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2.00 mol

I need help on. What is 1/10 of 200

how many grams of oxygen gas will be required to react completely with 92.0 grams of solid sodium to form solid sodium oxide?

7y + 8 = 57, then 2y =

College math
Thank you both!

College math
in a circle of radius 7m, find the length of the arc subtended by a central angle of 42.0degrees

81a2 + 36a + 4 factor

math riddle
if i could solve the problem i wouldn't need help would I.

math riddle
What frog was a famous comedian

Bob's Job Shop used one solvent that is 25% acid and a second that is 50% acid. How many liters of each should be mixed to get 10L of a solution that is 40% acid?

Refer to page 324 in your Health Information Management Technology textbook. The third paragraph lists the major risks.

In which direction does the parabola that is given by the equation below open? y = -4.5(x - 6)2 + 1

This Is Similar To My Question, In Triangle KLM, LM=5 and m<K=45 Leave your answer In Simplest Radical Form

I need 15 things I do that relate to science

Problem: For the following four cases, use the accounting equation to compute the missing quantity. Note: I was given four cases but apparently I am missing something. For example the first case states: $20,000 assets, $8,000 liabilities, and $3,500 in Retained Earnings. Find ...

what is and aorta and were is it Lots of good websites with descriptions and illustrations for you. =)