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  1. Trig

    Tan theta / 1- tan theta -cot theta /1-cot theta =cos theta + sin theta/cos theta -sin theta
  2. Math

  3. History

    Critically access Robespierre's contributions to the revolution
  4. Maths

  5. Math

    a rectangle of board measures 21 m by 70 cm. Circular plates are to be cut from the board of diameter 14 cm. how many plates and board is left
  6. Maths

    20-2x+2x+16-2x+4=40 40-2x=30 40-30=2x 10÷2x=2x÷2x 5=x
  7. Maths

    A survey conducted with 30 students revealed that:20 has cell phone 16 has tsblets 4 has neither 2x has both...calculate the value of x
  8. Math

    An alloy is made up of 25% copper, 30% iron an rest being zinc. Find the mass of zinc in 720 gm of the alloy
  9. Math

    Kareena got 60% marks in English, 75% in hindi and 130 in maths. The max marks in each of subject are 150,200and 150. Fknd her aggregate marks.
  10. Math

    Find the commission on the car that has been sold for 2,38,000
  11. Math

    A man takes commission at the rate of 2% on first 50,000, 7% on next 50,000 and 0.5% on remaining price. Find bis commission on the car that has been silf for 2,38,000.
  12. Math

    Kareena got 60% marks in English, 75% in hindi and 130 in maths. The max marks in each of subject are 150,200and 150. Find her aggregate marks.
  13. math

    A person that is 1.6 m tall casts a 4 m shadow. At the same time, a nearby tree casts a 12 m shadow. What is the height of the tree to the nearest tenth of a metre?
  14. math

    x=9years and x=15yers
  15. Science

    water is flowing through a horizontal pipe of varying cross section at any two places the diameters of the tube are 4cm and 2cm if the pressure difference between these two places be equal to 4.5cm then determine the rate of flow of water in the tube
  16. financial management

    Barclays bank has agreed to give Dumisani a loan of $250 000 on the following conditions: a) 16% interest rate compounded monthly b) Dumisani will have to pay back 12 equal installments each at the end of each quarter. Determine the value of each installment
  17. Msth

  18. Math

    2(3c to the 2nd power+ c +-2 Please check 6c to the 4th power+c squared + -4
  19. Math

    Please check Simplify 7t+3+t+9=8t+12 Simplify m-2-4m-5=-3m+7 Solve 90=5t+t 90=6t t=15

    Thank you so much. i really appreciate it.

    Thank you by the way

    Subject is the puritans thesis is the puritans came from Europe to escape ill-treatment of the church of england. Greek educators, religious reformers,scientist of intellectual revolution, political philosophers paved the way for the puritans to have a fresh start to life in ...

    Greek educators, religious reformers,scientist of intellectual revolution, political philosophers constructed the door through when the pilgrims entered the new world when they arrived. [Critically analyze] who are the Greek educators? who are the religious reformers ? who are...
  24. Math

    Chaz is correct because if you owe -$52.00 that is better than owing -$59.25.
  25. statistics (math)

    of college students 45% are women 8% have a GED. suppose a student is selected at random. Given that the selected employees is a woman. what is the probability that she has a GED
  26. Statistic math

    student is graduating from their university and has applied to jobs at company A and B. The student thinks they have a 40 % chance of a receiving an offer from company A and a 50 % chance of receiving an offer from company B. If the student receives an offer from company A, ...
  27. statistics

    In a recent​ season, the population standard deviation of the yards per carry for all running backs was 1.241.24. The yards per carry of 25 randomly selected running backs are shown below. Assume the yards per carry are normally distributed. 1.81.8 4.54.5 7.47.4 5.85.8 5...
  28. Algebra 2

    The lenths of the side of a triangle are x+4 units, x units, and x+1 units. Express the perimeter of the triangle as a polynomial in standard form.
  29. chemistry

    name three characteristics of nonmetals
  30. math

    charlene takes the bus to work in the morning, then walks home for lunch, walks back to work, and finally walks home in the evening. The distance one way is 600 meters. How far does she walk each day between home and work? 1.2 kilometers 1.8 kilometers 180 meters 12,000 ...
  31. math

    the distance between new york city and boston is 189.9 miles as the crow flies. how far is it in kilometers? 117.7 kilometers 305.7 kilometers 417.8 kilometers 1,899 kilometers
  32. math

    how do you convert miles to feet in the u.s. customary sysyem? multiply by 12 divide by 12 multiply by 5,280 divide by 5,280
  33. Math

    Shana has written a 3 digit number in which the digits are all different. The sum of the digit of her number is 14. And the product of her number is 54. The digits are in order from greatest to least. What are her numbers?
  34. Math

    Shana has written a 3 digit number in which the digits are all different. The sum of the digit of her number is 14. And the product of her number is 54. The digits are in order from greatest to least. What are her numbers?
  35. afrikaans (AFK503/101)

    Thank you for replying my question.
  36. afrikaans (AFK503/101)

