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An environmental survey contained a question asking what respondents thought was the major cause of air pollution in this country, giving the choices “automobiles,” “factories,” and “incinerators.” Two versions of the test, A and B, were used. Let...

Let X and Y equal the respective numbers of hours a randomly selected child watches movies or cartoons on TV during a certain month. From experience, it is known that E(X) = 30, E(Y) = 50, Var(X) = 52, Var(Y) = 64, and Cov(X, Y)= 14. Twenty-five children are selected at ...

Math Algebra
Transform the basis {[1, 0, 1], [0, 1, 2], [2, 1, 0]} for R^3 into an orthonormal basis, using the Gram-Schmidt process.

Computer/assembly language
Write a procedure BCD to convert a hexadecimal number in RA into its BCD (binary-coded decimal) representation and place it in RB. The return address should be placed in RF. For example, if RA=0x0024 before the call, RB=0x0036 after the all. // can someone tell me how to write...

college Algebra/Linear Algebra
Find a Basis for each of these substances of R^4 (a) All vectors whose components are equal (b) All vectors whose component add to zero (c) All vectors that are perpendicular to (1,1,0,0) and (1,0,11) (d) The column space (In R^2) and nullspace(In R^5) of U=[1 0 1 0 1] [0 1 0 ...

If W1,w2,w3 are independent vectors, show that the sums V1=W2+W3, V2=W1+W3 and V3=W1+W2 are independent . (Write C1V1+C2V2+C3V3=0 in terms of the W¡¦s. Find and solve equation for the C¡¦s)

computer science(Algorithm)
INSERT(Y; k) DECREASE-KEY(Y; m; n; k) DECREASE-KEY(Y; i; j; k) if Y [i; j] · k then return error Y [i; j]Ãk thresholdÃ1 largestiÃi largestjÃj while(i > 1 or j > 1) and Y [i; j] < threshold do exchangeY [i; j] $ Y [largesti; largestj...

computer science(Algorithm)
An m X n YOUNG TABLEAU is an m X n matrix such that the entries of each row are in sorted order from left to right and the entries of each column are in sorted order from top to bottom. Some of the entries of YOUNG TABLEAU maybe ¡Þ, which we treat as nonexistent ...

computer science
prove (a) A(+B)=AB & (b) A+B=A+B both algebraically and using the truth table.