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Imagine you are on a local commission appointed to study the lack of proper recreation facilities for youth in your neighborhood. Decide what facilities should be recommended. Write an appropriate resolution to be presented to your county government. Remember to give the ...

write several paragraphs stating advantages and disadvantages to the unitary, confederate, and federal systems of government.

how could i explain the unitary, confederate, and federal systems of government in a five hundred word essay

can you answer this question

Math 8th grade
Yes you are correct 😽

But my calculator also shows 9pi/8 and 11pi/8. Why do you have to add pi?

Find all the solutions in the interval [0,2pi). 2sin2x - sqrt(2) = 0 sin2x = sqrt(2)/2 I'm confused by the double angle. Please help.

11th grade (World History)
Which ruin is about 140 miles southwest from Copan?

Name three different agents of erosion that might move a rock once it has been weathered?

For each of the following enthymemes, identify the premise(s) and the conclusion, and fill in any missing premises or missing conclusions. If possible, fill in what is missing in such a way as to make the arguments valid. It is possible that nothing exists. Therefore, there is...

explain how to add 96+79 using a 300 chart? I do not know what a 300 chart is.

I basically just have trouble staying focused and doing my homework, and often get discouraged when it looks long- how can I keep myself on track, because hw is my biggest issue? Go here , with your mom. Go through the ...

Germany and China
I need to know if Germany and China both have liability insurance and what does it cover? (need references) also driving under the influence/BAC and punishment for (both countries) are selt belts required for these countries? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum...

I have this question in front of me concerning Methanol (CH3OH) & how geseous methanol is formed via the following thermochemical equation: CO(g)+2H2(g)¡êCH3OH(g)∆H=-90kJ . Now, it asks me (explanations should show a clear understanding of how Le Chatelier&...

Hello, I have to create a debate for my English class. I am debating a difficult topic, and I was hoping I could get some good ideas on where to start. My topic is that I have to prove that love is not nessicary for survival. Does anyone have any good ideas of how I could ...

Concrete can be purchased by the cubic yard. How much will it cost to pour a slab that is 17 ft by 17 ft by 2 ft if the concrete costs $40.00 per cubic yard?

Concentration increase
Rf value is calculated by distance spot traveled divided by total distance of eluent. So if you increase polarity of eluent and the spot travels further than before, you will actually DECREASE Rf value.

Can anyone help me with this one question that I'm stumped on? The process by which a web-spinning spider makes a "sketch" of a web design before making a permanent web is called - A. lock-step sequence B. simulation C. trial and error D. cinch and attach Thanks ...

novel= death on the ice english
A website used for book summaries... That has no book summaries...

Problem Solving Math Question
bill purchased 4 pens for $3.32 including $.16 sales tax.FIND THE cost of 1 pen. Write an equation Then Solve

what do we call numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays? A matrix of order 2 x n. n is the number of entires in each row.

Which of the following sentences has a compound predicate? A. She raced along the path to beat him to the beach. B. While he swam, she collected shells. C. She washed the shells and dried them in the sun. D. She placed the shells in a plastic bag while he dried himself off. ...

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