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  1. Physics

    When light of wavelength 130 nm falls on a cobalt surface, electrons having a maximum kinetic energy of 4.55 eV are emitted. Find values for the following. (a) the work function of cobalt (in eV) (b) the cutoff wavelength (in nm) (c) the frequency corresponding to the cutoff ...
  2. Quantitative Reasoning (MATH)

    If the national economy shrank at an annual rate of 11?% per year for three consecutive? years, then the economy shrank by 33?% over the three?-year period.
  3. S.S.

    new orleans
  4. Math

    Lesson 9: Equations and Inequalities Unit Test Algebra Readiness A Unit 7: Equations and Inequalities HELP PLS
  5. English

    What must people know or understand about a place in order to belong there? How do they gain that knowledge or understanding? What types of experiences can tell people that they do not belong? In what cases might a person draw conclusions about others based on the place to ...
  6. Algebra

    Please help with the following problem: Suppose that x and y vary directly, and x=4 when y=10. Write the function that models the direct variation.
  7. math

    100000$ loan at 10% interest for 10 years.
  8. Math

    91/3 x 12 =
  9. World civilization

    Which period of Egyptian history was known for building pyramids
  10. math

    if someone pays with a fifty dollar bill n the fare cost $28.10 how would i determine the change counting up ?
  11. Adult basic educational

    Lily bought 3 quarts of soda to make punch for a party. If she had 3 pints left over, how much did she use?

    Insert the following demand function ton to the basic Revenue equation and email me your result. q = -350p + 22,000
  13. math

    2,071,463,548 place value
  14. health

    What is the answer stupid ms. Sue
  15. Science

    A balloon filled with air is taken up a mountain with hiker. What is the pressure exerted on the balloon at sea level?
  16. chem

    what are the three stages that it takes for an equilibrium to become established?
  17. Chemistry HW!!!

    1. If I dilute 75 mL of 0.50 M CaF2 solution to a final volume of 375 mL, what will be the molarity of the resulting solution? 2. What will be the final volume of the solution be if I start with a 250 mL of 1.38 M MgCl2 solution to make a solution with a concentration of 0.30 ...
  18. chemistry

    Ideal Mixed Gas Law problems 1. What is the pressure generated by a mixture of 25.6 g SO2 and 12.6 g Ne in a container of 72.45 L and temperature of 131 K? 2. What is the pressure of a mixture of 5.80 moles Kr and 2.71 moles Xe in a container with a volume of 205.6 Liters and ...
  19. chem

    Show work 1. How many moles of oxygen will occupy a volume of 2.50 liters at 121.6 kPa and 331 K? 2. An unknown volume of chlorine gas (Cl2) is resting at 127 °C at a of pressure 152.4 kPa. If the gas weighs 191.4 g, what is the volume? 3. A 2.917 mole sample of an ideal ...
  20. Math

    On January 31, a count of ending inventory was completed, and 7,200 units were on hand. Using the periodic inventory system, calculate the cost of goods sold and ending inventory using LIFO, FIFO, and weighted-average inventory methods.
  21. psychlogical statistics

    A random selection of files from a student counseling center revealed the following reasons why college students seek services: Mental health issues - 25 Learning/school issues - 15 Relationship issues - 5 Other - 5 What is the probability that if we pulled another student ...
  22. Chemistry

    find the gram formula mass for the following: 1) In2(S2O3)3 2) Np 3) Re3(PO4)7
  23. CHEM MOLES !@@!

    Mole Calculation Worksheet 1) How many moles are in 15 grams of lithium? 2) How many grams are in 2.4 moles of sulfur? 3) How many moles are in 22 grams of argon? 4) How many grams are in 88.1 moles of magnesium? 5) How many moles are in 2.3 grams of phosphorus? 6) How many ...
  24. Chem Moles

    i still don't understand the second @DrBob222
  25. Chemistry

    yes it is had the same hw
  26. Chemistry Help!!

