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  1. history,geography,consumer,tourism and Maths liter

    What course can i do at university with the subjectS i did
  2. algebra 2

    yes but i have to use the linear systems in three variables. so like this .02x+.03y+.05z=5,000
  3. algebra 2

    Sandy has $5,000 invested in three accounts. one account bears 2% annual interest, another 3% and other 5%. she has four times the amount invested at 5% as she does at 2%, and she earned $202.50 for the year. write and solve a system of equations to find out how much money ...
  4. Grammar

    Which is correct? I took this class before. Or I have taken this class before. I think it is the first one.
  5. Calculus

    *passive agressive attitude intensifies*
  6. Calculus

    Thank you for your concern. I would like to clarify that I am definitely not cheating. That is stupid, and it would only hurt MY education. There are a lot of people who use this site for cheating. Perhaps you should go rudely accuse THEM instead.
  7. Calculus

    Suppose that a car can accelerate from 30 mph to 50 mph in 4 seconds. Assuming a constant acceleration, find the acceleration (in miles per second squared) of the car and find the distance traveled by the car during the 4 seconds.
  8. Math

    A population of 1000 individuals has 110 births and 10 deaths in a year. Its growth rate (r) is equal to?
  9. Grammar

    Is this correct? "I'm at Seattle now."
  10. English

    For the statement: "Mail your transcripts immediately after the posting of your winter/spring grades." Does this mean mailing my winter term grades AND my spring term grades.
  11. English

    What does "interactive effect" mean (in science)? I am a bit confused with this phrase, but how I interpreted it is that it involves examining the effects of two independent variables on a dependent variable. For instance, examining the effect of different percent ...
  12. Science

    A drop of oil of volume 10^-3m3 spread out on water to make a circular film of raduis 10^-1m what is the thickness of the film
  13. Spanish

    Ummmm, @Writeacher, or @Ms. Sue.... idk if you guys caught this, but.... ummmmm, after the name Carly there is a.... yeah, OK, Carly this is a site for students, you need to stop
  14. SS

    The answers that The Answer gave work for Connexus to guys!!
  15. Chemistry

    How much 5 M KOH must be added to 1.0 L of 0.1 M glycine at pH 9.0 to bring its pH to exactly 10.0? The amino group of glycine has a pKa of 9.6.
  16. Chemistry

    How much 5 M KOH must be added to 1.0 L of 0.1 M glycine at pH 9.0 to bring its pH to exactly 10.0? The amino group of glycine has a pKa of 9.6.
  17. Interview

    One day, a pharmacy school classmate gives you a sheet containing questions for an upcoming exam. How would you handle the situation and what issues would you consider important in coming to a decision about what to do?
  18. Physics

    STATE whether you expect the following entities to be in thermal equilibrium with their surroundings under normal circumstances. A. A desk - I think yes B. A person- I think yes C. The walls of a room- I think yes D. The sun- I think no
  19. Physics

    A plutonium- 239 nucleus initially at rest undergoes alpha decay to produce a uranium-235 nucleus. The uranium-235 nucleus has a mass of 3.90 x 10^-25 kg and moves away with a speed of 2.62 x 10^5 m/s. Determine the minimum wage electric potential difference that is required ...
  20. chemistry

    If 25 g of NH4Cl is dissolved at 80C, how many additional grams would be needed to make the solution saturated?
  21. Maths

  22. Math

    A dictionary costs $24. The total cost of the dictionary and 4 identical diaries is the same as 7 diaries. How much does 1 diary cost?
  23. Algebra

    X is a number.It is divided by 3,and 5 is subtracted from the result.The new result is then multiplied by 7.If the final answer is 28,what number is X?
  24. Math

    Alicia, Bill, and Ross are in Group A. David, Maddie, and Shelby are in Group B.The students are going to have their pictures taken. They will stand in 2 rows by group, and group members cannot be separated. If 2 girls or 2 boys cannot be standing next to each other, how many ...
  25. Math

    Becky has $60 and Nina has $120. How much money must Becky give to Nina so that the amount of money Nina has is 5 times what becky has?
  26. Math

