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  1. HR

    Looking for help with a PowerPoint.
  2. Chemistry

  3. algebra

    i guess i need to know what solution that i will need out of this equation will add up to the solution
  4. algebra

    determine if (-3/10,-2 is a solution to 10x,-9 =15
  5. MAT 110

    How many milliliters of a 25% solution contain 10 g of the pure drug?
  6. geography

    Using your knowledge of Location, Place and Region; you will draw to scale and to the best of your ability a map of the United States. I think I have the regions correct, but how do I label it for location and place?
  7. English 122 Composition II

  8. English 122 Composition II

    Discuss any areas related to citing sources that you find confusing or difficult to understand or apply.
  9. college chemistry

    How do you calculate delta[S2O8 2-] in iodine clock reaction?
  10. Math

    the ratio of 8ft. to 4 yd
  11. finance

    the Wrights found that both Tom and Sue had a life insurance protection gap of $50,000. Present the steps in sequence how Wrights should proceed to search for protection to close that gap?
  12. 6th grade math

    Victoria has pennies, dimes, and quarters. She has a total of $26.28. There are two times as many dimes as pennies. There are five times as many quarters as pennies. How many of each coin does she have? Can you please show work?
  13. 6th grade Math

    The number of girls in a class is 70% of the number of boys. If the class has 25 boys, how many girls are in the class?
  14. math

    shade 3/4 of 1/2 of 1/2 of the circle. What fraction of the circle is shaded?
  15. Math

    Use a centimeter ruler and separate sheet of paper to draw am 8 cm. by 6 cm. rectangle. List its perimeter on the table below. Then cut out the rectangle and also cut along the diagonal as shown below in the picture. Use the your two pieces to create 4 new geometric shapes. ...
  16. Algebra

    Using the value of 0.9%, the population in Texas is 25,145,561. How long and in what year may double assuming a steady growth rate.Starting in year 2011 to 2020?
  17. Science

    What is the density of a marble that has a mass of 52 g and a volume of 25 cm3?
  18. high school

    eye dunno?????????????? BUTT eye can cook bacon using a pine cone, if you don't believe me.... jussa go ask Little Glenn Wilson McCurdy Haaaaaaaa
  19. com140

    reasons to seek a particular author or book. One reason is to find out if the citation given in an article is credible or maybe to find information about a specific topic. Maybe research or to find out what books a certain author may have. Good Luck!
  20. communications

    Did you ever get an answer to this?
  21. sci 275

    Thank you Ms. Sue for the links!
  22. Identifying Fallacies

    Flights to New York have been canceled therfore class will be canceled Which fallacy is this?
  23. english

    Why do newspapers and magazines use difficult words in their articles? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help. The best way to increase your vocabulary is by reading. When you encounter a word you do not know, look it up in a dictionary and make it part of your working ...
  24. sociology

    These posts were helpful because I was struggling for the sociology answer. I think I recognize names from my AXIA ETH125 class. I will be back to check on you!
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