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  1. History

    The Space Race during the Cold War a) became a matter of national pride for only the Soviet Union b) became a source of fierce competition between European powers c) was used by U.S. politicians to distract attention from other policy successes d) had grave military ...
  2. History

    South Vietnam's Diem was a solid supporter of human and civil rights. True****** False I can't remember for sure. Thanks in advance!!!
  3. History

    John perkins mostly dealt with energy infraction desalination plants nuclear weapons weapon trade**********
  4. History

    John Perkins spent most of his EHM career with what firm BOEING MAIN CENTER Halliburton*** BASF
  5. Mathematics

    How many letters in the word MATHEMATICS have more than one line symmetry
  6. Math.

    yeah its ok lol i got it
  7. Math.

    Oh ok thank you Steve
  8. Math.

    A human red blood cell is about 0.000008 meters in diameter which of the following represents this number in scientific notation -6 A. 0.8 x10 -6 B . 8.0 x 10 6 C. 0.8 x 10 6 D. 8.0 x 10 MR loya stayed that the circumference of earth at the equator is 24,902.4 miles which ...
  9. Math

  10. Math

    Which list shows least to greatest A. 60% 2/3 0.75 4/5 B. 60% 0.75 2/3 4/5 C. 4/5 0.75 2/3 60% D. 2/3 4/5 60% 0.75
  11. Math

    Tamika’s dad bought a Mustang convertible for 12,000 dollars to celebrate his first job in 1978, which paid him 15,000 dollars a year. If Tamika is to use the same fraction of her salary as her dad to buy a Mustang convertible, which now sells for 32,000 dollars, what ...
  12. Math

    What is the area of a quadrilateral with vertices at (1, 1), (4, 1), (7, 5) and (4, 5)?
  13. Science helpppp

    3 is b

    Got it, thank you!

    That only gives the structure for gamma and delta

    I can't figure out how to draw the structure of beta-valerolactone. Since it's beta I thought it would have a four mem-ring but when I do this I keep getting it wrong. It says the 5 carbons are supposed to be arranged in a linear chain, help please!
  17. Social Studies

    1. B 2. D 3. B 4. C got 100%
  18. English

    The man in the elevator was not pushing the buttons Is preposition is in the object is elevator the verb phrase is was not pushing and the action verb is pushing the helping verb is was and the adverb interrupters not What was the point of the story? Is the prepositional ...
  19. Social Studies

    1.C 2.B or C 3.A 4.A 5.D got 100%
  20. Math

    To get to her friend's house, Sandra walked along the sidewalk in her neighborhood. If she walked 100 yards at a direction of 45° northeast and then turned to walk 400 yards straight east, how many yards and in what direction would she need to walk if she wanted to ...
  21. American government

  22. physics

    Two workers are moving a slab of ice (m = 290 kg) across the factory floor. As seen from above, one worker exerts a force of 415 N at an angle of -20o, and the other exerts a force of 470 N at an angle of 50o. What is the magnitude of the acceleration of the ice slab?
  23. physics

    A major-league pitcher can throw a baseball in excess of 41.3m/s. If a ball is thrown horizontally at this speed, how much will it drop by the time it reaches a catcher who is 15.2m away from the point of release?
  24. Physics

    A hot-air balloon is rising upward with a constant speed of 2.10m/s. When the balloon is 3.18m above the ground, the balloonist accidentally drops a compass over the side of the balloon. How much time elapses before the compass hits the ground?
  25. math

    How to find L.C.M
  26. math

    I feel dumb for not knowing how to do this, but how would these numbers be converted into cents? $.003253 per kWh. $0.00825 decrease per kilowatt hour
  27. synonyms

    Does overhaul and remodel essentially mean the same thing?
  28. Writing

    What's the best way to say that someone resigned from council because the timing conflicted a full-time job?
  29. Math

    They are all wrong!!!! For connexus Kids these are the right answers. 1.C 2.D 3.C 4.B 5.D 6.A 7.D 8.B 9.B 10.B 11.B 12.A 13.B 14.A 15.D 16.D
  30. Science

    1.Explain the process of succession. 2.Describe how changes in an ecosystem can affect organisms that live there. 3.Describe the amount of time needed for ecosystem recovery
  31. health

    I believe the answer is Omega-3 , but I'm not exact. I hope this helps! :3
  32. Social Studies

    13.) D 14.) A ????????????
  33. Urgent! PLZZ HHEELLPP!!

    Instead of D is number 9 B?
  34. Urgent! PLZZ HHEELLPP!!