    Natalie had some marbles. She gave 1/3 of them to her brother,who kept 12 marbles for himself and gave the rest to 5 friends.If each friend received 7 marbles, how many marbles did Natalie have at firts?
  27. Math

    A toy maker packed 29 boxes with 9 tops each and had 3 top left. How many more boxes of tops would he have if he had packed 3 tops into esch box instead?
  28. Math

    Holly left her apartment and walked up 3 floors to return a book to Kayla. She then went down 4 floors to Paige's place to get the class noted from her. Finally?Holly walked up 2 floors to look for Jenna, who was not home. If Jenna lives on tje eighth floor, which floor ...
  29. Math

    carmela cut a cake into 12 equal-sized pieces. She ate 2/12 of the cake and her brother ate 3/12 of the cake.What fraction of the cake
  30. Algebra

    A rhombus ABCD has opposite vertices at A(-3,2) and C(9,-2). Find the equations of its diagonals. One of the other vertices is B(4,3). Find the fourth vertex D Equation of AC Equation of BD Coordinates of D
  31. Algebra PLEASE HELP ME

    oh, okay. thank you very much for your help
  32. Algebra PLEASE HELP ME

    Why is the base BC is 13, its because x2-x1? and why is 12 in A?
  33. Algebra PLEASE HELP ME

    find the equation of the straight line through A(3,20) which is perpendicular to the line passing through the points B(-2,8) and C(11,8). Hence, find the area of the triangle ABC, giving your answer in the simplest possible form.
  34. Math

    A teacher tallies up the grades on a math test in a class of 34 students, the results are A1, B11, C16, D3, F1. What is the empirical probability of a student getting a C? Express as a fraction.
  35. Finance

    I'm struggling with being able to solve this question: A company wants to raise money in the capital markets. The firm intends to sell $18 million of common stock; the expected return is 15%. In addition, the company plans to issue $5 million of debt, the cost of this debt...
  36. Chemistry

    Boron is one of the exceptions, correct? It has 6 valence electrons.
  37. Chemistry

    Which of the following compounds has an atom with an unfilled valence shell of electrons? A) H3O+ B) BF3 C) CH3OH D) NaI
  38. Physics

    A 70kg wannabe stuntman at the edge of a roof top jumps vertical up with a speed of 4m/s and falls on a trampoline 2meters below where he started. If the trampoline acts like a Hooke's spring and does a maximum extension of 0.284m going down towards ground, what is the ...
  39. Physics

    A 70kg wannabe stuntman at the edge of a roof top jumps vertical up with a speed of 4m/s and falls on a trampoline 2meters below where he started. If the trampoline acts like a Hooke's spring and does a maximum extension of 0.284m going down towards ground, what is the ...
  40. Chemistry

    When a 0.326 g sample of FeCl2·xH2O is heated to remove all water, a mass of 0.254 g remains. Determine the value of x.
  41. precal

    The product of two numbers is 48 and the sum of their reciprocal a is 1/3. Determine the value of the two numbers.
  42. Finance

    Following are selected financial data in thousands of dollars for the Hunter Corporation. 2012 2011 Current assets $ 500 $400 Fixed assets, net 700 600 Total assets 1,200 1,000 Current liabilities 300 200 Long-term debt 200 200 Common equity 700 600 Total liabilities and ...
  43. Physics

    An air plane has a mass of (1.7x10 to power 6) kg, and the air flow past the lower surface of the wings at 95m/s. If the both wings have a surface area of 1200cubic metre, how fast must the air flow over the upper surface of the wings if the plane is to stay in the air?
  44. Physics

    During each heart beat, approximately 70cubic cm of blood is from the heart at an average pressure of 105mmHg. Calculate the power output of the heart, in watts, assuming 70 beats per minute.
  45. Physics

    Is the tension on a rope zero just before a person releases it after swinging from one side of a river to the other?
  46. Physics

    A 56kg student runs at 5m/s, grabs a hanging rope, swings out over a lake. He releases the rope when his velocity is zero. The angl when he releases the rope is 29.25degrees. What is the tension in the rope just before he releases it? What is the maximum tension in the rope?
  47. Physics

