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  1. Physics

    Alexis Farias realizes her dream to play golf on the moon. She hits a golf ball with an initial velocity of 23.5m/s at an angle of 35.0 degrees above the horizontal. The acceleration due to gravity on the moon is 1.67m/s^2. A). How long is the golf ball in the air? B). How far...
  2. Physics

    Alexis Farias realizes her dream to play golf on the moon. She hits a golf ball with an initial velocity of 23.5m/s at an angle of 35.0 degrees above the horizontal. The acceleration due to gravity on the moon is 1.67m/s^2. A). How long is the golf ball in the air? B). How far...
  3. Math Arc Length

    Find the arc length corresponding to an angle of a degrees on a circle radius of 4.9 Enter the exact answer. I put the arc length was 4.9api/180 got it wrong. Any help?
  4. physics help!

    Two springs P and Q both obey Hooke’s law. They have spring constants 2k and k respectively.The springs are stretched, separately, by a force that is gradually increased from zero up to a certain maximum value, the same for each spring. The work done in stretching spring ...
  5. math algebra

    A new shopping is opening this month.before agreeing to open shops, store managers had toconsider monthly rent and whether to pay one time fee to put shop name on sign in front of store. Kikis kupcakes number of months total rent paid 2 9700 5 16750 8 23800 10 28500 12 33200 ...

    An organic compound, X, will react with an excess of calcium metal to produce a salt with the empirical formula CaC4H6O4. What could be the identity of X? 1 ethanoic acid 2 butanedioic acid 3 methylpropanedioic acid With explanation please!
  7. Precalc (domain and range)

    Domain l(x) is -12 less than or equal to x less than equal to 12 and it's range is 0 less than or equal to l(x) less than equal to 3 (b) What are the domain and range of l(1/5x) Enter the exact answer Domain Range
  8. Science

    Thank you for helping me
  9. Science

    By telling me the answer to the question and then I can actually put it in my own word.
  10. Science

    .Define the following terms and provide a example of each: -atom, - compound, - element, -energy, - photosynthesis, -matter, - decomposition. Write it in your own words. . Explain the forms of energy: radiant, chemical, mechanical, electrical, thermal. . What is a food chain...
  11. chemistry

    A mixture containing 2.81 g each of CH4 (g), C2H4 (g) and C4H10 (g) is contained in a 1.50 L flask at a temperature of 35 oC. What is the partial pressure (in atm) of C4H10 (g)?
  12. MATH (STATS)

    To determine the views of a students on a particular campus about fraternities, an 11-point attitude scale was administered to a random sample of 40 students. This survey yielded a sample mean of 6 (the higher the score, the more favorable the view of the fraternities) and a ...
  13. math

  14. Sociology (Stats) Std. Dev

    Given (μ) = 500, and σ = 100. What percentage of the SAT scores falls: A) Between 500 and 600? The percentage falls 1 σ above the (μ), 68.26% / 2 = 34.13% B) Between 400 and 600? The percentage falls 1 σ below and 1 σ above the (μ) C) Between...
  15. Social studies

  16. Social studies

    Yes I mean the commons house of assembly in the South Carolina was more democratic by?
  17. Social studies

  18. Social studies

    Are those correct mrs.sue
  19. Social studies were farms of the new england colonies similar to the farms of the up country A.separating church and state B.requiring all laws be approved by the council*** C. Creating a jury system for legal decisions D. Giving the people a stronger voice in the government
  20. physics

    When a water gun is fired while being held horizontally at a height of 1.00 m above ground level, the water travels a horizontal distance of 4.80 m. A child, who is holding the same gun in a horizontal position, is also sliding down a 45° incline at a constant speed of 1....
  21. Chemistry

