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life orientation
by individual they may be in stress and try to kill her self

Business study,econamics,math lit,tourism
teaching. tourism and hospitality

Life science
South african fossils

Describe service delivery protest in your community or neighbourhood about one page

Recent service delivery xenophobia in the community or in the neighbourhood

life orientatio
the effect of selftalk,counselling and engaging in physical exercises

life orientation
how intrapersonal conflict can lead to emotional stress?

life orientation
the link between intrapersonal conflicts and initiating relationship

life orientation
how intrapersonal conflict can be addressed through engaging in physical execises,counselling and self~talk?

art element and design principles


Life orientation
A clear explanation of how alcoholism is a human factor that may cause ill health,accidents,crises or disaster

grade 12 life orientation
Am stuck help me wit answer

maths literacy,business studies, tourism, economic
tourism and hospitality

Life orietation
Provide five ways in whch you critically discuss how life style behaviour disease impact on the teenage

Life orientation
Describe the life style disease behaviour and explain 5 factors that constribe to the disease

Life orantation
I don't know,i need answers please help.

Grade 12 life orientation
I don't know i need answers

How gravitational acceleration is used to benefit mankind ad the environment?

A learner,noticing that the colour of the gas mixture in the syringe is no longer changing,comment that all chemical reactions in the syringe must have stopped. Is hs assumption correct? Explain