    A 56kg student runs at 5m/s, grabs a hanging rope and swings out over a lake. He releases the rope when his velocity is zero. The length of the rope is 10m, what is the angle when he releases the rope? (The person swings from the centre to the right).
  48. maths,science,geography and life science

    What is restorative justice intention in process of human rights?
  49. trig, precalc, math, algebra, trigonometry

    Rewrite: tan(cos^−1 (v)) as an algebraic expression in v. Please help me understand.
  50. math

    How is solving -4x=-4.8 different from solving -1/4x = -4.8? How are the solutions related?
  51. math

  52. math

    Find the 5,550th term in the sequence 4 1/2, 5, 5 1/2, 6, 6 1/2
  53. Chemistry

    How many grams of potassium nitrate, KNO3 are required to make 250 mL solution with a molarity of 0.40 M?
  54. Triginometry

    a yardstick, held vertically on a level surface, cast a shadow 1 foot 5 inch long. Find the tangent of the angles that the rays of the sun make with the horizontal.
  55. Math

    The area of a rectangle is 247 cm^2. The width and length are both whole numbers greater than 1. What are the dimensions of the rectangle?
  56. Math

    I didn't see it sorry.
  57. Algebra 2

    Donald's Jaguar loses value at 8% per year for the first nine years when should he sell it if he wants to receive 62% of what he paid for it?
  58. Algebra

    how do you calculate probabily or this problem. A bag has 8 red, 6blue, 2 yellow and 7 green marbles. What is the probability of selecting a red, not replacing it and selecting a green? 6/21 * 7/21 =42/21
  59. Math

    Probability that it that’s it rains tomorrow is 0.14 what is the privity that it doesn’t rain tomorrow?
  60. health

    What is a way to boost your self-esteem? A.) Worry about other's opinions. B.) Exhibit risky behaviors. C.) Maintain a negative attitude. D.) Form close relationships. I think the answer is D, but I don't want to get it wrong.. Help?
  61. science

    A box weighing 180 newtons is hanging by rope as shown in the figure. Find the tension T¿.
  62. math

    John is doubling a cake recipe. The recipe calls for 1/4 cup of butter. How much butter should John use?
  63. Math

    1. C 18 2. C -1 3. B -15 4. C 4 5. A 12 6. A 19 7. C -16 8. B 12
  64. Math

    #8 is b l + (-3)=9 so under -3 put positive 3 and under the 9 put positive 3. The -3 and positive 3 cancel out add 9 +3 = 12
  65. Maths pure, economics, business studies, geography

    mathematics pure,geography and business studies what career pat should i take
  66. math

    In a science experiment, the temperature of a glass of water rose 18.24 degrees after six hours. If the temperature rose the same number of degrees per hour, then how many degrees did the water increase per hour?
  67. calculus

    radioactive Carbon 14 in a dead organism decays according to the equation A=A e^.000124t where t is in years and A0 is the amount at t=0. Estimate the age of a skull uncovered in an archeological site if 10% of the original Carbon 14 is still present.
  68. science

    calculate the net force on an object that has a mass of 12kg and acceleration of 4m/sec
  69. higher school

    determine the fishers' ideal price index formular from both the laspeyre and paasche price indices formular
  70. Statistics

    With a known population mean of 100, and a known standard of error of the mean of 7.5, what is the probability of selecting at random a sample whose mean is equal to 110 or greater?
  71. Algebra

    I am so very confused :(
  72. Algebra

    I need some help with this question I really don't understand it and some help going through this problem would be really appreciated :) Use the fact that a/b/c/d=a/b / c/d to simplify each rational expression. State any restrictions on the variables. x^2-1/x^2-9 / x^2+3x-...

