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African Oral Poetry
What are some of the examples of symbols used in the poem Africa by David Diop?

Social Studies 6 B
@Teacher Reading is fine, but you must understand most of these topics are quite repetitive, and forgettable. I'm just saying, maybe it's because they genuinely don't find an interest in what's being taught.

social studies
@teacher hey maybe instead of being rude, you can actually try to help the students instead of telling them they are violating the honor code. Crazy idea I know.

connections Academy sucks
You really shouldn't cheat, but i agree the workload is outrageous, along with the live lessons. Talk to your parents about it. Also @teacher, how about actually trying to help kids instead of trying to make yourself seem like the hero? Our school system is a joke, it'...

social studies HELP PLSS
"random person" is correct

Social studies
They are all correct

help please english
Nun of these are the answer 3 is c I like this site but this is a do ur own test and some people might just put stuff to get u wrong for a good laugh.

Coming back to this, it's quite horrendous. I am in fact the user who posted as 'Jake'. Looking back at it, Mrs.Sue's response was quite hilarious, as a connections student, there is in fact NO text book for the art subject. Instead there's slides briefly ...

Actually, there's different versions of this. So I suggest doing the work yourself and looking at which matches correctly. Don't claim one if wrong or right all because you just put the answers in. You should do the work yourself first.

impact of energy use
Ms. Sue, Everybody looks up to you. But, the truth is you come off as mean. You seem very smart, but when you say harsh things they dim your intellectual brain. Look, you're not our mother. I'm not even signed up on jiskha but you need to stop. I think you are really ...

Two parallel plates separated by a distance of 2.0 x 10^-2 meter are charged to a potential difference of 1.0 x 10^2 volts. Points A, B, and C are located in the region between the plates. Calculate the magnitude of the electric field strength between the plates.


please tell me the answers I need this

oh well ok I just have to turn this in tommorow so could you tell me the information andvanswers because I relly wanna pass 9th grade

this is my summer school but they give us no books please help me mr.sue

before I start I wanna say I don't known of this and don't have a book help ---------------------------------------------------------- 1.greece's economy prospered thanks to A.the arts B.philosophy D.architecture...

Can someone check these answer for me?
loser anon!!!!!!!!!!!! I took the test and got 0/5. Sucker.

do your own damn homework. damn, you've been posting on here for years.

Math for Steve

Applied Statistics
Assignment Guidelines Perform a two-tailed hypothesis test using the steps outlined in the assignment description. In a Word document, create a report that includest the following: Null and alternate statements. Pasted Microsoft Excel data output. Identification of the ...

Get a life axia student, you were looking for the answers also