    8. Which answer best describes a main benefit of the Transcontinental Railroad? A.) It proved to the world that the United States was capable of great feats of engineering B.) It created safe, high-paying jobs for immigrants who wanted to work building the railroad C.) It ...
  35. History

    Instead of C is number 7 A?
  36. History

    5. Which of the following best summarizes why the Missouri Compromise needed to be replaced by the Compromise of 1850? A.) Members of the Congress wanted to end the question of slavery in the U.S. B.) The U.S. wanted to sell the territory gained after the Mexican-American War ...
  37. History

    ok thank u
  38. History

    If 4 is not C then is it D?
  39. History

    So if 4 is not C what is it? I don't understand.
  40. History

    3. Support for the Mexican-American War are most closely connected with support for which of these ideas? A.) Manifest Destiny**** B.) Transcendentalist Movement C.) Great Awakening D.) Monroe Doctrine 4. Read the information below: During the 1820's and 1830's, many ...
  41. science

    The answers are 1.C 2.D 3.C 4.D 5.A Got 100%
  42. Health

    thank you
  43. Health

    4.) Most unintentional poisonings occur in children under... (1 point) A. 10 B. 2 C. 5 *** D. 6 months 9.) As a universal precaution, use ___ whenever possible if you are going to be in contact with bodily fluids. (1 point) A. latex gloves *** B. band-aids C. lotion D. water ...
  44. health

    The answer is PCP ( c )
  45. Science

    btw all is right except 2 its B
  46. Career

    thanks!! 100%
  47. Math

    All these people are dumb, the answer is about 1 gallon.
  48. Health

    wouldnt choking be the common emergency?
  49. science

    so the answer is hot right because im stuck on that too???
  50. physics

    A bicycle has wheels with a diameter of 0.570 m. It accelerates uniformly and the rate of rotation of its wheels increases from 181 rpm to 260 rpm in a time of 19.9 s. Find the linear acceleration of the bicycle. i tried converting everything to linear to use a linear equation...
  51. Science 8A Check Answers

    me too 100%%
  52. Colle physics

    For an object in uniform circular motion, on what parameters does the experimental determination of the centripetal force depend when using F = ma
  53. english

    how do u write an outline over someone you admire like for instant my cousin who helped me in band, athletics and school work??
  54. Algebra

    HELP! I am not sure how I would even start this problem or solve it. A hyperbola with a horizontal transverse axis contains the point at (4, 3). The equations of the asymptotes are y-x=1 and y+x=5 Write an equation for the hyperbola.
  55. geometry

    What type of quadrilateral is formed by connecting the points (0,0), (3x,b), (18x,b), and (15x,0)? Explain. How would I solve this?
  56. geometry

    What type of quadrilateral is formed by connecting the points (0,0), (3x,b), (18x,b), and (15x,0)? Explain. How would I solve this?
  57. chemistry

    How many grams of magnesium metal will react completely with 5.2 liters of 4.0 M HCl? Show all of the work needed to solve this problem. Mg (s) + 2 HCl (aq) yields MgCl2 (aq) + H2 (g)
  58. Chemistry

    How many grams of iron metal do you expect to be produced when 245 grams of an 80.5 percent by mass iron (II) nitrate solution reacts with excess aluminum metal? Show all of the work needed to solve this problem. 2 Al (s) + 3 Fe(NO3)2 (aq) yields 3 Fe (s) + 2 Al(NO3)3 (aq)
  59. math

    there right
  60. chemistry

    A certain acetic acid solution has pH = 2.14. Calculate the volume of 0.0900 M KOH required to reach the equivalence point in the titration of 35.0 mL of the acetic acid solution.
  61. educational technology

    just made 100% all of u guys are right!!! Thx peeps!
  62. science

    why is gravity on earth and not on the moon i need something to help me start it off
  63. chemistry

    what volume would 4.3 moles of hydrogen gas occupy at 45 degrees and 3.22 atm?
  64. social studies

    I NEED HELP!!!!!
  65. Socials

    What does the biome in Kamloops look like? What are the critters and vegetation in this region?
  66. Science

    K thank u:)
  67. Science

    That didn't even answer the questions? A b and c were questions not options
  68. Science

    Consider a neutral atom that has 17 electrons A.) how many protons does it have? B.) what is it's atomic number? C.) which element is it?
  69. Science

    1. Consider a neutral atom that has 17 electrons A.) how many protons does it have b.) what is it's atomic number c.)which element is it 2. List the following for an atom with 33 protons and 42 neutrons a.) the name of the element b.) the atomic number C.)the number of ...
  70. Science

    Yaoi king Thx for the help!!!! I got a 100%
  71. Essay direction clarification

    Shew thanks! You just made my night! Sometimes I obsess too much :) Thank You
  72. Essay direction clarification

    I am trying to prepare in my head for an essay exam that I will be having tomorrow and I would like to know how you would interpret the professors instructions - "Please prepare to answer one of the following in an essay of at least four paragraphs including an ...
  73. English II - Poisonwood Bible

    Thanks! I will definitely check it out. I have drafted a basic outline like what I intend to write. I have a topic, Leah's overall change and how it changed us. And I have all the evidence written down with page numbers etc. Once again thank you for your help!
  74. English II - Poisonwood Bible

    I'm trying to come up with a thesis statement also I need help with a question. How does Leah Price's changes in the book change us, the reader? As for my thesis statement, I have sort of an idea of what I want it to be like... Leah alienates herself from the Congolese...
  75. English - Please help quickly!!

    Thank you, that sounds so much better - and way shorter! I have never been good with thesis statements! Thanks once again!
  76. English - Please help quickly!!