    Types of Reactions Worksheet Balance the following equations and indicate the type of reaction taking place: 1) 2 NH3 + 3 I2  N2I6 + 3 H2 Type of reaction: ____________________ 2) 3 Ca(OH)2 + Al2(SO4)3  3 Ca(SO4) + 2 Al(OH)3 Type of reaction: ...
  27. reading

    1.amoral 2.amiable 3.epitome 4.encounter 5.malign 6.antagonist 7.absolve 8.animosity 9.adamant 10.eccentric
  28. chemistry

    Avogadro's law states that, "equal volumes of all gases, at the same temperature and pressure, have the same number of molecules". For a given mass of an ideal gas, the volume and amount (moles) of the gas are directly proportional if the temperature and pressure...
  29. Chem HW

    COVALENT COMPOUNDS WORKSHEET 1. Find the Bond Lengths in the following compounds: report in pm a) SiF4 __________________________________________________ b) N2S3 : N-N________________ N-S _______________________________ c) HBr __________________________________________________...
  30. English

    you just want help on the whole thing so don;t comment on mine when you are doing the same thing!
  31. Chemistry

    1. what type of covalent bonded liquid will a polar covalent solid dissolve in? (hint like dissolves like) 2. what type of covalent bonded liquid will a non polar covalent solid dissolve in? (hint like dissolves like) 3. In what type of solvent will a polar solute dissolve? In...
  32. Advanced Algebra

    yes its supposed to be 3x+4(4-2x)=11
  33. Advanced Algebra

    How do I solve: how to solve 3x=4(4-2x)=11 and x-2y+4z=9 x=2z+2 y=-4z ? Thanks Need ASAP
  34. College Chemistry

    Please tell me what I did wrong on this problem: Given the equation Fe2O3(s)+3CO(g)→2Fe(s)+3CO2(g), Calculate the number of grams of CO that can react with 0.370kg of Fe2O3 Here's what I did: .370kg x 1000 = 370g of Fe2O3 370g/[(55.85 x 2) + (13 x 3)] = 2.32 mol 2.32...
  35. Chemistry

    need the answers to the formulas for the Ionic Compound: DiAmmonium Chromate Also I need the name of the following formula Sr(MnO4)2
  36. Trigonometry

    A car traveling at a constant rate due east passes an interstate exit that is 1.0 mile from a gas station. The gas station is S50°E of the exit. After the car has traveled for 2.0 minutes, its bearing to the gas station is S55°W. How fast is the car traveling?
  37. spanish

    what is 530.000
  38. math

    anually compound amount and compound interest of $42.000 with a nominal rate of 11% for 19 years
  39. math

    what is the compound amount and compound interest of $7.700 with a nominal rate of 6% for 5 years
  40. math

    If a school canteen makes 72 sandwiches and sells 5/6 of them how many are sold

    . If all life ceased on Earth, how quickly would the atmosphere become like that of Venus and Mars? Explain.
  42. Math

    I'm a 5th grader and I'm having a hard time writing the above fractions in order. They are 3/10, 1, 1/4, 5/8, 2/3, 1/8, 5/6, 3/4, 0, 1/6, 7/8, 1/3? Am I suppose to find the least common denominator first?
  43. maths

    $ 8425.60
  44. Science, Chemistry

    A cylinder containing 11.0L of helium gas at a pressure of 165atm is to be used to fill birthday balloons to a volume of 2.50L per balloon and at a pressure of 1.10atm. What is the maximum number of balloons that can be inflated at a constant temperature? (remember that 11.0L ...
  45. statistics

    a behavioral research situation that could use a Pearson coefficient research study and a chi square research study. Present the rationale for each selection. Be very specific in your presentation. When determining a correlation study, be sure and think about variables where ...
  46. Physics

