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  1. Trigonometry

    Write 4 other points for (-3,11?/3) on -2? ? ? < 2?
  2. Trigonometry

    1. Convert r= 2/1+sin? to cartesian 2. Convert y=3 to polar 3. Convert 3x^2+3y^2-6x=0 to polar
  3. math

    find [dy/dx] x^2 Using this : limit as the change of x —-> 0 for f(x + deltax) - f(x) —————————- deltax run through each step
  4. History

    the link only had 3 people on it
  5. History

    8 most influential
  6. History

    who are the most influential people of the 1920's or 1930's Canadians
  7. History

    there was only 3 people on all of those google searches that I could find
  8. History

    could not find anything with that link
  9. History

    yes Canadians
  10. History

    I am doing a History project and i need to know ranked 1 to 8, 8 most influential people of the 20's and 30's
  11. History

    what made the 1920's roaring
  12. History

    what are the 4 main causes that lead to the great depression
  13. History

    what were the four leading causes to the great depression
  14. Physics

    Thank you!
  15. Physics

    When the Philae probe landed on Comet 67P, it took approximately 28 minutes for a radio signal to be received at the European Space Operations Centre. Determine the distance (in metres) from the Philae probe to Earth.
  16. Trigonometry

    Thank you so much!
  17. Trigonometry

    well this is supposed to be a parabola, and i just need help with factoring it into an standform equation that looks like this: (x-h)^2=4p(y-k) or (y-k)^2=4p(x-h)
  18. Trigonometry

    Write in standard form: -2y^2+x-4y+1=0
  19. Physics

    Supposed to be 41.6m/s. And how can I tell if it's moving towards or away from the observer?
  20. Physics

    The note D above middle C has a frequency of 294 cycles per second, and the note E has a frequency of 330 cycles per second. A driver of a moving car sounds the horn, which emits an E tone, but a stationary observer hears a D tone. Calculate the speed at which the car is ...
  21. Maths

    Okay that really helps. Thank you!
  22. Maths

    How do you go about getting a quadratic from the sum and product? Sorry about this I'm not great with root questions
  23. Maths

    Consider the cubic polynomial f(z) =z3?2z+ 4. Given that z = 1 +i is a root of f(z), determine all the roots of f(z) in C
  24. Engineering

    A heated spherical ceramic object (diameter= 10cm), initially at 1200k, is held in a large enclosure whose walls are maintained at a temperature of 300k. The sphere has an emissivity of 0.7. Properties of Sphere: Density =4500 kg/m^3, heat capacity= 400 J/(kg.K); thermal ...
  25. Geometry

    In a triangle, prove the perpendicular from the vertex opposite the side that is not less than either of the remaining sides falls within the triangle.
  26. Geometry

    Thank you.
  27. Geometry

    For a point, give a construction of a line so the portion intercepted by the segments of a given angle are bisected at the point.
  28. SAT

    i was thinking C
  29. SAT

    the collection of antique puppets, A(all older than) two hundred years, had been B(painstakingly) made for youngsters C(long since) gone. D(no change) find the mistake
  30. math

    the gross domestic product (GDP) of a certain country is growing at a constant rate. In 2009 the GDP was 125 billion dollars , and in 2011 it was 155 billion dollars. At what percentage rate will the GDP grow in 2014?
  31. AP Calculus Help Five Questions

    1. Find the particular solution to y " = 2sin(x) given the general solution y = -2sin(x) + Ax + B and the initial conditions y(pi/2) = 0 and y'(pi/2) = -2. 2. What function is a solution to the differential equation y ' - y = 0? 3. If dy/dx = cos^2(pi*y/4) and y...
  32. AP Calculus

    Find the particular solution to y ' = 2sin(x) given the general solution is y = C - 2cos(x) and the initial condition y(pi/2) = 1
  33. AP Calculus

    Find the area of the region bounded by the curves y = sin^-1(x/2), y = 0, and x = 2 obtained by integrating with respect to y. Please include the definite integral and the antiderivative.
  34. calc

    cotx = - rad3 / 3 does x= 2pi/3 and 5pi/3?
  35. math

    (4x^4 - 4x^2 + 6x) / (x-4) show how youd divide this using synthetic divison
  36. Computer Programming

    java please help Build a presidents() method that prints out the names of the first 7 Presidents of the United States, each on separate lines. Remember to make your method a static method. Have your main method call the presidents() method. Call your class “PresClass”
  37. history

    in the most basic terms, what is a tariff and what is it's purpose?
  38. math

    f(x)= 3x^2 +12x + 2 when you complete the square, is it y= 3(x+2)^2 - 10
  39. chemistry

