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  1. math

    No it I’d d
  2. Language Arts

    The answer is A! :)
  3. Science

    absolute age of rocks
  4. Spanish

    Thank You
  5. Spanish

    What is a typical accompaniment for la hamburguesa? A. el desyuno B. las papas fritas**** C. el perrito caliente D. las pupusas
  6. Math

    Local elections are coming up. It is expected that one of the candidates will receive 45% of the votes. There is a margin of error of 0.05. Write and solve the inequality that shows the range of votes that will go to this candidate.
  7. Science Help!

    the answer is D :)
  8. Social Studie

    that was wrong! I got a 25%
  9. Social Studie

    1. C 2.D 3.b
  10. Social Studie

    1: How does sea-floor spreading occur? A, New materials are being added to the asthenosphere. B, Earthquakes break apart the ocean floor. C, Sediments accumulate at the area of spreading. D, Molten material beneath Earth's crust rises to the surface. 2, Which features form...
  11. Biology

    Which of the following best describes the relationship between science and society? A. Science influences society but society does not influence science.** B. Society influences science but science does not influence society. C. Science influences society and society ...
  12. math

    or could u send a picture of the problem
  13. math

    ok o u ant m to give u a example or show u step by step in how to solve it
  14. math

    could you explain more so I can help you
  15. help with math plz

    x= -2, -1,0,1,2 y= 9, 4, -1, -6, -11 I know how I did it but I need like a more explaining thank you

    thank you Bosnian and merry christmas

    write a rule for the function represented by the table. input (x) 0 1 2 3 4 output (y) 3 6 9 12 15 A y=3x B y=3x+3**** C y=5x+1 D y=x+5 my answer was b am I right
  18. Social Studies

    What would be a better answer?
  19. Social Studies

    I know how you feel
  20. Math plz help!!!!

    it is c
  21. math

    thank u I got 100%
  22. Lang arts

    Thxs Red Bird!!!!! <3<3<3
  23. Math

    b. (1,2),(1,3),(4,3)
  24. English

    You ain't the real Ms. Sue lmao Infact, she spells it "Ms.Sue" No space.
  25. Algebra plz help

    Yep you guys are right Thank you so much. I got 100% using @You're Welcome's answers
  26. physics

    An observer can describe the motion of an object as "translational" if
  27. physics

    an Atwood machine with two masses 6kg and 10kg. What is the tension in the chord connecting the masses. Assume the pulley is frictionless and the rope massless. Take g=9.8m/s2
  28. ss

    Ted is right :)
  29. Art

    :) I am just very happy that people as kind as y'all are here thank u so much ;)
  30. Physics, Math, Aerospace, Engineering

    A de-orbit burn, similar (but not the same) to that presented in the previous math problem, has been performed. During this de-orbit burn a pre-calculated ∆V (delta V, change in velocity) of 99.1 meters per second will be used to decrease the Shuttle’s altitude from...
  31. Algebra 1

    Thank You raychelz. I just realized we are late to this question. they asked this in 2014. This is 2017
  32. Science

    its true
  33. p.e

    Thanks Gabby!
  34. math

    No he is not
  35. Help plz!!!

    1. C 2. B 3. A 4. Any answer is correct. 5. Your welcome.
  36. Science help ms sue.

    ↑ correct
  37. Science

    What the heck Carla! If anything you are being an a$$hole by listing those words. They have nothing to do with anything we are talking about. So please keep your crap to yourself.
  38. University Physics

    A hollow copper wire with an inner diameter of 0.60mm and an outer diameter of 1.8mm carries a current of 15A. What is the current density in the wire?
  39. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please

    I just took the quiz. These are the answers. 1.c 2.b 3.c 4.c 5.a 6.b 7.c 8.d 9.c 10.a Trust me you will got 100%
  40. Math

    Anonymous are you giving miss sue a kiss?
  41. Ratios of Similar Figures

    1.A 2.A 3.B 4.A 5.D 6.B 7.D 8.B 9.A 10.A Just did the quiz and got 100% They are all right.
  42. Language Arts

    I think B!
  43. math

  44. physics

  45. chemistry

    is .25 the right answer? if Kp = to .25 and -delta n is the # of mols in prod - # of mols in reactants then that equals out to 1. please tell me if i messed up somewhere
  46. chemistry

    At 1100 K, Kp = 0.25 for the reaction 2SO2(g) + O2(g) equilibrium with 2SO3(g) What is the value of Kc at this temperature?
  47. chemistry

    At 25C, Kc= 3.7x10^9 for the reaction CO(g) + Cl2(g) equilibrium with COCl2(g) Calculate the Kp at this temperature.
  48. algebra3

    can u solve the equation 1)1.2x= 2.3x-2.2 2)[x-4]= 15 3)[13+2x]= 5 1) 1.2x = 2.3x - 2.2 2.2 = 2.3x - 1.2x 2.2 = 1.1x x = 2 2) x - 4 = 15 x = 15 + 4 x = 19 3) 13 + 2x = 5 2x = 5 - 13 2x = -8 x = -8/2 x = -4 it's all about getting the same variables to the same side of the ...
  49. algebra3

    can u graph the inequality in a coordinate plane 1)y>3x-1 2)-x>2
  50. ALGEBRA 3

    WHICH ORDERED PAIR IS A SOLUTION OF THE FOLLOWING SYSTEM OF LINEAR EQUATION 2X-5Y=NEGATIVE 12 NEGATIVEX +4Y=9 A{NEGATIVE6,0} B{3,3} C{NEGATIVE1,2} D{2,2} It is a trivial matter to put in each of the answers to see if the equation balances, much faster than posting on our forum.
  51. ALGEBRA 3

    so wat do u mean by that WHICH ORDERED PAIR IS A SOLUTION OF THE FOLLOWING SYSTEM OF LINEAR EQUATION 2X-5Y=NEGATIVE 12 NEGATIVEX +4Y=9 A{NEGATIVE6,0} B{3,3} C{NEGATIVE1,2} D{2,2} I will be happy to critique your thinking on this. I mean I wont do your homework/tests for you, ...