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Physics 211
A 1500 kg car skids to a halt on a wet road where ?k = 0.55.How fast was the car traveling if it leaves 64-m-long skid marks?

please help me!! with this science!!!!!
Thank you Eliz!!

A projectile is fired with an initial speed of 61.3m/s at an angle of 44.2∘ above the horizontal on a long flat firing range. (a) Determine the maximum height reached by the projectile. (b) Determine the total time in the air. (c) Determine the total horizontal distance ...

Ms. Jones has two job offers as a car salesperson. At one dealership, she will receive $600 per month plus a commission of 2% of the total price of the automobiles she sells. At the other dealership, she will receive $1000 per month plus a commission of 1.5% of her total sales...


chemistry 30
Catalytic converters in automobiles are used a. only to burn uncombusted gasoline b. only to convert carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide c. only to convert nitrogen oxides to nitrogen and oxygen d. all of the above

chemistry 30
A chemical reaction taking place on the surface of a block of sodium will not occur faster if the a. size of the block doubles b. block is cut in half c. surface area is increased d. amount of sodium is decreased

chemistry 30

chemistry 30
Consider the following reaction: 2NO(g)+O2(g)-->2 NO2(g)+ energy if the number of moles of oxygen is increased to two moles, the a. reaction speeds up b. reaction slows down c. temperature increases d. temperature decreases

mama mio

This is what I've come up with: President Nixon's aides attempted to immunize the President from a subpoena. Members of the Administration predicted that the nominee would be approved by the committee. The author analyzed the data but he couldn't support his ...

I've been given 20 sentences which I must revise so that the nominalizations are verbs and characters the subjects of those verbs, but can't quite figure it out. [nominalizations] and <characters> 1. [Attempts] were made on the part of <President Nixon's ...

The questions following this statement include: 1. find the tension T in the cable. 2. Find the X and Y components of the force exerted on the beam by the pivot. Please help I understand stresses but I don't understand how tension plays into it.

An amusement park ride consists of a car moving in a vertical circle on the end of a rigid boom of negligible mass. The combined weight of the car and riders is 5.0 kN, and the circle’s radius is 10 m. At the top of the circle, what are the (a) magnitude FB and (b) ...

Just sub some numbers in to make it work. For example... tension/mass (16/.2)=80. So 80 is equal to rv^2. so make v=10 m/s and r =.8 m so everything will work out. It stays the same throughout so you can 'make up' the numbers

American Govt
How does federalism lead to increased political activity?

i need to know how to make a compound word chain

This a back-titration problem, the equation is (mass/molar mass * na)+ (Ma * Va* na) = (Mb * Vb* nb. do the na and nb variables refer to the moles of the acid and base, or the moles of H and OH? acid and base acid and base

world history
how did the renaissance help pave the way for the scientific method? i have a quiz on a map test for the muslim area, i need help and badly. i cant study its impossiable If you have a new question, use the "Post a New Question" link. I'm not sure what you mean by...