

.identify what each leters represents

if y = x-19, what is the value of x when y=34?

lakewood park
the rule for input output table divide m by 3 what is m

How do you calculate the energy released when 1 mole of ethanol, C2H5OH, is burned?

How much would a 75 kg man weigh due to the effect of gravity?

Look at their shape, their both stacked and they look like a touch could just make it collapse.

alegrba 2

Two arithmetic progression have thd same first and last terms.the first arithmetic progression has 21 terms with a common difference of 9.How many terms has the other arithmetic progression if its common difference is 4?working and answer.thans

3rd grade math (array)
rock bands often stack their speakers in an array. one teen band has 24 speakers. they stack them at least 2 high, but no taller than 8 high. what are all different arrays they can make?

Answer Check Please
Andy and William work together to build a toy house. It will take William 5 hours and Andy 4 hours, or William 10 hours and Andy 2 hours to finish their work. If William works alone, how many hours will it take to finish his work? I say 15 is the answer.

Accounting please help in homework
The overall (weighted average) cost of capital is composed of a weighted average of : a)The cost of common equity and the cost of debt b)The cost of common equity and the cost of preferred stock c)The cost of preferred stock and the cost of debt d)The cost of common equity, ...

Accounting please help in homework
Question No: 1 Mr. A, as a financial consultant, has prepared a feasibility report of a project for XYZ Company that the company is planning to undertake. He has suggested that the project is feasible. The consultancy fee paid to Mr. A will be considered as: a)Sunk cost b)...

The digits of a two-digit number are reversed. When both these two-digit numbers are added, the result is 88, and when subtracted, the result is 54. The original two-digit number contains which of the following digits? 2 3 5 7

The sum of the first X consecutive even numbers is 930. Find X.

adult education
What routes were utilized for romantrade with china?

A weighted coin has the property that the Heads comes up 60 percent of the time. On two flips of the coin, is it more likely that the outcomes from the two flips are the same, or the outcomes from the two flips are different?

English 101

i have some questions please help Transportation equipment that was purchased in 2004 for $200,000 must be replaced at the end of 2009. what is the estimated cost of the replacement, based on, the following equipment cost index: Year INDEX YEAR INDEX 2004 223 2007 257 2005 238...

Square root function range alg.1
3 multiplied by x end of quantity minus 1 equals negative 4.

please help ..

hi if i wanna find the Maclaurin series from another existing series by integrating that series , do i need to include the constant of integration ?? Thanks

hi, could any one explain how to find the interval of convergence of ln(1+x) series ? thanks

improper integral
can any one explain how to evaluate this improper integral i.e. the function is not continuous at 0 neither at inf integration of [(e^(-sqrt(t)))/sqrt(t)]dt from 0 to infinity the integration part is easy but i want only how to evaluate it thanks

yeah the integration is right but I was meaning that the integral is improper i.e. the function is not continuous at 0 neither at inf so how could we evaluate the integration? thanks for ur reply

can any one explain why this integral diverges ? integration of [(e^(-sqrt(t)))/sqrt(t)]dt from 0 to infinity thanks

Two disks are mounted (like a merry-go-round) on low-friction bearings on the same axle and can be brought together so that they couple and rotate as one unit. The first disk, with rotational inertia 3.30 kg·m2 about its central axis, is set spinning counterclockwise at...

Lily walked 2 blocks east, then 1 block south. How would you determine her total displacement?

i nedd pics of common germs

Intermediate Accounting
need help

Intermediate Accounting
debit to deferred tax asset

Instructions: Use point - slope form of each equation to identify a point the line passes through and slope of the line. Problem: y-2=3/4(x+9)

English 101
1 is not 2 is

College chemistry

Social Studies
probably a insult.

Language Arts
Do you need any virutes about Andrew Clements (author for Frindle) If so, tell why for each.

world history
it brought the french together with the native americans in what is now canada. the native americans would trade them bever furs for thinks such as livestock. they bever furs were special because they are water resistant.

Thank you so much!

please help this is due Monday!

Solve an equation 8x^3+4x^2-18x-9=0 algebraically for all values of x.

For which equasion does the sum of the roots equal 3/4 and the product of the roots equal -2? (a)4x^2-8x+3=0 (b)4x^2+8x+3=0 (c)4x^2-3x-8=0 (d)4x^2+3x-2=0

Thank you once again

the expression 4ab(square root of)2b-3a(square root of)18b^3+7ab(square root of)6b is equivalent to... (a)2ab(square root of)6b (b)16ab(square root of)2b (c)-5ab+7ab(square root of)6b (d)-5ab(square root of)2b+7ab(square root of)6b Please help its due monday!

yes, thank you for the help

Solve 2x^2-12+4=0 by completing the square, expressing the result in simplest radical form.

can you help me solve this?. 10>n-1

Three identical balls are thrown from a cliff of height, h, above a horizontal plane. One ball is thrown at an angle of 45 degrees above the horizon, the second is thrown horizontally, and the third is thrown at an angle of 30 degrees below the horizon (so, part of this ...

write the whole fraction as a whole or mixed number, 13/8?

po box 645 nsawam

its 0

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