    Hi there, can anyone pls help me with AFK1503/101 - 2015. I am seeking an English version of this assignment pls, is there an English one available? if there is pls provide me with a website address to get access. Thank you. Tanya
  37. math problems

    shelia works at Bills Bargin. She earns $350 per week plus 10% of all sales. What is her commission for the week, if she sold $2490 worth of goods?
  38. chemistry

    The edge length of face centered unit cubic cell is 508pm.if the radius of the cation is 110 pm,the radius of anion is
  39. history

    the reign of terror was a necessary evil discuss
  40. chemistry

    CHEMICAL KINETICS The rate of reaction 2N₂O5->4NO₂+O₂ can be written in three ways -d[N₂O5]/dt= k[N₂O5] d[NO₂]/dt= k'[N₂O5] d[O₂]/dt =k"[N₂O5] The relationship between k and k' and between k and k" are ?
  41. MATH

    0.4771=x/2.303*8.14[50/323*373 calc.-x?
  42. maths

    0.4771=x/2.303*8.14[50/323*373 calc.-x?
  43. chemistry

    In a zero order reaction ,20% of the reaction complete in 10s .How much time it will take to complete 50% of the reaction?
  44. chemistry

    A|A+3(0.1)||B+2(0.01m)|B GIVEN E°A|A+3=0.75v E°B|B+2=0.45v
  45. Chemistry

    Hydrazene can be used in fuel cell N2H4(aq)+o2(g)->N2(g)+2H2O(l) IfΔG°for this reaction is -600kj what will be the E°for the cell?
  46. Math

    Whole numbers
  47. Physics Help Please --- Telescope

    a) fe+fo 114 cm + 17 cm = 131 cm b) M=fo/fe 114 cm / 17 cm = 6.71 cm c) Need help with this part. Thank you!
  48. Physics Help Please --- Telescope

    An astronomical refracting telescope is made from two lenses. the objective lens has a focal length of 114 cm, and the eyepiece lens has a focal length of 17 cm. a) What is the total length of the telescope? b) What is the angular magnification of the telescope? c) What is the...
  49. Physics Help Please --- Urgent

    A thin converging lens is found to form an image of a distant building 24 cm from the lens. If an insect is now placed 16 cm from this lens, how far FROM THE INSECT will its image be formed? A) 64 cm B) 72 cm C) 32 cm D) 96 cm E) 48 cm

    An object of mass M is divided into two parts ,which are placed at distance d.if gravitational force of attraction is maximum between parts,then find the ratio of mass of both parts
  51. Chemistry

    the rate of diffusion of a gas having molecular weight just double of hydrogen gas is 30 ml/s.the rate of diffusion of hydrogen gas will be

    Two gases A and B having the same volume diffuse through a porous in 20 and 10 seconds respectively .The molecular mass of A is 49u.Molecular mass of B will be
  53. Chemistry

    0.24g of a volatile substance,upon vaporisation,gives 45ml vapour at NTP what will be the vapour density of the substance?

    The average kinetic energy of an ideal gas,per molecule in S.I units at 25°C will be

    At 25°C and 730 mm pressure,380 ml of dry oxygen was collected.If the temperature is constant ,what volume will the oxygen occupy at 760 mm pressure ? ANSWER- 365ml

    The pressure exerted by 6.0g of methane gas in a 0.03m3 vessel at 129degreeC is.

    A gaseous mixture was prepared by taking equal mole of CO and N2 .if the total pressure of the mixture was found 1 atmosphere ,the partial pressure of nitrogen (N2) in the mixture is.
  58. Pre-calculus

    i wanna answer this inequality of this graph f(x)= x -3 if x >= 3
  59. math

    The scale of the map is missing.The actual distance from Liberty to West Quall is 72 miles,and it is 6 inches on the map. (A)What is the scale of the map? (B)Foston is between Liberty and West Quall and is 4 inches from Liberty on the map.How far is Foston from West Quall?
  60. AP Physics

    A block of mass 80.4 kg is sliding on a ramp. The angle of elevation of the ramp is 45 degrees. The coefficient of friction is 0.43. Use g=9.8. Give your answer to at least 2 decimal places. Assume that down the ramp is the positive direction.
  61. Physics Help Urgent

    A ball is thrown straight up into the air with a velocity of 12 m/s. Draw a motion diagram for the ball and then give as much quantities information as you can about the motion. I know you guys can draw anything on this platform. But can you lead me to answer by giving ...
  62. Organic-Chem Help

    You wish to purify by distillation a material that has a boiling point of 205 C and reacts with air but this material will decompose if heated above 150 C. How would you set up the system to distill this material? Show steps Pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!
  63. Life sciences

    tp be protected frpm any damged environmental influences
  64. American national government

    In brown v board of education Yvette supreme court overturned purest v Ferguson because it concluded that
  65. computers

    Th e No Interest Credit Company provides zero-interest loans to customers. Design an application that gets customer account data, including an account number, customer name, and balance due. Output the account number and name, then output the customer’s projected balance ...
  66. calculus help

    I need someone to show me steps. I used wolframalpha and got 40 but don't know how to solve this Thanks!!!
  67. calculus help

    Evaluate!!!! integral -10 to 10 ((2e^x)/(sinhx+coshx))dx Thanks!
  68. Calculus Help Please Urgent!!!