    A runner is jogging at a steady 2.7 km/hr. When the runner is 7.7 km from the finish line, a bird begins flying from the runner to the finish line at 5.4 km/hr (2 times as fast as the runner). When the bird reaches the finish line, it turns around and flies back to the runner...
  47. Math

    x=Regular Grade y=Premium Grade x(2.30)+y(2.55)=10,957 x=y+420 y+420(2.30)+y(2.55)=10,957 2.30y+966+2.55y=10,957 4.85y+966=10,957 4.85y=9991 y=2,060 Gallons of Premium Grade x=2,060+420 x=2,480 Gallons of Regular Grade Hope this helps :)
  48. math

    mary has outstanding preferred stock That pays a dividend of $4 per share and sells for $82 per share, with a floatation cost of $6 per share. What is the component cost for Coogly's preferred stock? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using preferred stock in the...
  49. 5th grade math

    who made this answer uhh i got nothing to
  50. Statistic

    Heights of adult men have a mean of 69.0 inches and a standard deviation of 2.8 inches. Approximately what percentage of adult men have a height between 66.2 and 77.4 inches? Must show the number and the empirical rule
  51. math

  52. Algebra

    Unicycling. In 2005, Ken Looi of New Zealand set a record by covering 235.3 mi in 24 hr on his unicycle. After 8 hr, he was approximately twice as far from the finish line as he was from the start. How far had he traveled?
  53. Algebra

    Price of a printer. Laura paid $219.45, including 5% tax, for an all-in-one color printer. How much did the printer itself cost?
  54. Algebra

    Price of a calculator. Kayla paid $137.80, including 6% tax, for her graphing calculator. How much did the calculator itself cost?
  55. algebra

    price of sneakers. Amy paid $102 for a paid of new balance 1122 running shoes during a 15%-off sale. What was the regular price?
  56. Math

    What is the relationship between addition and subtraction?
  57. math

    4(2x -5)
  58. writing

    Edit mMath Autobiography Theresa V. Monteiro MAT 095 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM My name is Theresa and I am from Norwalk Connecticut. I’ve been living here for a year now. I moved to New London Connecticut to start my life. I’ve taken care of all my immediate family ...
  59. Algebra

    Thank you soo much. I understand now. Have a wonderful weekend. Theresa
  60. Algebra

    Can you please show me step by step to the answer you have given me. -1/4(8x+2). I still do not understand how you came up with the answer. Thank yooi
  61. Algebra

  62. math

    rocio finished 21 pages of a book in 3 days. monday she finished half of what she did on tuesday and wednesday she finished twice as much as she did on tuesday. how much did she read each day?
  63. Math

    The Dubuque Cement Company packs 80-pound bags of concrete mix. Time-study data for the filling activity are shown in the following table. Because of the high physical demands of the job, the company's policy is a 23% allowance for workers. a) Compute the standard time for...
  64. Math

    The Dubuque Cement Company packs 80-pound bags of concrete mix. Time-study data for the filling activity are shown in the following table. Because of the high physical demands of the job, the company's policy is a 23% allowance for workers. a) Compute the standard time for...
  65. Math

    Find all the three digit numbers where the sum of of the first two digits equals the third digit.
  66. Human Services

    Mandie a new social worker in a residential treatment facility for adolescent teens, notices a disparity between the privileges given to the white residents as opposed to the American African residents. Since she is new, she begins to ask subtle questions of the residential ...
  67. math

    whole number for 30.089
  68. MAth

    A bOY goes on VacATION with fivE shirts.each day HE used TWO diferent shIRts EACH day. HOW MANy DAYS will IT TAKE him TO USE thE FIVe SHIRTS WITHOUT REPEATINg the pattern
  69. Algebra

    What is the greatest common factor? How do you know when you have found the greatest one?
  70. Algebra

    Do you always use the property of distribution when multiplying monomials and polynomials? Explain why or why not. In what situations would distribution become important?
  71. Algebra....HELP!!

    Use the elimination method to solve the system of equations a + 6b =4 a + 3b = -2 What is the solution in an ordered pair?
  72. Algebra....HELP!!