    N<7 is the correct answer
  74. Chemistry

    How would I do it DrBob222 . I keep getting the wrong answer.I also don't even know what you notations mean
  75. Math

    Explain how to solve the following system of equations. What is the solution to the system? 2x+2y+z=-5 3x+4y+2z=0 x+3y+2z=1
  76. Math

    Would the answer be c?
  77. Math

    Every year in Delaware there is a contest where people create cannons and catapults designed to launch pumpkins as far in the air as possible. the equation y=15+110x-16x^2 can be used to represent the height, y, of a launched pumpkin, where x is the time in seconds that the ...
  78. math

    At a given time, Saturn was 9.1 x 10 to the 8th miles from the sun and the earth was 9.3 x 10 to the 7th miles from the sun. by what distance is one planet closer to the sun than the other planets?

    A uniform plank with mass 20kg and length 12m extends 2m over the edge of a building. A 40kg crate is slid out on the plank. how far can the crate be pushed without toppling the plank? A. 0.5m B. 1m C. 1.25m D. 1.5m E. 2m
  80. Physics

    A 3kg mass is sliding across a horizontal surface at a constant speed while being pulled by rope with tension 20N held at a 53 degree angle above the horizontal. The force of friction is most nearly A. 30N B. 12N C. 16N D. 20N E. 1N
  81. Struggling in Writing

    Thank you for your optimism! After reading your posts, I felt more encouraged and more motivated to try my best. Have a wonderful day! :) Writing well will be my goal!
  82. Struggling in Writing

    Should I be ashamed for being a poor writer and reader,since I am in 12 th grade this year? Today,in writing class I struggled.. I could not identify the thesis of an article nor could I spot counterclaim that the author makes. I think I have dyslexia because I have a hard ...
  83. 8th grade English/Language Arts

    Thank you Ms.Sue. You are very great with this homework helping are you the coordinator
  84. 8th grade English/Language Arts

    Okay, please help me with the rest
  85. 8th grade English/Language Arts

    1.)Why does the author of “Always to Remember” discuss Maya Ying Lin’s background? a.)to show that she experienced hardships b.)to appeal to Chinese-American readers c.)to show its influence on her design d.)to show her disinterest in architecture 2.) Which of ...
  86. 8th grade; English

    Can someone post the answers I am tutoring my brother with english and i need some work problem i think this is a good work examples.. answer asap
  87. statisitcs

    The combined math and verbal scores for students taking a national standardized examination for college admission is normally distributed with a mean of 560 and a standard deviation of 180. If a college requires a student to be in the top 40 % of students taking this test, ...
  88. Science

    They were wrong because it said that in my book but thank you so much
  89. Science

    May you please tell me if these are true or false, if they are false then can I have the true statement, thank you In the water cycle, water returns to Earth as (condensation) usually in the form of rain or snow During dry weather, the water level in a small pond drops because...
  90. math

    I thought that you had to cross off the two zero's from each side.That is what my teacher has told me.
  91. math

    Yes it could be simplified to 5/9.
  92. MATH

  93. Science

    Why are aboriginal clan systems considered human social systems?
  94. English

    Start with your interests like. Fore say you like the arts. Explain how you feel about it. The begging should always be different that the others. Something unique about yourself. Of course you can also start saying what is you name. Bot it's your call
  95. AP Physics

    Two locomotives approach each other on parallel tracks. Each has a speed of v = 85 km/h with respect to the ground. If they are initially d = 7.0 km apart, how long will it be before they reach each other?
  96. AP Physics

    A car traveling 92 km/h is 130 m behind a truck traveling 75 km/h. How long will it take the car to reach the truck?
  97. health

    what is the answer?
  98. chemistry

    When 3.00 moles of sodium are reacted with large amounts of chlorine gas 145.8 g of sodium chloride are produced determine percentage yield
  99. Finacial Accounting.

    I am really struggling with this question and my accounting book is no help at all. A company has $4500 in net sales, $3200 in gross profit, $1300 in ending inventory, and $1800 in beginning inventory. What is the cost of goods sold? Im not looking for the answer, just a ...
  100. Chemistry

    A solution buffered at a pH of 5.00 is needed in an experiment. Can we use acetic acid and sodium acetate to make it? If so, how many moles of NaC2H3O2 must be added to a 1.0L of a solution that contains 1.0 mol HC2H3O2 to prepare the buffer. The Ka of acetic acid is 1.8x10^-5...
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