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calculate the theoretical amount of CaCl2 that would be required to change the temperature of 50ml of water from room temperature 20C to 45C? Remember heat loss during the dissolution is equal to the heat capacity of water. this value is 4.184. you assume that the density of ...

Locate the discontinuities of the function. y = 2/(1 + e^(1\/x))

Can someone please help explain these two questions for me. For the first one my guess is that it is -infinity and for the second question it would be at 0. Find the limit. lim_(x->infinity) (x^(3) - 2x + 3)/(4 - 5 x^(2)) Locate the discontinuities of the function. y = 2/(1...

If f has domain [0, infinity) and has no horizontal asymptotes, then lim_(x->infinity) f(x) = infinity or lim_(x->infinity) f(x) = -infinity. Can someone please clarify whether this statement is true or false? Thank you

can someone please explain this question more in detail thank you

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