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  1. AP Calculus

    Find the velocity, v(t), for an object moving along the x-axis if the acceleration, a(t), is a(t) = cos(t) - sin(t) and v(0) = 3 v(t) = sin(t) + cos(t) + 3 v(t) = sin(t) + cos(t) + 2 v(t) = sin(t) - cos(t) + 3 v(t) = sin(t) - cos(t) + 4
  2. Calculus

    find the approximate volume in cubic units of the solid created when the region under the curve y = sec(x) on the interval [0, pi / 3 ] is rotated around the x-axis.
  3. Physics

    When water waves travel, the water particles ___? 1. move with the wave and energy is not propagated 2. vibrate in the direction of wave motion and only energy is propagated 3. move with the wave and energy is propagated 4. vibrate perpendicular to the wave motion, and only ...
  4. Calculus

    What is the Riemann sum to find the area under the graph of the function f(x) = x4 from x = 5 to x = 7.
  5. Math

    The Mississippi River is about 25/25 the length of the Missouri River is 2540 miles long how long is the Mississippi River
  6. Calculus

    A rectangle is to be inscribed under the curve y=4cos(.5x). The rectangle is to be inscribed from x=0 to x=pi. Find the dimensions that give max area and what is the max area.
  7. Physics

    What force is required to stop a 1500-kg car in a distance of 0.20 m if it is initially moving at 2.2 m/s?
  8. Statistics

  9. AP Calculus

    - Which of the following is false for f(x) = (5x^3-5x^2-10x)/(2x^5-2x) a) The x-axis is an asymptote of f(x) b) x = -1 is not an asymptote of f(x). c) x = 1 is an asymptote of f(x). d) The y-axis is an asymptote of f(x). Thanks
  10. algebra

    The answer is 10
  11. Chemestry

    Liquid is known to be composed of glycerol. The density of glycerol is equal to 1.26 kg/L. The volume of the liquid is measured to be 14.5 L. What is the mass of the object? Round your answer to correct number of significant digits and report it in standard decimal notation.
  12. Science

    It's c
  13. Social Studies

    The answers for Connexus social studies Unit 3 is B D B C Pls don't get fooled.
  14. Calc

    R is the region below the curve y=x and above the z-axis from x=0 to x=b, where b is a positive constant. S is the region below the curve y=cos(x) and above the x-axis from x=0 to x=b. For what value of b is the area of R equal to the area of S? I know the answer is 1.404, but...
  15. Calc

    g'(x)=tan(2/1+x^2) Let g be the function with first derivative given above and g(1)=5. If f is the function defined by f(x)=ln(g(x)), what is the value of f'(1)? I know the answer is 0.311, but I need steps as to why. Please and thanks.
  16. science

    how do altitude and latitude affect desert climate
  17. Chemistry

    Use the calculation of specific heat for your metal as an example and determine the effect on specific heat if the sample temperature is changed. Does this small loss in heat significantly (>5%) affect your value for the specific heat of the metal? How would I solve this? ...
  18. algebra

  19. American Government

    becky you're wrong, as usual....
  20. American Government

    becky you're wrong
  21. check my work

    ms sue find a new hobby G
  22. Chemistry

    The toxic metal cadmium Cd2+ has a tendency to complex with as many as 4 Cl- ions. The complexation reactions can be written as: Cd2+ + Cl- ---> CdCl+ ``````` log Kf,1 = 1.98 Cd2+ + 2Cl- ---> CdCl20 `````` log Kf,2 =2.60 Cd2+ + 3Cl- ---> CdCl3- `````` log Kf,3 = 2.40 ...
  23. english

  24. chemistry

    The problem is as follows: The toxic metal cadmium Cd2+ has a tendency to complex with as many as 4 Cl- ions. The complexation reactions can be written as: Cd2+ + Cl- ---> CdCl+ log Kf,1 = 1.98 Cd2+ + 2Cl- ---> CdCl2^0 log Kf,2 =2.60 Cd2+ + 3Cl- ---> CdCl3- log Kf,3...
  25. physics

    Sally travels by car from one city to another. She drives for 29.0 min at 63.0 km/h, 37.0 min at 32.0 km/h, and 14.0 min at 26.0 km/h, and she spends 14.0 min eating lunch and buying gas.
  26. math