    HELP PLEASE. I have no idea how to set this up. I tried using the q=mc(change in temp) equation but its not working out. A 59.8 g block of an unknown metal at 87.5 degrees Celsius was dropped into an insulated vesssel containing approximately 33 g of ice and 23 g of water at 0...
  22. science

    an astronaut has a mass of 60 kilograms on earth. what would her mass be on mars? what would her weight be on mars? the strength of gravity o mars is 3.7 m/s^2.... am having a slow moment, please help
  23. pre algebra

    A cylinder has a circumference of 16pi inches and its height is half the radius of the cylinder? What is the total surface area of the cylinder? Give answer in terms of pi. do not know how to do this....please help
  24. Pre-Calc

    If you use the parent graph f(x)=x^2, how would you graph g(x)=(x-4)^2-2?
  25. business

    .16 1.22 b
  26. math

    A glass prism on a chandelier is 75mm long. A base of the prism is an equilateral triangle with side lengths of 9mm and a height of about 7.8 mm. What is approximate surface area of prism?
  27. math

    Hate to seem stupid, but still don't understand
  28. math

    A rectangular prism has a length of 8 in and a width of 7 in. The lateral area is 150 square in. What is height of prism? Have no idea how to do this....please help
  29. math

    Am confused. The bases of a prism are right triangles with side lengths 6 meters, 8 meters, and 10 meters. The height of the prism is 3 meters. What is the lateral area of the prism? What is the total surface area? L=Ph perimeter is side(1) +side(2)+side(3) 6+8+10=24 (3)=72m^2...
  30. Math

    How many liters are in 4.371
  31. math

    18.75 lbs = 5000 sq ft how much needed to cover 27000 sq ft
  32. math

    12.5% =.125=125/1000 or 12 5/10=12 1/2 m confused
  33. math

    Changing decimal to percent .123=12.3%=12 3/10 ??
  34. math

    3×/4+11=22-5 3×/4+11-11=22-5-11 3×/4=6 (4) 3×/4=6 (4) 3×=24 /3=24/3 ×=8 correct... 3(8)/4+11=22-5 24/4+11=17 6+11=17 17=17 Nevermind :)
  35. math

    2a÷4=3 this answer correct: 2a=3×4 2a=12 2a÷2=12÷2 a=6
  36. math

    As part of her training, an athlete runs 11 kilometers each day. How many kilometers does she run in 24 days?
  37. science/math

    a skateboarder traveling at 7.0 meters per second rolls to a stop at the top of a ramp in 3.0 seconds. what is the skateboarders acceleration? is 2.3m/s correct
  38. science/math

    a cyclist accelerates at a rate of 7.0m/s^2. how long will it take the cyclist to reach a speed of 18m/s? my answer is 2.5seconds. is this correct?
  39. science/math

    so what would 60m/s be in m/s^2?
  40. science/math

    feel silly asking this, but how do u come up with 8m/s^2?
  41. science/math

    as she climbs a hill, a cyclist slows down from 25mi/hr to 6mi/hr in 10 seconds. what is her deceleration? my answer is -1.9 is this correct or should it be a positive confused
  42. science/math

    oops, didn't find acceleration first(7.5), which is 60 /8. Then 7.5 x 5 + 50=87.5, a*t+v(starting speed)=final speed
  43. science

    am confused. don't know what formula to use for this problem. A car traveling at a speed of 30.0m/s encounters an emergency and comes to a complete stop. How much time will it take for the car to stop if it decelerates at -4.0m/s?
  44. Physical Science

    The cold glass cools adjacent air to saturation, which is followed by condensation of water vapor.
  45. social studies check

    Thank you Ms. Sue your awesome!!
  46. social studies check

    I thought that about #2 as well It was a toss up between the two For the last is it a? And for the first one c?
  47. social studies check

    Which of these is a non-monetary positive incentive for entrepreneurs? a) the need to hire and train workers *** b)the risk of starting a new enterprise c) the satisfaction of creating new products d) the responsibilities of running a business Pete's Peanuts wants to grow ...
  48. social studies HELP

