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The probability that an airplane engine will fail in a transcontinental flight is 0.004. Assuming that engine failures are independent of each other, what is the probability that on a certain transcontinental flight, a four-engine plane will experience: (c) More than two ...

Suppose X is a random variable with mean ? and standard deviation ?. If a large number of trials is observed, at least what percentage of these values is expected to lie between ? ? 3? and ? + 3?? (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.)

Let X be a normal random variable with ? = 12 and ? = 2. Find the value of the given probability. (Round your answer to four decimal places.) P(7 < X < 9) =

From experience, the manager of Kramer's Book Mart knows that 50% of the people who are browsing in the store will make a purchase. What is the probability that among ten people who are browsing in the store, at least two will make a purchase? (Round your answer to four ...

In a past presidential election, it was estimated that the probability that the Republican candidate would be elected was 1/3, and therefore the probability that the Democratic candidate would be elected was 2/3 (the two Independent candidates were given no chance of being ...

I CAME UP WITH .03802863003057 however that is wrong. did exactly as mentions above (45) (.0020590) (.2899408) === .0268644 + (10) (.0009503) (.5384615) === .00511699 + (1) (.0060466) === .0060466 PLEASE HELP

A student studying for a vocabulary test knows the meanings of 12 words from a list of 26 words. If the test contains 10 words from the study list, what is the probability that at least 8 of the words on the test are words that the student knows? (Round your answer to three ...

i am unaware of what formula to use to solve this

force of 125 N pulls due west on a body, and a second force pulls N 28.79 W. The resulta force is 212 N. Find the second force and the direction the resultant.

I got 11/100

use logarithmic differentiation to differentiate the function f(x)=2^x(x^2+2)^3(x^3-3)^7/(x^2+4)^1/2

How many atoms of Fe do you have if you have 3.76*10 to the power of -2 mole of iron atoms?

What are the meaning of good guys and bad guys?

Qu’est-ce que la culture? Donnez deux exemples de la « culture française » qui illustrent votre définition de la culture. Utilisez au moins 3 phrases au subjonctif.

Explain Bernad Cohen's distinction between the media's telling us what to think as opposed to telling us"what to think about".

Using Lamott's essay "Hunger" as a point of departure, do some research and write an essay defining the nature and origins of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. What social, psychological, or chemical factors can lead to an eating disorder? what ...

where to find the crime rate of US?

Thank you, but what is your understanding toward the quote?

how can you interpret this quote: "the things we're drawn to satirize are, in many cases, the things we're most wary about in ourselves"

actually it 2 essays but i have to choose one. 1. write an essay in which you compare your own experience with the World Wide Web or a learning program on a multimedia CD-ROM disk to reading a regular book or text book on the same subject. Which experience did you find more ...

well i just started but so far this is what i wrote, It is well-known fact that books have been around a long time and they are good to use for research; in contrast, the internet is very popular and a lot faster than reading books. The world that we are living today, has ...

How can i generally discuss books and World Wide Web in my introduction? I mean i want to focus on books and internet.

Who is Anthony Babington? (include the manner of his death)

Each letter of alphabet is written on a separate piece of paper and placed in a box and then one piece is drawn at random. . What is the probability that the selected piece of paper has a vowel written on it?

an ice skater with a mass of 80kg pushes off against a second skater with a mass of 32kg. both skaters are initially at rest. a. what is the total momentum of the system after the push off? b. if the larger skater moves off with a speed of 3m/s, what is the corresponding speed...

3) Which of the following statements best explains the results associated with condition 5? A) When a fan was added to heat and additional light, the rate of transpiration was slowed to the rate associated with room conditions, because the fan cooled the plants. B) Additional ...

Thank you

I need help remembering this. What way is the y-axis and the x axis on a graph. I think its x going up and down and then y going left to right. Please help Thank you

S.S ms sue
Thank you very much. Thank you a million times

I have a quiz tommorow and I need help finding away I can remember the top ten mager wars we have had in order that they happened. Please help me. I have tried but it gose in one ear and out the other. Thank You

math people
sorry i cant figure out the other part its been a while sense I have done it. Good luck

math people
The answer is 6a to the second power plus 4

Can you please give me coipuke website where i can learn how to compute a bond price, yield maturity, macaulay duration bond, modified duration of the bond, interest paid semiannually,etc..... What is a "coipuke" website? Try this. I know it is a lot but, it may help...