    Ness won $2400000 in a state lottery. After paying 39% of her winnings to taxes, she invested some of the money into an account earning 4.8% interest and the rest into an account earning 3.9% interest. If the total interest earned was $65655, how much did she invest into each ...
  27. American government

  28. Math

    How to simplify rational expression 4x-2y divided by -2x-y
  29. Economics / Finance

    What is the distinguishing feature of the limited partnership? (a)The partners run the business together and share all profits and losses according to the ...
  30. pre cal

    The vector u = (4300, 5200) gives the number of units of two models of laptops produced by a company. The vector v = 1800, 1200 gives the prices (in dollars) of the two models of laptops, respectively. Identify the vector operation used to increase revenue by 5%. (the // ...
  31. science

    Here are some examples of molecules: Cl2, CO2, SO2, and CF4. Each of these is related in that they're all bonded covalently. Which of these is a covalently-bonded molecule also? A. He atoms B. K2S C. BaBr2 D. P2O4
  32. english IIB

    filling in a plus-and-minus chart
  33. Physics

    The earth is realtive to space? I don't know how they measure the speed earth is traveling. But the rocket would be relative the to same measurement as the planet's speed.
  34. Physics

    If our planet is travelling at 10000 mph (just using hypothetical numbers) and you launched a rocket into space at 10000 mph (ignoring the planets rotational speed to keep this simple) on the same exact path the planet is moving, would the rocket be moving at 20000 mph in space?
  35. Geometry

    What is the height of a pole standing 20 feet from the base of pole and measure the angle of the elevation to the top of the pole to be 54 degrees what's the height of the pole
  36. Pre-Calc College

    so the maintenance level is 2.1 mg?
  37. Algebra

    If f(x) is a linear function such that f(4) = 3, with a slope of 1/2, what is the equation of f(x)?
  38. SS

    ^Note: I'm not saying these are AP U.S. History questions - they're clearly easier. It's just that I don't remember all details about U.S. history.
  39. SS

    1. A 2. C 3. A 4. C 5. A 6. D 7. C 8. B 9. C 10. D Disclaimer: I took APUSH a few years ago, and I'm a Biochem major.
  40. Maths

    There are five sand which fillings - ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce and totally plain. How many combinations? I make 11. Ham, h & c, h & t, h&l; cheese, c & t, c & l; tomato; lettuce, l & t; sandwich with no filling. Total is 11. Some doubt in the family with this! Many thanks, ...
  41. Chemistry

    Small amounts of chlorine gas can be gener- ated in the laboratory from the reaction of manganese(IV) oxide with hydrochloric acid: 4 HCl(aq) + MnO2(s) → 2 H2O(l) + MnCl2(s) + Cl2(g). What mass of Cl2 can be produced from 41.8 g of MnO2 with an excess of HCl(aq)?
  42. Chemestry

    What is the volume of 454 grams of Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate?
  43. Algebra

    factor a^2+10a+24 t^2+4t-45
  44. Algebra

    Factor 10w squared minus 19 minus 15
  45. Algebra

    Factor 3g squared - 7g +2
  46. Algebra

    the length of a rectangle is 4cm more than the width of the rectangle. If you increase the length by 8cm and decrease the width by 4cm, the area will remained unchanged. Find the original dimensions
  47. Algebra 1

    You trimmed a large square picture so that you could fit it into a frame. The area of the cut picture is 20 square inches. What is the area of the original picture?
  48. Math

    4 pennies, 2 nickels, 3 dimes in a pocket. If two are coins are chosen, what is the probability that both are dimes?
  49. ACT Prep

    Question:So,far Michael has earned the following scores on five 100-point tests this semester: 72, 94, 85, 83, 97. What score must he earn on the sixth 100-point test of the semester if he wants to make an 88 point average for the six tests? Answer Choices A. 88 B. 100 C. 97 D...
  50. chemistry

    can someone explain to me what happens when zinc and copper sulfate react? I know its a redox reaction and it gives off heat making it exothermic, but don't know whats actually happening in that reaction. can someone explain to me that reaction?
  51. maths

    you mean x=sqrt3 or 9, not u
  52. Physics

    Compute the initial upward acceleration of a rocket of mass 1.5 ✕ 104 kg if the initial upward force produced by its engine (the thrust) is 2.7 ✕ 105 N. Do not neglect the weight of the rocket. Pleas tell me the steps, I've tried getting the acceleration and ...
  53. Chemistry

    Suppose we had mixed 52.37 mL of 1.00 M HI solution with 25.42 mL of 1.00 M KOH solution, and measured a heat of reaction of -1.52 kJ. What is ΔH for this reaction, in kJ? Assume that all solutions have the same density as water (1.00 g/mL).

