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When diluting the commercial vinegar, what would have been the effect on acetic acid molairty of failing to rinse the pooped with commercial vinegar, assuming there was some distilled water left in the piper from a previous student? ( think about how the concentration of the ...

The (average) sale price for single family property in Seattle and Port Townsend is tabulated below: YEAR SEATTLE PORT TOWNSEND 1970 $38,000 $8400 1990 $175,000 $168,400 When will the Seattle sales price be double the Port Townsend sales price Idk how to start this lol

ap world history
Describe how the Sui and the Tang were able to exert power and harness the social and economic vitality of the country. Think about the conditions that facilitated the rise of these two dynasties--and why did this not occur earlier.

A 2.8 kg block is pushed a distance D = 9.8 meters at a constant velocity by a force F = 46 N at an angle A = 30. It takes 8.1 seconds to move the block. Friction can be ignored. What is the work done on the block by the force?

Which word complete this sentence Question 1) I don't know what I ______, but I certainly have a bad case of gas. B.eats C.ate D.will eat

A 0.670 g sample of impure Al2(SO4)3 reacts with excess BaCl2. If the sample produces 0.760 g of BaSO4, what is the mass percent of Al2(SO4)3 in the sample?

Given that a cell's structure reflects its function, what function would you predict for a cell with a large Golgi apparatus?

basic statistics
Could this z-score be used in calculating probabilities using Table 3 in Appendix B? Why or why not?

The body consists of 7/10 water. Is more than 1/2 your body water? Explain.

I need to change Linear units. What is 3,520 yd = to How many mile? Divide 3520 yards by 1760 yards/mile. Looks like you'll get a nice round number.