    2NO2(g) <-----> N2O4(g) If 0.625mol of dinitrogen tetraoxide in 5.0L is allowed to come to equilibrium and at equilibrium has a concentration of 0.0750M, Calculate K for this reaction. Does K= 7.5?
  40. math

    -x^2 + 4x = 2 do you have to factor out a -1 before you complete the square? and whats the answer in vertex form?
  41. physics

    Two slits are 0.158 mm apart. A mixture of red light ( wavelength = 65 nm) and yellow green light (wavelength = 565 nm)falls on the slits. A flat observation screen is located 2.24 m away. What's the distance on the screen between the third order red fringe and the third ...
  42. physics

    Two point sources produce waves in phase with the same amplitude and wavelength. The sources are a distance d apart. The distance from the right bisector to a point on the second nodal line is x2. The distance between the sources is cut in half. What is the new distance from ...
  43. physics

    This is the multiple choice given to me. I was stuck too. Any idea what would be the answer from 4 multiple choice
  44. physics

    Two small loudspeakers emit sound waves of the same amplitude and frequency in phase with each other. The waves produce an interference pattern such that the distance from the right bisector to a point P on the third nodal line is x3. The wavelength of the sound is increased ...
  45. math

    Find 37.5% of $320 (which is $120), and subtract that value from $320, and your result is $200.
  46. math

  47. math

    2sec^2x - 3tanx - 5 = 0 over the interval 0 to 2pi x= 1.14, 4.28, 5.68, and 2.54 right?
  48. mathh

    2sec^2x -3tanx =5 for [0,2pi) Please solve for the values of x for me.
  49. math

    and what are the answers
  50. math

    2sec^2x -3tanx =5 for [0,2pi)
  51. Math

    A ferris wheel has a radius of 20m and the bottom is 2m above the ground. The wheel makes one rev in 40 sec. If the rider gets on at 30^0 on the left of the lowest point going downwards, wirte the sine function to show this movement
  52. Math

    Some one gets on to a ferris wheel 30^0 left of the bottom. What would be the phase shift if I am writing a sine Function? Is it -120^0 or + 120^0. Please explain. It's turning counter clockwise.
  53. Math

    Some one gets on to a ferris wheel 30^0 left of the bottom. What would be the phase shift if I am writing a sine Function? Is it -120^0 or + 120^0. Please explain.
  54. calc

    numerically on a graphing calculator?
  55. calc

    lnx = x^3 + 1 i know x=1 but can you solve this algebraically?
  56. Physics

    A 72 kg bungee jumper jumps from a bridge. She is tied to a bungee cord whose unstretched length is 12 m , and falls a total of 35 m . Calculate the maximum acceleration she experiences.
  57. Caluclus

    Find the point on the line 7x+1y?5=0 which is closest to the point (?2,?6).
  58. precalculus

    how to find the max and min of a sine function? For the maximum, do you do midline+ amplitude? For the midline- Amplitude? f(x)= 7cosx + 15 Max is 15+7=22 min is 15-7= 8
  59. information systems

    Assignment: You are required to briefly but properly document the functional requirements for an INVENTORY INFORMATION SYSTEM by creating the following using the correct symbols: 1. The description of the selected information system in the selected business 2. Use Case ...
  60. History

    have you even looked it up yet?
  61. precalc

    y= -2cos(pi/6) + 8 whats the maximum and minimum?
  62. precalc

    min is 6 and max is 10?
  63. precalc

    y= -2cos(pi/6) + 8 whats the maximum and minimum?
  64. college chemistry

    if co2 were soluble in h2o, how would that affect the calculated value for molecular mass of the co2?

    thank you very much

    The heat evolved in the reaction of hydrobromic acid with potassium hydroxide was determined using a coffee coup calorimeter. The equation for the reaction is: HBr(aq) + KOH(aq) -------------> KBr(aq) + H2O(l) When 25.0 mL of 1.00 M HBr at a temperature of 24.5oC was ...
  67. Chemistry