    A factory creates wooden beads used for various arts and crafts projects. One particular type of bead is in the shape of a cube. Each side of the bead is 0.25 inches long. A cylindrical hole with diameter of 0.12 inches is cut through the bead so that string can be threaded ...
  55. math

    A cyclinder cooling tank has an outside diameter of 6.00 ft. the wall on all sides are 5.00in thick and the tank is 10.0ft tall. how many gallons of water will this tank hold?
  56. Statistics

    I know don't know if this right P(X)<115)= 12.1 (115-mean) how do I get the mean or is there a formula that can help me solve this? A population of line voltages has a standard deviation of 1.20 volts. What value would the mean line voltage have to be so that 12.1% of ...
  57. Please help

    A rectangular picture frame has a perimeter of 58 inches. The height of the frame is 18 inches. What is the width of the frame? Please help show work and help answer thanks
  58. Algebra

    A diver begins at sea level and descends vertically at a rate of 2 1/2 feet per second. How long does the Diver take to reach -15.6 feet?
  59. Algebra

    K2 is11,194 feet higher than Mt. Kenya. Write and solve an equation of Mt. Kenya. Please hep with this 9ne thanks
  60. Algebra

    A hot air balloon begins its descent at a rate of 22 1/2 feet per minute. How long will it take for the balloons elevation to change by -315 feet?
  61. algebra

    Assume that S/A = 7.0, D/A = .40, N/E = .80 and A = D + E. Solve for N/S.
  62. Math

    Given that: 4x – y + 9 = 0 and 3y – 2x = 7, solve for x. does x=-2?
  63. Math

    Two planes leave New Orleans at the same time. Plane A heads north and Plane B heads south. After 4 hours and 15 minutes, the two planes are 4568.75 miles apart. Also, Plane A is traveling 53 mph faster than Plane B. At what speeds are the two planes traveling at? How far did ...
  64. Intro Chem

    Determine the freezing point of an aqueous solution containing 10.50 g of magnesium bromide in 200.0 g of water.?
  65. chemistry

    How many grams of table sugar (C12H22O11) will be needed to make 3.5 L of a 11.5 M solution?
  66. chemistry

    in our notes for strengths of acids and bases it says that you could add a strong/weak acid with a strong/weak base and it will give you a low, medium or high delta h. so wouldn't acids and bases be related to thermochemistry?
  67. Life orientation

    Name four ways in which xenophobia can affect communities negatively?
  68. Chemistry

    Calculate the sodium ion concentration when 50.0 mL of 2.0 M sodium carbonate is added to 100.0 mL of 3.0 M sodium bicarbonate.
  69. Math

    You are considering two mutual funds for your investment. The possible returns for the funds are dependent on the state of the economy and are given in the accompanying table. State of the Economy | Fund A | Fund B Good | 20% | 40% Fair | 10% | 20% Poor | -10% | -40% You ...

    How would the photography affect the day-to-day store operations under each model?
  71. chemistry

    Determine the hydroxide ion concentration in a solution that is 0.0004 M HCl. Answer in units of M. I have no idea how to start, I just need to know what I need to solve for and hoe to set it up, I know the formula pOH^-=-log[OH^-] I just don't know where to plug things in...
  72. math

    Please show your work. Tutors will not do your homework for you. Please show your work for any question that you are posting.
  73. math

    In the triangles, we have XY = 2AX = 2YB and AZ/ZC = 2/3. Find the ratio of the area of triangle YBC to the area of triangle ZYC.
  74. math

    The function f(x) = cx/2x+3 satisfies f(f(x))=x for all real numbers x\= -3/2. Find c.
  75. math

    A rectangle has an area of 400 cm^2. If the rectangle is a square, what is its perimeter?
  76. Math

    Suppose you have a cache of radium, which has a half-life of approximately 1590 years. How long would you have to wait for 1/5 of it to disappear?
  77. math

