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science (physics)
how far will a stone travel over level ground if it is thrown upward at an angle 30 with the horizontal and with a speed of 12m/s?what maximum range could be achieved with the same initial speed?

thats my name tenawenny.

What individual behaviors might be influenced by television? A) Suicide- I am not as attractive a those on TV. B) Drug use - I am not as happy as those on TV. C) Promiscous Sexual Activity - It seems to be normal behavior on TV. D) All of the above.

Conservatives love to teach and you decide. Liberals love to teach and enforce their views on you. They even make it a law. There is one thing I am learning about liberals, they must attend a school of learning in how to talk over your head. No matter how long you teach them ...

I have done my draft. i have my reasons..i just cant think of an introduction and how to put my reasons in there

I need help with having to write an introduction on a persuasive essay about how smoking should be outlawed

if the submaine has an area of 4.5m X 2.3m and is 304.8m below sea level. what is the pressure exerted on the submaine by the water above it? And that the density of the seawater is 113.4 kg/m2

History Paper
I think it might have started to stop interracial marriage.

spelling and vocabulary
How do you pick and answer what is the "basic" word in a sentence? As in "The bus had a flat tire".?:?