    Solve the elimination method 7a + 6b = 3 -7a +b = 25 The solution of the system is?
  73. Algebra

    Do the equations x = 4y + 1 and x = 4y - 1 have the same solution? How might you explain your answer to someone who has not learned algebra?
  74. Math

    Quadrilateral ABCD has vertices at A(6,3), B(3,9), C(6,6) and D(12,3).It is reflected across the y axis. What are the new coordinates. Explain
  75. Algebra 1

    What are two symbolic techniques used to solve linear equations?
  76. Ethics

    what are examples of the concept and complexity of identity
  77. Math

    The shorter edges of a 44cm x 25cm metal sheet are joined to form the curve surface of a cylinder. What is the volume of the cylinder? What is the area of metal sheet required to make the top and the bottom cylinder?
  78. math

    The lengths of the edges of a rectangular block are integers and their total is 60. What is the greatest possible volume?
  79. Math

    Ms. Sue. I think my answer would be 46 1/8
  80. Math

    How do I do this problem: 50-3 7/8= Not sure how to figure this out. Please can someone help me....
  81. Physical Education

    What does the marl q mean for btec sport.
  82. physical science

    how do you solve? a swimmimg pool is exactly 20m long, 7m wide, and 2m deep. What is its volume in cubic feet to 3 significant figures?
  83. Physics

    A uniform rod AB of length 2a and mass M is freely pivoted at A and is held with B vertically above A. It is then allowed to fall and when B is vertically below A it strikes a stationary particle , also of mass M,which sticks to the rod at B. The rod then turns through a ...
  84. physics

    Subject is not CUC but physics
  85. CUC

    1.(a) A solid sphere of mass 100gm and radius 2.5cm rolls without sliding wit ha uniform velocity of 10cm/sec along a straight line on a smooth horizontal table. Calculate the total energy. (b) A hoop of radius 100cm and mass 19kg is rolling along a horizontal surface, so that...
  86. CUC

    1.Two masses of 4gm and 6gm respectively are attached to the ends of a light rod of negligible mass and the rod rotates anticlockwise at the rate of 2rev/sec about an axis passing through the center of mass and perpendicular to its length. Calculate (a)the angular momentum of ...
  87. CUC

    1. A rocket was found to be 150m when measured on earth.It then leaves and move at a constant velocity of 2 x 10m/s. What is its new length? 2. Two spaceships A and B are moving in opposite directions, A with a speed of 0.9c while B with a speed of 6c. Find the relative ...
  88. CUC

    (a)Explain the term time dilation. (b) Show that an interval of time observed in a moving frame of reference will be less than the same interval observed in a stationary frame of reference.
  89. Math

  90. math

    What is the total number of vetices in a rectangular prism with a length of 7.5 inches a width of 2.5 inches and a height if 11 inches?
  91. algebra

    Perform the division, x squared + 16x +63 divided by x + 7
  92. math

    i don't understand your answer to my ?
  93. math

    On a map, the length of a nature-center trail is 10.8 centimeters. If the scale is 3 centimeters to 20 kilometers, what is the actual length of the trail.
  94. English

    Are you able to help me?
  95. English

    No I have not, I am terrible with English .
  96. English

    I need help writing a 150-200 word paragraph on Identify an introductory technique that could be used to grab the readers attention and showcase the main idea?
  97. math

    related to last question -- why is the probability the same for yyy, xxx,zzz on the spinner with x y z thanks
  98. logic application

    You are playing Guess Your Card with three other players. Here is what you see: •Andy has the cards 1, 3, & 7 •Belle has the cards 3, 4, & 7 •Carol has the cards 4, 6, & 8 Andy draws the question card, “Do you see two or more players whose cards sum to the ...
  99. strayer

    You are playing Guess Your Card with three other players. Here is what you see: •Andy has the cards 1, 3, & 7 •Belle has the cards 3, 4, & 7 •Carol has the cards 4, 6, & 8 Andy draws the question card, “Do you see two or more players whose cards sum to the ...
  100. college/ pre-cal

    a square fence 9 feet high enclosing a radio tower is 3 feet from the tower on all 4 sides. guy wires used to hold the tower in position are attached to the tower 30 feet above the ground and 13 feet from the fence on all 4 sides. How long are the guy wires to the nearest foot.
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