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Tricia is buildng a rectangular patio. There will be 108 bricks wide and 19 bricks long. Tricia has 2000 bricks. Does she have enough bricks to build the patio? 108 x 19 = 2052

English II B
A student has completed a freewriting exercise. The result is a paragraph exploring the general theme of war in a literary text. What is the next step in the writing process?

Soc 120
3. Utilitarians evaluate the morality of an act by examining the consequences of the act. the person carrying out the act. the feelings of the person carrying out the act. the amount of pain generated by the act. 4. Logic will examine which of the following arguments? (Points...

soc 120
A moral rule is regarded as justified by the deontologist if 1. it can be universalized. 2. it can be criticized. 3. it produces the best result. 4. it makes a person feel good

Different ethical theories: 1.can never offer useful information. 2. must always contradict each other. 3. can agree that certain acts are morally justified. 4. always agree that certain acts are morally justified.

Heather deposits $3000 into an account that pays simple interest at a rate of 2% per year. How much interest will she be paid in the first 3 years?

Physics sph 212
A person takes in a breath of 0 degrees celsius air and holds it until it warms to 37 degrees celsius. The air has an initial volume of 0.700L and a mass of 9.00*10^-4kg. Determine a. the work done by the air on the lungs if the pressure remains constant at atm, b.the change ...

a 64 gallon tank contains 45 gallon of oil. how many gallons are removed if fourfifths of this quantity is sold

holt physics
a 90.0 kg person stands 1.00 m from a 60.0 kg person sitting on a bench nearby. what is the magnitude of the gravitalional force between them?