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research over the last decade has shown that the percentage of high school students engaging in sexual intercourse a)is on the rise b)has remained the same c)is on the decline d)varies

com /220
Revised: Each day many of our children who are in school to learn, bear witness to some form of school violence consisting of bullying, disrespect toward authority figures, verbal/threatening abuse and the secret carrying and displaying of dangerous weapons, to name a few. ...

basic mathematics
ok I see it thank you!

basic mathematics
ok so the word means to multiply, but how is 21/27 reduced to 7/9?

Name the property illustrated here: 2 x (8+4)= 2 x 8 + 2 x 4

thank u, that helped a lot

Give the five number summary of the numbers 26, 30, 38, 67, 59, 21, 17, 85, 22, 22

The following information shows a relationship between the amount spent per week on advertising by a small fast-food shop and the total sales per week. Use it to answer question 5. Amount spent 10 20 30 40 Sales 200 380 625 790 Predict the weekly sales associated with the ...

A store marks up items 42.5% to allow for profit. If an item costs a store $24.40, what will its selling price be?

Think about how your computer system compares to a state-of-the-art system

English/ Novel
I am trying to summary each chapter for the book Romiette & Julio by Sharon Draper. Please help!


Global Reader is a 5 year old E-company that grew from $1 million in sales in the second year to $8 million in sales. They have created the industry’s first portable book reader that provides any book in four major languages. They have manufacturing operations for their ...

physical science
If a 500-lb piler driver is raised to a height of 12 feet then dropped how much work was done on the pile driver in raising it?

business management
Global Reader is a 5 year old E-company that grew from $1 million in sales in the second year to $8 million in sales. They have created the industry’s first portable book reader that provides any book in four major languages. They have manufacturing operations for their ...

One Number Is 3 Times Another Number. If The Sum Of The Reciprocals Of The Numbers Is 1/6, What Are The Two Numbers?

Write a 6 page paper addressing the following topics: Be sure to observe formatting and citations procedures described in APA style. You are required to use a formal research template to respond to questions, and all citations and references are required to be APA format. 1. ...

Find the slope of the line that goes through the pair of points: (2, 5), (6, 10).

human services
describing the function and importance of the four external and six internal considerations for developing an integrated information management system for a human service organization.

International Business
Do you think Proposition 200 might affect the U.S. economy if it is widely adopted throughout the country? Why or why not?

Give me some ideas on an individual or group of individuals who have continued to pursue liberty and happiness in the twentieth century or beyond.


8 grade algebra
problem: 2y-x=4

What is your personal communication style? Why do you think it is important to be aware of your personal communication style in an online learning environment and in your desired profession? What are some ways you can effectively and clearly express your feelings and emotions ...

ms sue /math

ms sue /math
5 meters = _500__cm is that correct

5th grade math
yes thanks ms.sue

so is the answer 30

300mm =__________cm

what is the solution set of x^2-7x+12

Use SER and ESTAR in the following sentences. Remember to conjugate the verbs first. (20 points) a. Mi abrigo es de piel. b. ¿Dónde esta los discos de música clásica? c. El concierto ___________ a las 8:30 p.m. d. Madrid ___________ el centro de ...

Math math117
explain how to do 2x(-7)-10 divide (-2)=10 divide 5+(-7))

It's a property of light called refraction. When light enters the water, it can't move as fast and it has to slow down slightly. It's kind of like how if you are walking, you can walk at a normal speed but if you walk in water, you can't walk quite as fast. If ...

convert cm to mm 8.4 cm times 10mm per cm equals 84mm 84mm divided by 3.5mm per s equals 24s calculate average velocity for the first half of trip 50.0m divided by 20.0 equals 2.5m per s calculate average velocity for 2nd half of trip 50.0 m divided by 22.0 s equals 2.27 m per...

3rd grade
alice folded a piece of paper into 12 equal squares and colored them. She had 3 times as many red parts as green parts and 2 more yellow parts than blue parts. How many parts did she have of eeach color?

a ball is dropped from a height of 5m. after each bounce, the ball rises to 45% of its previous height. what the total vertical distance that the ball has travelled after it has hit the ground for for the 6th time? what are the formulas? because the ball bounces twice each time

what is the corporate structure of Manulife Financial Corporation?

Firemen are shooting a stream of water at a burning building. A high-pressure hose shoots out the water with a speed of 27.0m/s as it leaves the hose nozzle. Once it leaves the hose, the water moves in projectile motion. The firemen adjust the angle of elevation of the hose ...

A major leaguer hits a baseball so that it leaves the bat at a speed of 30.5m/s and at an angle of 36.9 degrees above the horizontal. You can ignore air resistance.At what two times is the baseball at a height of 8.50 above the point at which it left the bat? What is the ...

A man is dragging a trunk up the loading ramp of a mover's truck. The ramp has a slope angle of 20.0 degrees, and the man pulls upward with a force of magnitude 377N whose direction makes an angle of 30.0 degrees with the ramp.Find the horizontal component of the force. ...

Health care
Medical and clinical staffs, such as physicians and nurses, have roles and responsibilities different from those of hospital administration. Describe at least two roles of medical staff and two roles of hospital administration that you consider most inportant,and why you ...

Health care
Due to medical advancements and increasing costs, many health care services or procedures have moved from the inpatient hospital setting to the outpatient ambulatory care setting. What are the main purposes of ambulatory care? Do you think ambulatory care is changing society&#...

Russian History (Alexander II)
What impact did Alexander II reforms have on Russia? I know that the Manifesto proclamation of 1861 liberated the serfs from years bondage. I also know that this emancipation helped to create a labor surplus to fuel the industrial revolution in Russian. Do you know of any ...

Can you proofread and suggest any changes or additions to make better? Thanks! Throughout the last several decades, we have seen the world’s dependency on oil and gas, which are among two of the most important resources, growing at a rapid rate. The economy is influenced ...

social studies
delime fit delimit ef demit file demit lief demit life diem filet diem flite dime filet dime flite ef delimit ef limited emit felid emit fidel emit field emit filed emit flied feed limit feel timid felid emit felid item felid mite felid time felt imide felt medii fetid lime ...

Graduate studies information
I am planning on attending graduate school and I would like to major in Special Education (grades 1-6) or another area in Education. How could I find out which New York City college or university has the best Education graduate programs? Is there a website that I could go to ...

Identify whether a debit or credit yields the indicated change for each of the following accounts: a. To increase Store Equipment b. To increase Owner Withdrawals c. To decrease Cash d. To increase Utilities Expense e. To increase Fees Earned f. To decrease Unearned Revenue g...

Indicate whether a debit or credit decreases the normal balance of each of the following accounts: a. Office Supplies e. Salaries Expense i. Interest Revenue b. Repair Services Revenue f. Owner Capital j. Owner Withdrawals c. Interest Payable g. Prepaid Insurance k. Unearned ...

Base-ten concept
What are the groupable models and the pregrouped/Trading models of base-ten concept? How are they different? I have been searching for a definition for these terms but my efforts deem unsuccessful. Could u asset me plzz.

Elementary Mathematics 2
Counting by ones, counting by tens, and counting by groups and singles: I was rather curious about how these methods of counting can be used to coordinate concepts and oral and written names for numbers.

Elementary Mathematics
How can a child who has not yet developed base-ten concepts understands quantities as large as, say, 85? Contrast this with a child who understands these same quantities in terms of base-ten groupings.

human services
this question still hasn't been answered.

The number of arrests, y, of a city over a period of time, x, is graphed on a rectangular coordinate system. Write a paragraph describing your interpretation when the slope is positive, zero, and negative. If you were buying a home in this particular city, which slope would be...

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