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Dynamics of Machinary
This code is for a four-bar linkage, but I don't know how to change it to hoekens linkage. Point A and D are fixed, AD=Lo, crank is L1, coupler is actually L2=18.75, rocker is L3=9.375

Dynamics of Machinary
Write a matlab code for a hoekens linkage that will draw a 15 cm straight line. clear % clears all variables from the workspace clc % clears the command window and homes the cursor close all % closes all the open figure windows L0 = 7.5; L1 = 3.75; L2 = 9.375; L3 = 9.375; ...

a math
Prove cotx-1/cotx+1 = sec2x - tan2x I prove till cotx-1/cotx+1 =1/1+tanx - tanx/1+tanx

Displacement is (square root 15^2 + 20^2)

The answer is: (a) SQRT(2h/g) (b) (x/ SQRT(2h/g) It's explain in this link by someone. "A) You don't know anything about your final velocity, so you can't try to use that in the answer. The only things we have available to use in our equations are acceleration...


physics- MC QUESTION!
b a

12100kg-5850kg=6250kg/100 1/2kv2 1/2(625)(20.5)^2= 131328.125m/s

managerial finance
According to the table that has given us, we can determine the growth in dividends: D2009=D2005 ¡Á (g+1)4 ¡úg=9.95% P2009=D2010⁄((Ks-g))=2.09⁄((14%-9.95%))=51.60 ¡à The current value per share of Ace Manufacturing¡¯...

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