    How many liters of oxygen are required to react completely with 2.4 liters of hydrogen to form water? H2 + O2--> H2O?
  68. Chemistry

    Awesome that's what I got too.
  69. math

    85=5e^0.025x solve for x
  70. Math

    Simplify the algebraic expression: 7-2[3(2x-5)-(5x+3)
  71. Math

    Solve for X: 15-(3x-8) = 4x-5(3x-7)-25
  72. Math - Algebra

    Solve for X 15-(3x-8) = 4x-5(3x-7)-25
  73. Math - Algebraic expressions

    Simplify the Algebraic Expression 7-2[3(2x-5) - (5x+3)]
  74. Math - Algebraic equations

    Thanks for the assistance Reiny. Much appreciated
  75. Math - Algebraic equations

    A stamp collector bought 295 stamps for $87.75. The purchase included 5 cent, 25 cent, and 40 cent stamps. How many of each type stamp was purchased?
  76. Math Algebra

    A stamp collector bought 295 stamps for $87.75. The purchase included 5 cent, 25 cent, and 40 cent stamps. How many of each type stamp was purchased?
  77. Physics

    In an experiment conducted using the Young's double-slit apparatus, the separation between the slits is 20 µm. A first-order constructive interference fringe appears at an angle of 2.5o from the zeroth order (central) fringe. A. What wavelength of light is used in ...
  78. Statistics

    There are two decks of cards. Each deck has a red, a yellow, a blue, and a green card in it. If a card is drawn, from the first deck, and then a second card drawn from the second deck, what is the probability that a red card and green card are drawn (not necessarily in that ...
  79. calculus

    ohh i see it cot x = radical 3 / 3 so the tan x = 3 / radical 3 — which is radical 3 when rationalized so x= pi/3? and 4pi/3?
  80. calculus

    wait i’m lost so you get radial 3 / 3 Then what ?
  81. calculus

    in the second step , don’t you divide by 3 on both sides ?
  82. calculus

    3cotx - radical 3 = 0 solve for x please show it step by step
  83. Math please help!!!

    Thank you
  84. Math please help!!!

    Solve the system of equations to find x,y,z (hint let d=x2 e=y2 and d=z2 . Find d e and f first) 2 means squared I don't have it on my keyboard. X2+y2+z2=9 3x2-y2-z2=7 Y2+2z2 =6
  85. Pre-calc

  86. Pre-calc

    Perform the operation and write the result in standard form. ___16___ 2x+2
  87. Pre-calc

    Find a polynomial function with -2 and 3-i.
  88. Economics

    The pricing of pharmaceutical products can be controversial. A recent example is EpiPen produced by Mylan which is used to treat anaphylaxis. The retail price of an EpiPen is $300, while industry sources estimate that it costs around $30 to produce each unit (i.e. one dose). ...
  89. calc

    so is it x+y
  90. calc

    given that log2 3 = x, log 2 5=y and log 2 7 = z, express log 2 21 in terms of x,y, and z the 2 is the base
  91. calc

    tan3x= radical3 / 3
  92. calc

    so what about tan3x= radical3 / 3
  93. calc

    sin2x = (radical 3)/ 2 solve each equation on the interval [0,2pi)
  94. Computational Thinking

    The Happy Cow Ice Cream Company manufactures several types of ice cream. Design a flowchart or pseudocode for a program that accepts an ice cream flavor (for example, “triple chocolate”), price per gallon, and number of gallons sold in the average year. Display a ...
  95. Computational Thinking

    Anybody Help on this:The Daily Gazette accepts classified ads in several categories. For most ads, the newspaper charges 10 cents per word for the first 50 words, and 8 cents per word for every word after that. Design a flowchart or pseudocode for a program that accepts data ...
  96. calc

    csc -5pi/6 = is it -2?
  97. computer code

    Design a pseudocode for a program that accepts an ice cream flavor the price per gallon and number of gallons sold a year, display a message this flavor is the best seller having more than 40000 gallons a year sold
  98. CHEM

    lol you're dumb. it clearly asked for an answer for grams and the answer key says it's 100g
  99. CHEM

    dude i converted from grams to moles to moles back to grams
  100. CHEM

    so the answer is 100g?
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