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how to determine the amount of water in the container when you are given a 200g piece of aluminium at 90 degrees celcius is placed in a 100g glass container which holds an unknown amount of water at 20 degrees celcius .if the equilibrium temperature is 21.6 degrees celsius(...

1.identify and describe 3 environmental health hazards that causes ill health . Crises and disasters within your community or any other community within south africa and gobally. 2.critically discuss 10 ways in which the environmental health hazards can impact negatively on ...

physical Science
The Mass Of A Minibus with The Driver is 1500 kg.the Driver Is Moving At A Speed Of 30 m.s When He Notices That The traffic light Ahead Have turned To red.he Applies A Force Of 9000N on the brake pedal. A)calculate his deceleration if the taxi is empty B)how far must he be ...

Dots are arranged to form pattern as show below: pattern 1 they are 2 pattern 2 they are 5 pattern 3 (a) how many dots are in the 4th, 5th, 11th, 200th patterns?