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englisg IV
a. liza will fail & become depressed b. liza will be given the manners of a fine lady without any way to earn money to live like one c. she will be shunned by her old friends d. higgins will fall in love with her


it was 1 of the options from the text book. a- 1.21 mi/hr b- 55 mi/hr c- 65 mi/hr d- 72.6 mi/hr

KOol sounds good 2 me

either c or d

physics repost
not in the answer choices... a-2.97 m/s^2 b-2.97 x 10^8 m/s^2 c- 220 m/s^2 d- 22x10^8 m/s^2

physics repost
looks good 2 me. :)

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