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6th grade math
x/5 + 6 for x = 400

i would have been furious and ready to take revenge. Thanks Ms. Sue

how would you have felt if you were an american and you found the Zimmerman note? In other words what is the Zimmerman note?

ok 3 questions A. Is a polygon a plane figure (Always,sometimes,never) answer one of three B.find value of x X(squared) +x amd X(squared) + 4 C. Find x. X(squared) + 2x + 40 and x(squared) - x +190 If someone could show me how to do those that would be great

What is the simple subject in the following questions? 1. Come to the state fair. 2. Notice the color of its feathers. 3. Alan's prize rooster is there. I think the answers are the following. 1. fair 2. its 3. rooster Am I correct?

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