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A 10-g fridge magnet is supposed to hold a 2.0-g paper on the stainless steel fridge door. The normal force of 0.19 N is insufficient to keep them in place, and the paper and magnet accelerate down the fridge at 0.150 m/s2 when the fridge door is slammed. What is the ...

In a farm yard, a 20.0-kg light is suspended from a light beam on the end of a tall pole. The beam is supported by an arm that attaches to the beam at the suspension point of the light, as shown in the diagram below. The arm makes an angle of 50.0 with the pole. Ignore...

​21.​At the airport, a person pushes a luggage cart with an applied force of 150 N [forward]. Assuming the cart and luggage have a total mass of 46.0 kg and the force of friction is 95.0 N [backward], the magnitude of the acceleration of the luggage is _____ m/s2.

1.e 2.b 4.a

I would say 1.b 2.e 4.e

So now I think 1,2,3 are all gerund phrases because a gerund is a verb form that ends in -ing

This is what I think they are 1."Leaving their native land to colonize in America," they expected to land in the colony of Virginia. A.prepositional phrase B. appositive phrase c.participial phrase d.gerund phrase e.infinitive phrase f.absolute phrase 2."...

Social studies,please help!
How many countries are there in europe continent?

Social science,please help!
How many countries are in the europe continent?

What is the name of the polygon that has 20 sides?

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