    I need help with making a thesis statement for an essay I have to write on the book Poisonwood Bible The prompt I have says : Choose a novel or play that depicts a conflict between a parent and a son or daughter. Write an essay in which you analyze the sources of the conflict ...
  77. Social Studies

  78. math

    Describe and correct the error made in solving the literal equation at the right for n. 2m = -6n + 3. 2m + 3 = -6n. 2m + 3/-6 = n
  79. math

    There are 25 cars in a parking lot. Nine of the cars are red. The rest of the cars are black and white. A. What percent of cars in the lot are red? Not red? B. describe two ways to determine the percent of cars that are not black given the number of white cars.
  80. Basic Math

  81. algebra

    shes right both are correct just got a 100
  82. Physics

    Suppose you are stopped for a traffic light, and an ambulance approaches you from behind with a speed of 19.0 m/s. The siren on the ambulance produces sound with a frequency of 960 Hz as measured when you are at rest relative to the ambulance. The speed of sound in air is 343 ...
  83. Chemistry

    How many molecules of ethane (C2H6) are present in 0.249 g of C2H6? Enter answer in scientific notation.
  84. Physics

    Suppose the battery on your phone delivers a current of 0.740 mA (that's milliAmperes) over a time of 4.00 hours. What is the total charge that flows out of the battery during this time? AND How many electrons flow out of the battery during this time?
  85. stats word problem Please help!

    A. random sample of 50 four year olds attending daycare centers provided a yearly tuition average of 3987$ and the population standard deviation of $630. Find the 90% confidence interval of the true mean. and B. If a daycare center were starting up and wanted to keep tuition ...
  86. stats word problem Please help!

    A. random sample of 50 four year olds attending daycare centers provided a yearly tuition average of 3987$ and the population standard deviation of $630. Find the 90% confidence interval of the true mean. and B. If a daycare center were starting up and wanted to keep tuition ...
  87. Math/statistics

    Thirty five percent of adult americans are regular voters. A random sample of 250 adults in a medium size college town were surveyed, and it was found that 110 were regular voters. Estimate the true proportion of regular voters with 90% confidence and comment on the results. ...
  88. Math/statistics

    a recent study indicated that 29% of the 100 women over age 55 in the study were widows. a. How large a sample must you take to be 90% confident that the estimate is within 0.05 of the true proportion of women over age 55 who are widows? b. If no estimate of the sample ...
  89. statistics

    In a sample of 200 people, 154 said they watched educational television. Find the 90% confidence interval of the true proportion of people who watch educational television. If the television company wanted to publicize the proportion of viewers, do you think it should use the ...
  90. chem

    When dealing with acids and dissociating, remember that only certain acids dissociate. Those are the strong acids and they are: HCl, HBr, HI, NHO_3, H_2SO_4, HClO_3, and HClO_4. All other acids not listed are weak acids. Perchlorate splits because it is a strong acid. Remember...
  91. Math

    Which gender typically watches more television per month? Justify your answer. MALE |. . . . :. . . : .: .. . .: . . . . . FEMALE| . . .:. . . .::.. ::. .. . . | | | | | | | 700 1050 1400 1750 2100 2450 2800
  92. CHEM

    How did you get that? I'm stuck on getting to 183.18
  93. Grade 12 chemistry

    I don't understand. in the formula Q=C*M*deltaT, do you use 4.200 kj/mol as C. Is the answer to question one, calculate the heat involved in the trial, 1.19 KJ?
  94. Grade 12 chemistry

    This is the second reaction: HCl(aq)+NaOH(aq)-->NaCl(aq)+H2O(l) (Heat of neutralization) This reaction involves mixing two solutions: 1.00 mol/L NaOH and 1.00 mol/L HCl. Trial 1: 48.0 mL of the NaOH solution is mixed with 47.5 mL of the HCl. The temperature rises from 22.00...
  95. geography

    Very important, because considering that jobs that depend on transportation, and much more. but then the economy is much more good for us, because we have the rich lands that makes us have a good economy.
  96. Physical Education

    In your role within a structure discuss the importance of communication. Provide examples that you have used. (4)
  97. Physics

    The combination of an applied force and a frictional force produces a constant total torque of 38.1 Nm on a wheel rotating about a fixed axis. The applied force acts for 7.00 s, during which time, the angular speed of the wheel increases from 2.40 rad/s to 12.5 rad/s. The ...
  98. ice skater world problem

    A skater spins with an angular speed of 12.4 rad/s with her arms outstretched. She lowers her arms, decreasing her moment of inertia by a factor of 8.00. Ignoring friction on the skates, what will be the skater's final angular speed?
  99. Physics

    A solid bar of length L = 1.30 m has a mass m1 = 0.893 kg. The bar is fastened by a pivot at one end to a wall which is at an angle è = 33.0 ° with respect to the horizontal. The bar is held horizontal by a vertical cord that is fastened to the bar at a distance a ...
  100. Physics: merry-go-round question

    A playground merry-go-round of radius 1.92 m has a moment of inertia 411 kg m2 and is rotating at 10.4 rev/min. A child with mass 38.3 kg jumps on the edge of the merry-go-round. Assuming that the boy's initial speed is negligible, what is the new angular speed of the ...
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