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Thank u Ms. Sue I'm just not understanding but I appreciate your help.

choose four important influences on louisiana's contemporary culture and explain why each one is so important? I'm wondering if someone could explain or give an example to how I find what influences culture?

Cal II
express integrand as sum of partial fractions and evaluate the integral. My answer is 3 ln x + -2ln(x+2). But the choices are nothing like this. What am i doing wrong??

MS 300
Suppose a and b are positive integers. Write a proof by contradiction to show that if a-b is odd,then a+b is odd.

Ethnic Diversity
So here I Am up at 445 in the morning for the past 3 days to find anything relevant to my checkpoint for an AXIA college class to find out I am answering what people answered for the past 10 years? I can not find anything that has been changed in the past 2 years. Before then ...