    Woohoo I am learning something Thank you Ms. Sue!!
  49. social studies HELP

    Check my answers please 1. Politics most informs a persons actions in a. Civic life *** b. work life c. private life d. school life 2. Which of the following best describes the purpose of the US Constitution? a. it restricts the rights of citizens b. it outlines how the ...
  50. 8th grade math

    mr.nelson sold 147 bags of popcorn and 216 of water in 3 days. at this rate how many more bottles of water than bags of popcorn will mr. nelson sell in 5 days?
  51. 8th grade math

    is answer 4/21 for people eating pancakes. 1/7 of 42 is 6 and 2/3 of 42 is 28. added together and got 34. then subtracted 34 from 42 and got 8. so would it be 8/42 and reduce which would be 4/21. not sure this is answer.
  52. 8th grade math

    at a restaurant 42 people had breakfast on saturday morning. 1/7 of the people ate eggs only. 2/3 of people ate both eggs and pancakes. the remaining people ate pancakes only. what is the fraction representing the number of people who ate pancakes only.
  53. 8th

    thank you. was helping my son on a practice worksheet and couldn't remember how to do it. he doesnt have a workbook just worksheets and no examples. these questions werent for a grade.
  54. 8th

    yael worked out at a gym for 2 hrs. her workout consisted of stretching for 21 minutes jogging for 45 minutes and lifting weights for the remaining amount of time. what percentage of yaels workout was spent lifting weights?
  55. 8th grade math

    members of a nature club participate in an official butterfly count every summer. in summer of 1996 members counted 225 monarch butterflies . in summer of 1997 members counted 234 monarch butterflies. from 1996 to 1997 what was the approximate percent of increase in the number...
  56. 8th grade math

    juliet bought a pair of pants that normally cost $40 for a sale price of $24. what was the percent discount on the pants?
  57. 8th grade math

    on a recent space shuttle mission the astronauts traveled 105,000 miles during the first 3 days of their mission. this distance was 5/8 of the total distance they would travel. what was the total distance the astronauts would travel?
  58. 8th grade math

    a survey said that 60 people voted against new environmental restrictions that were on the ballot. that constituted 30 percent of those who voted. how many people voted in all?
  59. 8th grade math

    in a catalog a jacket was marked down from $75 to $48. what was the percent of discount on the jackets original price?
  60. chemistry

    what is the mass of oxygen in a 5.6 g sample of Al(NO3)3.
  61. 8th math

    wayne wanted to buy a new bicycle that cost $125. the sales tax on bicycle was $11.25. what was the rate of the sales tax?
  62. Physics

    A helicopter is ascending vertically with a speed of 5.66m/s. At a height of 106m above the Earth, a package is dropped from the helicopter. How much time does it take the package the package to reach the ground? (Ignore air resistance) I would like to know what my givens are ...
  63. Math

    Which is greater the greatest whole number with 4 digits or the least whole number with 5 digits?
  64. Algebra 2

    How would you find that? Just guess and check?
  65. Algebra 2

    A building has a mural painted on an outside wall. The mural is a square with an area of 14,400 ft^2. What is the width of the mural?
  66. Chemistry

    Alright that makes sense, thank you very much for the help.
  67. Chemistry

    Please Explain how to do it because i've been stuck on it and gotten it wrong multiple times
  68. Chemistry

    When 62.1 moles of calcium acetate are dissolved in enough water to make 585.1 milliliters of solution, what is the molarity of acetate ions? Answer in units of M
  69. algebra 2

    where did you get the 0.7 from?
  70. algebra 2

    glenn bought a new shirt on sale for 30% off. the original price of the shirt was $19.49. write an expression without subtraction to find the sale price of the shirt. then find the sale price.
  71. algebra 2

    mona lives in florida. she drives 550 miles to texas. her car's tank holds 15 gallons of gas and she gets an average of 25 miles per gallon of gas. if mona fills up her gas tank before she leaves, how many more times will she have to fill up the tank to drive to texas and ...
  72. english

