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a young's double slit arrangement produces interferences fringes which are 0.004 rad apapt for wave lenght 589nm. For what wavelenght the angular seperation would be 10% greater?

1. 193000 J/mol

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Geometry Math
1.What is the Distance Between Points A(4,-1) and B(-6,-3)?

Math many different permutations can you make with the letters in the word s e v e n t e e n ? 2.a teacher has a set of 12 probelms to use on a math exam. the teacher makes different versions of the exam by putting 10 questions on each exam. how many different exams can the ...

which are the classical composer that used components in their music?

I Need help on writing 5 pages essay on 5 major components that make up music . must name them , describe them , and give examples of how they can affect the style of the music .

which composer use components in music? what are the 5 major Components in music.

Details of Rampurva Bull Capital with photographs http://www....