  78. math

    But what about how far he is from the lightning?
  79. math

    During a severe thunderstorm, Tim saw a flash of lightning and then six seconds later heard a clap of thunder. The speed of sound is 1088 ft/sec. How far is Tim from the lightning? Nearest Thousand Feet.
  80. Algebra

    Use algebra tiles to determine if 2(x +3) is equivalent to 2x +3. Explain your answer thanks
  81. Algebra please help

    Lisa evaluated the expressions 2x and x squared for x=2 and found that both expressions were equal to 4. Lisa concluded that 2x and x squared are equivalent expressions. How could you show. Lisa that she is incorrect? Please help explain thanks
  82. Pre calc

    A boat is going 30 mph. It's direction is 100 degrees east of north. The water current is 15 mph and has a direction of 22 degrees east of north. Find the magnitude, and direction of boat.( with water current)
  83. Pre calc

    A boat is going 30 mph with a direction of 100 degrees east of north. The water current is 15 mph with a direction of 22 mph. What is the magnitude of boat and direction
  84. Algebra 1

    The town of Rayburn received 6 more inches of snow than the town of Greenville. Let g represent the amount of snow in Greenville. Write an algebraic expression to represent the amount of snow in Rayburn.
  85. Algebra 1

    Jill, Meg and Beth are sisters. Jill is 2 years younger than Meg. Beth is half as old as Meg. Let m represent Meg'a age. Write 2 other algebraic expressions based on the situation. Tell what each expression represents, and what the variable stands for in each expression. ...
  86. algebra 1

    A very old vending machine accepts only nickels (n) and dimes (d). Candy costs up to $0.50, but sometimes the machine will dispense candy without any coins being inserted into the machine. Which inequality shows all of the ways to obtain a candy bar from the machine?
  87. Algebra

    Find a if the point (3,a) is on the line that passes through (-2,7) and (5,-3).
  88. P.E. help please

    45% of 10 is 4.5 So the answer is c Multiply your answer by 10 and the number your trying to get the % from by 10 as well 10x10=100 4.5x10=45 Percent is a calculation of part of 100. And in this case you make the "10" a 100 by multiplying it by 10
  89. statistics

    Well if of 100 students there is 70 boys, and only 70% of the boys are in sports, all you need to do is find 70% of 70. Which is 49. 70 x 0.07= 4.9 4.9x10=49
  90. Chemistry

    If a solution contains 0.65mol of OH−, how many moles of H+ would be required to reach the equivalence point in a titration?
  91. math

    a man 5 ft tall casts a shadow of 6 ft. The angle of elevation f the sun is?
  92. Physics

    A puck of mass 0.165 kg, initially resting on ice, is hit by a stick to gain a speed of 32.0 m/s and then slides 25.0 m to lose 5.00% of its kinetic energy. (a) What is the work done on the puck by the stick? (b) What is the kinetic friction coefficient between the ice and puck?
  93. Business math

    Order for 620 dresses from China, cost is $40 a gown, markup based on selling is 76%, what is the selling price of each gown?
  94. Chemistry

    1 ersk * ( 100 ed / 12 ersk ) * ( 10 ebb / 9.5 ed ) * ( 1 zum / 5 ebbs) Calculate it yourself
  95. algebra

    If only natural gas is hit, the income will be $140,000. If nothing is hit, there will be no income. If the probability of hitting oil is 1/40 and if the probability of hitting gas is 1/20, what is the expectation for the drilling company?
  96. physics

    A rifle with a muzzle velocity of 480 m/s shoots a bullet at a target 45.6 m away. How high above the target must the rifle barrel be pointed to ensure that the bullet will hit the target? Neglect air resistance.
  97. chemistry

    Nevermind, I did it, I should be paying you for all this help ;) I had to take other pk 2.35+log10(102) =4.35
  98. chemistry

    9.78+log10(1/102) =7.77 sounds good?
  99. chemistry

    thank you I'm looking into this albeit totally lost atm
  100. chemistry

    glycine and lysine, have the following values of the relevant acid dissociation constants (pKa) glycine, pKa=2.35 lysine,pKa=10.79 For an aqueous solution of glycine alone, calculate the value of pH at which the ratio of the concentration of neutral glycine zwitterions to the ...
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