    When i put this answer in it is marked wrong. Are u sure this is the right answer for this question? Thanks!
  69. Calculus Help Please Urgent!!!

    Breathing is cyclic and a full respiratory cycle from the beginning of inhalation to the end of exhalation takes about 3 s. The maximum rate of air flow into the lungs is about 0.3 L/s. This explains, in part, why the function f(t) = (3/10)sin(2πt/3) has often been used ...

    A plane, flying horizontally at an altitude of 1 km and a speed of 500 km/hr, passes directly over a radar station. find the rate in km/hr at which the distance from the plane to the station is changing when it is 2 km away from the radar station. Hint: this is not a max/min ...
  71. Calculus

    x = -1 to x = 2
  72. Calculus

    a) Estimate the area under the graph of f(x)=7+4x^2 from x=-1 to x=2 using three rectangles and right endpoints. R3= ???? Then improve your estimate by using six rectangles. R6= ????? Sketch the curve and the approximating rectangles for R3. Sketch the curve and the ...

  74. Calculus Help Please!!!

    Find the equation in slope intercept form of the tangent line and the normal line to the curve x^2+4xy+y^2=13 at the point.(2,1). show steps please!!! thank you!
  75. Calculus Help Please!!!

    I've got dy/dx= x^2/y^2 but couldn't find second derivative. thanks!
  76. Calculus Help Please!!!

    If x^3 - y^3 =3 , use only implicit diff. to find d^2y/dx^2 . Express your answer in terms of x and y only and write is as a proper fraction that is completely simplified as much as possible.
  77. Calculus Help Please!!!

    Thank you so much!!!
  78. Calculus Help Please!!!

    Verify the given linear approximation at a = 0. Then determine the values of x for which the linear approximation is accurate to within 0.1. (Enter your answer using interval notation. Round your answers to three decimal places.) ln(1 + x) ≈ x Y1= I ln(1+x)-x I Y2= 0.1 ...
  79. Calculus Help Please!!!

    Find the absolute maximum and absolute minimum values of f on the given interval. f(t) = (t square root of (64 − t^2)) ,[−1,8]
  80. math

    Sorry. I think I was reading too fast and missed that. Thank you.
  81. math

    I need to convert this correct. I think that's my biggest issue. Since the diameter is in inches and the distance is in miles, wouldn't I have to convert the miles into inches?
  82. math

    Dana rode her bicycle 600 miles one summer before she had to replace the tire on her front wheel. The diameter of the front wheel is 24 inches. What is the best estimate of the number of revolutions made by the tire before it had to be replaced?
  83. Calculus Help Please!!!

    In a murder investigation, the temperature of the corpse was 32.5 C at 1:30pm and 30.3 C an hour later. Normal body temperature is 37.0 C and the temperature of the surrounding was 20.0 C. When did the murder take place? PLEASE SHOW STEP BY STEP
  84. math

    A water heater has a diameter of 18 inches. It sits in a drain pan that has a diameter of 22 inches and a height of 2 inches, as modeled in the diagram below. Water that leaks out of the water heater sits in the drain pan. Which of the following is closest to the maximum ...
  85. Calculus Help and Check

    Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation. x^5(x + y) = y^2(9x − y) this is what i've got so far but I don't think it is the right answer. y'= 9y^2-6x^5-5x^3y/x^5+9y^2-18xy
  86. Science

    Intrinsic control of heartbeat rate involves what mechanism(s)? a) The AV node initiates heartbeat although the SA node can generate a slower beat rate. b) The atrioventricular bundle initiates signals that travel to the Purkinje fibers. c) The SA node initiates heartbeat ...
  87. Physics

    Two spheres with masses of 5.00 g and 10. kg respectively are .500 m apart. calculate the force of attraction between them.
  88. physics

    how do you expect him to answer when you dint even give the measurements??
  89. Medical Billing and Coding

    Had to develop a paragraph using clear, varied sentences containing concrete words and transitions or connectives to create a logical flow. Need assistance in the following paragraph that describes on particular experience I had that inspired you or guided you to chose that ...
  90. Math

  91. finance

    can someone help me with this problem for this problem you will use 0.02/365 for your interest. You deposit $1000 at 2% for 20 years, compounded daily.
  92. finance

    You deposit $1000 at 2% for 20 years, compounded annually. What's the future value?
  93. finance

    You deposit $1000 at 2% for 20 years, compounded annually. What's the future value?
  94. math

    i am a 2 digit decimal , the sum of my digit is 12. if you divide me by a certain number the quotient is 37. who am i?
  95. pre cal

    Solve G(x) for the given domain. G(x) = 3x 2 - 2x - 1 G(6) =
  96. Physics

    Which of the following is the correct relationship between the electric field strength and the potential difference?
  97. Algebra

    Solve for x. Round to the nearest hundredth. ln(x) = -1.8 x =
  98. math

    Find the general solution of cos2x + 3 sin x =2
  99. math

    show that 1-sin x/cosx + cosx/1-sin x = 2 sec x
  100. ,math

    show that sec theta(cosec theta) - cot theta = tan theta
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