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What is the slope of the line passing through (-3,4) and (2, -1)? 3/5 -1 1 ** -3/5

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3(4x - 2) = 2(6x - 3) one solution infinite solutions ** no solution a+5 = 1/5(5a + 25) one solution infinite solutions no solution ** 3(4x - 3) - 7x = 5x - 9 one solution infinite solutions no solution 8+2(8x - 6) (choose all that apply) 2(4x + 7) 9x – 10 16x – 4...

The blades of a fan turn at 1250rpm at low speed. When the fan is switched to high speed, the rotation rate increases uniformly to 1750rpm in a period of 3.0sec. What is the average angular acceleration of the blades, in rad/sec^2? How do I convert rpm to rad/sec?

This is my homework problem: "The pilot of a plane is flying at 450 mi/hr W 20.0 degrees S relative to the earth. She sees another plane flying at 350 mi/hr N 40.0 degrees W relative to her plane. What was the magnitude and direction of the plane she saw relative to the ...

Another volume problem...My given curves are y=1+x^2 and y=9-x^2, rotated about the line x=-1. Am I solving in terms of y for the integral? And are my bounds -2 to 2?

Math [Calculus]
Okay, that makes more sense now. Thanks so much!

Math [Calculus]
Okay, so when I write the integral, is it in terms of x or y?

Math [Calculus]
I'm asked to find the volume of the solid bounded by the curves x=1+y^2 and y=x-3, rotated about the y-axis. I have a general idea of how to start the problem off, but I'm not sure how to find the interval that I need to work with...