    I need to state if the style of the book is subjective or objective. Is it subjective because it is a fictional book?
  73. english

    How many paragraphs should this be? my essay must be 2-4 pages but he doesn't specify the length of the book review at all and I'm not sure if it should be as long or not
  74. english

    I have to write a BOOK REVIEW and a WRITTEN ESSAY on the same book and I don't know what the difference is between them because the rubric doesn't give me very many details on how to do it
  75. English- Ordinary People by Judith Guest

    Ms. Sue, I just don't know how to explain that in a paper
  76. English- Ordinary People by Judith Guest

    In the book Ordinary People by Judith Guest, what are her biases? How can one determine an authors bias if it is a fiction book?
  77. algerbra

    14x + 25 = y x=6 (plug it into equation) (14*6) + 25 = y y = $109
  78. Precalculus

    x=width x+3=length (x)+(x+3)+(x)+(x+3)=62 solve for x x = 14 ft
  79. algebra 2

    true or false every member of the interval (0,8] is a natural number
  80. ENGLISH- Ordinary People by Judith Guest

    In the book Ordinary People by Judith Guest, what are her biases? How can one determine an authors bias if it is a fiction book?
  81. Precal

  82. english

    In the book Ordinary People by Judith Guest, what are her biases? How can one determine an authors bias if it is a fiction book?
  83. writing

    What is the difference between objective vs subjective views in a book and how can I determine them? (essay for Ordinary People by Judith Guest)
  84. algebra

  85. math

  86. Algebra 1

    On a scale drawing 1/4 in equals 1 foot . If the length of a room on a scale drawing is 5 1/4in , how long is the room ? I just need someone to help me through this problem cause I don't get how to do it at all .
  87. algebra 2

    Find the inverse of each function, if it exists. f(x)=1/3x-5 y=1/3x-5 x=1/3y-5 x-5=1/3y y=the square root of x-5/3
  88. algebra 2

    3/y-2 -1/y=4/y^-2y 3y/y^-2y - y/y^-2y=4/y^-2y 3y-y=4 2y=4 y=2
  89. algebra

    2/w+ 4/w-1 = 10/w(w-1) 2(w-1)/w(w-1) + 4w/w(w-1)=10/w(w-1) 2w-2/w(w-1 +/4w/w(w-1= 10(w-1)/w(w-1) 2w-2+4w=10w-10 2w+4w-10w=-10-2 6w-10w=-10-2 -4w=8 w=2
  90. algebra 2

    x-5 divided by 2 = x-3 divided by x x(x-5) = 2(x-3) x^-5x=2x-6 x^ -7x +6 =0 (x+1) (x-6) x=-1 x=6
  91. statistics

    Suppose that the ages of students at a particular university average 26 years with a standard deviation of 2.8 years. Consider the sampling distribution of the sample mean age of students in a sample of n = 49. The mean of the sampling distribution is __________
  92. Math

  93. science 1 question!!!

    thank you danny
  94. geometry

    An a-frame cabin is 38 feet across at the base and the roof males an angle of 52 degrees with the ground how tall is the cabin?
  95. geometry

    A railroad track enters a field 480 feet north of the southwest corner and leaves 340 feet east of the southwest corner what angle does the track make with the south boundary?
  96. geometry

  97. geometry

    I don't get any of this my teacher never shows us anything i have asked for help and he doesnt
  98. geometry

    a surveyor on level ground finds the angle of elevation of a 138-foot flagpole to be 47 degrees how far from the base of the pole is the surveyor?
  99. Cooking easy ideas

    black bean salad with sausage and make a strawberry cheesecake
  100. geometry

    from the top of a vertical 186 foot cliff the angle of depression of a boat is 13 degrees(angle of depression is measured downward from horizontal) how far is the boat from the observer at the top of the cliff?
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