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Can someone help me with lesson 19 language arts 7A unit 2: Different perspectives unit text

Science 6th Grade Please Help!
Ms. Sue can you help me please!

Science 6th Grade Please Help!
How does wind affect precipitation? a. Wind does not have any effect on precipitation. b. Winds that blow from over the land contain a lot of water vapor that will cause precipitation. c. Winds that blow inland from oceans or large lakes contain very little water vapor that ...

6th Grade Social Studies
I'm confused because my book said that the patriarchs were at the top of the early Christian church hierarchy.

6th Grade Social Studies
Can you pls give me a clue what is the answer to the fourth one.

6th Grade Social Studies
Ms. Sue pls. help

6th Grade Social Studies
1. When the Roman government began to persecute Christians under Nero, a. Christianity almost disappeared. b. Christians had to cremate their dead. c. Jews hid Christians in their homes. d. Christianity was outlawed.***** 2. Which Roman emperor ended the persecutions of ...


language arts
Why have historians recreated Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts?